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Licensed Professional Long Distance Movers Connecticut

Work with a national moving company for a reasonable price for a professional long-distance moving service in Connecticut. At American National Movers, we pride ourselves on being a trusted option for local and long-distance moves. 

Professional Movers

For moving long distances in Connecticut, hiring professional movers is best. However, cheaper moving options include DIY, selling your furniture, or hiring a cheap long distance moving company

As an expert in the industry, cheap moving options do not equate to a better choice. People who try to cut corners on labor costs often have horrible moving experiences. 

Our Long Distance Movers in CT Are Background Checked.

As a proud American National Moving company, we background-checked our movers before employing them to haul your furniture. 

With American National Movers, you can trust that we handle your furniture with care and expertise. Our ratings on Google and TrustPilot show that we're highly recommended for local and long distance moves in CT. 

Connecticut Packing Services 

As a national moving company, 85% of our moves are state to state relocations. As a consumer, you can trust that our Connecticut long distance movers pack your furniture professionally. 


As a full service moving company, we pack and move your furniture with moving supplies at no additional cost. However, packing your linen, glassware, piano, and fragile items will incur additional moving costs. 

Flat Rate Connecticut Long Distance Moving Company 

We're one of the best long distance movers in CT because we honor our initial moving costs. We do not price gauge the consumer anyway because we are here for the long run, not short-term gain. We appreciate your business and aim to offer you a great moving experience to keep serving your loved ones. 

Senior Movers Connecticut

The owner of American National Movers was raised by his grandmother, a senior. We offer a 25% discount on our senior moves as a token of Evelyn's legacy. American National Movers will leave no senior behind, whether you're moving local or long distance in Connecticut. 

Reliable Customer Service 

With a trustworthy customer service team, our long distance CT movers will ease your mind. Your move coordinator will work closely with you to ensure you get the high-quality moving process you deserve. We guarantee a stress free relocation. When you use American National Movers, we're confident you will recommend our moving services to your friends and family.  

We Own Our Moving Trucks 

As a professional long distance moving company in Connecticut, we own our moving trucks. Our movers won't arrive in truck rentals to relocate your household goods. As a result, our moving costs are more affordable than those of movers who don't have enough trucks for long distance moves. 

Expedited Long Distance Moving Services 

Once American National Movers loads your household goods in our trucks, we do not make any additional stops. This ensures that your furniture arrives quickly and without loss or damage. 

Most long-distance moving companies in Connecticut have a 7- to 10-day business day timeline for delivery. However, American National Movers will deliver your items within 3 to 4 days. 

Free Quote 

Contact our long distance movers in Connecticut for a high-quality moving experience in every aspect of your move. Moving is hard and expensive, but with American National Movers, you get a professional move at a reasonable price. Contact us at 1-800-245-7967 for a free quote for your local or state to state move in CT.


What's Considered Long Distance For A Moving Company? 

Professional Long distance moving companies in Connecticut consider moves that exceed 400 miles as a long distance move. If a mover considers your haul as long distance moving, your costs will be higher. 

Why Is Long Distance Moving Expensive? 

Your moving costs can be expensive due to these factors:


  • Mileage: State to state moves with higher mileage will naturally be more expensive than short distance relocations. If you are moving far away, anticipate that additional fees will increase the total expense of your move. 


  • Packing Materials: Long distance moves require high quality packing materials to ensure the safety of your furniture. Expect additional charges to increase your moving expenses if you have many items to pack. 


  • Labor Costs:  Unless you want to work with cheap movers in CT, the labor costs of professional movers are high. Skilled movers range between $300 to $1,500 per mover and sometimes more. 

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