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Affordable Miami Long Distance Movers | Interstate Moves

Welcome to American National Movers; we make Miami long distance moving cheaper and more convenient. As a national movers, we can reduce the costs of your state to state movers in Miami by 25%.

Long Distance & Interstate Movers Miami

Interstate Movers: Hauling household goods out of state from Miami is known as an interstate relocation. Interstate movers in Miami must have a DOT number with active insurance.


Long Distance: Most long distance moves involve relocating out of state. However, some Miami movers might consider hauls that exceed 200 miles as such. For example, a haul from Miami to Orlando, Florida is over 200 miles, and some Miami movers consider this a long-distance relocation.


Cross Country: Relocating from Miami to the East Coast is a cross country move. Coast to coast relocation services cost the most because of the distance and difficulty of the relocation.

Why Long Distance Movers Are Expensive

Location: Miami's living cost is high, especially in 2024. Labor, fuel, and packing materials have increased, adding to the expense of your movers in Miami. You can thank the influx of residents who relocated from California and New York for that. 


Mileage: Moving longer distances than usual will cost you fuel and labor in Miami. Diesel costs upwards of $4.00, making your long distance move expensive. 


Experience: Miami professional movers have high costs for their moving services because of their level of expertise. Remember, you get what you pay for, and professional movers are not usually the cheapest option. 


Additional Services: Packing, loading, unloading, and insurance options add to the overall expense of your long distance move. 


Company Size: Major van lines are more expensive than independent carriers or smaller long distance moving companies in Miami. For a cheaper state to state relocation, consider contacting a smaller company or a family-owned business. 

Our professional movers and packers in NYC unloading the truck

Finding Affordable Movers in Miami 

With the high costs of moving services in Miami, it's normal for consumers to want affordable movers. But make sure you know what you're signing up for—cheap moving scams mislead thousands of Americans each year. 


Research and Compare: Don't just agree to a cheap moving cost in Miami without comparing costs and services. Dive deeper into why and how a moving company in Miami can be cheaper and make sure it makes sense. Some shady businesses manipulate the estimate process to appear cheaper, but it's just a bait-and-switch tactic. 


Cost-Saving Strategy: You can save money on moving by sharing a truck, downsizing furniture, and packing your belongings. These strategies can make relocation to Miami more affordable. 

Questions To Ask Your Miami Movers 

Licensing and insurance: Before hiring a mover, ask/verify their licensing, insurance coverage, and complaint history. Legitimate moving companies in Miami hold licenses and insurance and maintain a good complaint history. 


Services Offered: Ensure you know the services included in your quote. Ask about packing services, delivery services, and insurance options. 


Delivery: Some long distance and interstate movers in Miami can deliver your furniture in a few days. At the same time, other long distance moving companies can take up to 21 business days. Make sure to ask about the delivery timeline to avoid any misunderstandings with your Miami movers.

Why Choose American National Movers in Miami  

National Movers: Our nationwide presence allows us to offer you savings while providing reliable services. 


Customer Service: We assign you with a move coordinator that will manage your Miami long distance move. This gives you a tailored customer service experience and peace of mind during your relocation. 


Attention to Detail: Our packers and movers in Miami package and handle your household goods with expertise and care. 


Storage Solution: Use our moving services and get free Miami, FL, storage for 30 days. 


Stress-Free: American National Movers has successfully relocated over ten thousand residents locally and out of state. You can trust that our Miami movers will provide you with a stress-free local and long distance moving experience. 


Refund: If you're unhappy with our Miami moving services, we'll refund the labor costs. We guarantee your satisfaction. 

Ready for a Smooth Move?

Contact American National Movers today for a free quote and personalized consultation. Our experts are here to help you move and find the best solution for your needs.

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