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Long Distance Movers Seattle | Washington State Moving

Are you embarking on an interstate move and worried about the high costs of long distance and cross country movers in Seattle? ​


-Long distance moving companies in Seattle cost more than most people expected. This guide will help set your expectations and help you find the best moving company for your needs and budget:

Long Distance Moving Companies Seattle, Washington Costs

After contacting long distance movers for an interstate move in Seattle, I see why people say some companies are expensiveHere are the cheapest prices we can find : 

  1. North Coast: Before discussing inventory, North Coast Moving said: " Our minimum cost for a Chicago to Seattle move is $5,700."

  2. American National Movers: One of the most affordable long distance movers near Seattle and Tacoma. Our average moving costs are $3,800 for small moves and $5,800 for heavy shipments

  3. Jordan: This Seattle long distance moving company quoted $6,500 to move a two bedroom from Washington State to California.

  4. Pudget: This company is not practical for small moves as it is too expensive for small loads. However, the average long distance moving cost in Seattle, Washington, is $7,000

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Best Long Distance Movers Seattle

If your goal is to hire the best movers in Washington State, you might want to forget about finding the cheapest option. The better-moving companies in Seattle may cost more than what you budgeted for:

  1. Pure Movers: Highly Rated long distance movers in Seattle averaging $10,500 to move from Seattle to Dallas. 

  2. Hansens Bros: Established in 1970, their average cost for a Seattle long distance move, according to moving reviews, is $14,000.

  3. Mayflower: Founded in 1927 and one of the most expensive long distance movers in Seattle. Their average cost is $8,000 for any long distance move: small or big.

  4. Allied: This company may be affordable for small moves relocating to another state. However, for large moves they can be expensive, averaging $7,000. 

Why is Long Distance Moving So Expensive in Seattle?

  1. Limited Trucks: Movers in Seattle have a small number of trucks, making it challenging to meet the demand for long distance moves. This means they often need to rent additional trucks, driving up costs for the customer.

  2. Labor: Seattle has a labor shortage; not many people want to be professional movers in this state. As a result, the cost of obtaining an experienced cross country mover in Seattle is high.

  3. High Demand: With so many people moving from Seattle, movers can charge more because of the high volume of requests.

  4. Delays: Smaller companies might struggle to schedule your move quickly, which can lead to unexpected storage costs and inconvenience.

How Seattle Movers Calculate Costs on Your Out Of State Move

Understanding how long distance moving companies in WA calculate costs can avoid hidden fees and set your expectations. Here's what impacts your cost:

  1. Weight: The more items you have, the higher the expense of your long distance movers in Seattle.

  2. Fuel: Long distance moves, such as from Seattle to NYC, will cost more because of higher labor and fuel expenses.

  3. Packing: Need packers and movers in Seattle? Expect to pay between $500 to $2,500 for packing boxes and fragile items.

  4. Date: Long distance moving companies in Seattle base their prices on the date you select and their schedule.

Best long distance moving company in Seattle WA State

Seattle Moving FAQs

How Do I Know If My Mover is Reputable 

Checking reviews and verifying DOT information can help you hire a reputable moving company in Seattle.

What Do Movers Consider a Long Distance Move? 

Any move exceeding 400 miles from Seattle is considered far away, and "moving long distances" is generally more expensive.

Movers From Seattle To California Cost 

Moving from Seattle to California, approximately 946 miles, costs around $3,000 with Washington's long distance movers. Movers from Seattle to California have different rates. Contact multiple companies for accurate pricing.

Do Movers Charge By Weight?

No law prohibits a mover from charging by cubic feet. Seattle's Interstate and long distance moving companies can charge by weight or cubic feet.


Is PODS A Good Option For a Cross Country Move? 

PODS might be a good option for moving across the country, with an average cost of $8,000 to move a large shipment. However, with PODS, you must pack and load your items, so some people may not find this option ideal. Furthermore, PODS does not include insurance, so you are responsible if anything breaks or gets damaged. 


-Small Moves: PODS is a good choice if you have a small load and want to move it across the country from Seattle. Packing and loading your items will be easy, and PODS will hire a driver to haul them for you. 


-Large Moves: Heavy loads get complicated with PODS; most people don't have the time or energy to do all the packing and loading. Paying $8,000 to do the packing, loading, and unloading may not be worth it. Remember, Pods does not pack or load furniture or boxes. 

How Much Should You Save For A Cross Country Move?

-Relocating across the country from Seattle comfortably requires a budget of at least $10,000. This allows you to hire a reliable Seattle long distance moving company and cover other expenses.


- Even if you choose a DIY approach like renting a truck, expect to spend at least $6,000. So, get ready to make a significant investment – long distance moves require a reasonable investment.

How Long Does A Cross Country Move Take To Deliver?

Most cross country movers in Seattle take 14 to 21 days to deliver your furniture. This is because they often combine multiple customers' belongings in a single truck to save costs.


-To ensure quick arrival of your items, inquire with your movers about using a dedicated truck or expedited shipping. Keep in mind that these options may cost more."

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