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Moving From East to West Coast

To move furniture between states, hire long distance movers for the best way to travel from East to West Coast. For long distance moves across the country, choose our east coast west coast movers. We offer affordable packing services and have movers and packers nationwide. 


When moving from the East to West Coast finding a professional moving company is important. Call long distance moving companies for moving quotes and ask about their years of experience.


Moving to another state is not easy, especially if you're moving far away. Cross country moves are a little more expensive than an average long distance move of 1000 miles. But contacting American National Movers can make it more affordable. 


Hiring a moving company for local moves is not the same as a out of state move so choose wisely. Remember, you get what you pay for in the Moving industry and don't settle for the cheapest price.

Cost Of Moving to East Coast to West Coast

Moving from East Coast to West Coast can be expensive, with an average cost of over $5,000.00, depending on the movers you choose (some cost more than others.)


Instead get in touch with a national moving company like ours, when your movers are nationwide your movers are more affordable.


You can save money on your cross country move if you pack your own boxes and glassware.


Having a cross country moving company pack all your boxes and fragile items can add another $2,000.00 to your bill.


If you have a lot of furniture, your long distance move will be more expensive. Movers won't be cheap in this case and that's okay, invest in quality and you'll be pleased with the results.

How to Move From East Coast To West Coast

To move to the West Coast, hire a cross country moving company (Long distance movers) to transport your furniture across states.


My movers handle all the heavy lifting, have insurance, and can meet you anywhere in the country at a reasonable cost.


Contact three moving companies for quotes, negotiate when you find one you like, and reserve your move.


Moving between states is easy with a state to state moving company. Just do some research, ask questions on Google, and talk to your movers about any concerns.

Why Are People Moving From The East Coast To West Coast.

The quality of life is better in the west coast and sometimes it's cheaper to live in the West Coast.


Only sometimes living on the west side will be more expensive. However, it is worth it because the job market is better on the West Coast.


Aside from money, what about peace? People search on Google: "Are people on the West Coast happier?" Yes, people on the West Coast are happier and more friendly.


Money isn't always the most important thing. The West Coast is famous for its friendly atmosphere and great weather, which makes people feel safe.

Affordable Coast-to-Coast Moving Services 

Moving from the East Coast to the West Coast? You'll need cross-country movers for this big task.


Renting trucks from U-Haul and Penske can be costly because they charge for each mile.


Doing it yourself also requires a lot of time and money for fuel.


Don't try to move across the country on your own; it's not the best idea.


While saving money is important, don't worry too much about costs.


American National Movers has the most affordable long distance movers so give us a call and we will figure it out.

American National Movers For Your West Coast Move.

Moving across the country is difficult to handle alone, so it's best to hire movers for this task. Don't let the high costs of some cross country movers discourage you, do some research and you'll find affordable movers.


I can't promise the cheapest move, but I guarantee my movers offer the best value for your money.


Often times you get what you pay for, but that doesn't mean you have to spend a ton of money. That's where we come in, we'll get the job done professionally without breaking the bank or your furniture.


We promise to make your move fast, easy and affordable. We're well-equipped to perform your move no matter the distance. They don't call us national movers for no reason!

Areas We Serve

Here is a list of the States we are based in:

- Texas

- Illinois

- Florida

- California

- New York

- Minnesota

- Michigan

- New Jersey

- Tennesee

- Washington

- Georgia

- Oregon

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