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Affordable & Reliable Long Distance Movers San Diego CA

Moving long distance from San Diego? Frustrated by those outrageous $10,000+ quotes? You deserve peace of mind AND an affordable move. American National Movers is your answer! We pack and move your furniture long distances and between states safely at a fair and affordable price. 


We say reasonable, not cheap because we draw the line between a fair price and a cost too low to provide a good long-distance moving service from San Diego. There has to be a balance between hiring an affordable and reliable long distance moving company in California. Offering you the cheapest price for a long-distance move in San Diego might do more harm than good. That's what this page is all about: 

See What We Charge 

Think Long Distance Moving Is Expensive in San Diego? 

American National Movers Moving Truck San Diego CA.

We understand the frustration of high moving costs in California. A shortage of long distance moving companies leads to high costs due to supply and demand. 


There are few trucks and movers in San Diego. As a result, some moving companies charge high prices for long distance moves, and others may not offer this service because they don't think it's worth it. 

Cheaper Long Distance Mover San Diego 

Experience the affordability of an interstate move with American National Movers in San Diego. Our average costs for an interstate and long distance move from San Diego are $3,800 for small moves and $6,800 for 4-bedroom homes. 


Not A Fly By Night Moving Company

Our long distance movers in San Diego are not just affordable; we're experienced professionals. As a national moving company, we have the experience to pack and move any out of state move. Check American National Mover's BBB listing for evidence; we have an A+ Rating and are accredited



State to State Moving Expertise 

American National Movers specializes in state-to-state moves; on average, we relocate 60 households to another state monthly. This makes us among the best state to state moving companies in San Diego. 

Are Your Long Distance Movers in SD California Reputable?

Long Distance Moving Tips For Hiring Reliable Movers: Do's and Don'ts.

Finding a more affordable long distance moving company in San Diego is important, as is finding a reliable mover. Otherwise, you risk paying a cheap mover to disappoint you and damage your furniture. 

Ask yourself these questions when comparing moving companies:

Are They BBB Accredited Long Distance Movers?

BBB accredited long distance movers in San Diego follow the guidelines of trust. Move with a BBB mover and you can be confident that your working with a trust worthy mover in California. 



Is Their Website Professional?

A professional moving company in San Diego will have a website with information about their services and company. If a mover has a website has little information about the long distance mover in question; be weary. 


Do Your Long Distance Movers in SD Have Good Reviews? 

 Several positive reviews are an indication that your long distance moving company in San Diego can be trusted. But, don't forget to read their negative reviews too! 


Is The Estimate Accurate?

Are the weight and cubic feet in the quote accurate, or are they under-quoting you? Remember, the cheapest long distance movers in San Diego might not always be the best option. 


Years in Business?

reputable long distance moving companies in San Diego have been providing this service for five years or more. Please find out how long your mover has been in business by visiting their Better Business Bureau profile. Aim to avoid working with start-up moving companies, no matter how tight your budget is. Especially if it's a long distance from San Diego.


Do Your San Diego Long Distance Movers have a DOT number? 

To protect your move, type in the name of your long-distance movers in San Diego here and verify if they are licensed and insured. All long-distance movers must be registered with the FMCSA to perform interstate moves in San Diego. 

Cheapest Option For Moving Long Distances From San Diego 

Want to hire a cheaper mover in California but don't know who to contact? Frankly, there are not many, but here is a couple you could consider:



Pack your items in a storage container, and PODS will long-distance move your haul from San Diego for an average cost of $5,000. Compared to the high costs of long distance moving companies in San Diego, this is considered affordable. Before agreeing with PODS, check their reviews and see if you're comfortable with this cheaper moving option. 



American National Movers 

We provide state to state moving services nationwide and serve all of California. American National Movers is a full-service, long-distance moving company in San Diego that offers reasonable pricing. We are not a new moving company in California, either. American National Movers has been providing long-distance moving services for seven years. 



Allied is another trusted and professional, cheaper moving option for small moves from San Diego. They might be more expensive than PODS and American National Movers for larger moves, but they are worth a quote request. 

Best Cheap Long Distance Movers in San Diego 

Consumers seeking long distance moving services in San Diego are quoted upwards of $10,000 for a move from California to Florida. As a result, people are seeking a cheaper mover in San Diego for their out-of-state move. 


American National Movers is your go-to solution for moving small and large moves long distances to another state from San Diego, CA. We hear your concerns clearly and are here to pack and move your furniture distances at a fair price and better service. 

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