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Affordable Long Distance Movers Ohio

American National Movers is a top rated long distance moving company in Ohio that can make your moving process stress free.


As a national moving company, we have long distance movers in Columbus, Ohio, and moving companies in Cleveland.


Ask about our Columbus, Ohio, and Cleveland long distance moving services. - We are the most cost effective, reliable moving company in town.


With American National Movers, finding a professional moving company in Ohio that is not too expensive is easy.


Being cheaper doesn't mean we lack quality moving services. - We have a good history of customer service reviews, too.

Professional Moving Services

When contacting long distance movers in Ohio you need to make sure that your movers are legitimate.

It doesn't take much to start up a moving company, some movers don't even own their own trucks. - This can be problematic for the consumer so make sure to do business with professional movers.

American National Movers is one of the best interstate moving companies, not only because of price; we're reliable. - Our customer reviews speak for themselves.

In-Home Estimate

Contact us for a free moving home estimate or a virtual survey to get an accurate moving quote on your move.


Reputable movers ask to view your furniture so that they can give you an accurate moving cost.


Many people complain about hidden fees from long distance moving companies in Ohio. So be thorough when discussing your quote for a good moving experience.

Licensed And Insured

Interstate moving companies must have a DOT number to cross state lines. This is a requirement by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


American National Mover is Licensed and insured to do long distance moves to and from Ohio.


Binding Estimate.

American National Movers will give you a flat rate (binding estimate) on your Ohio long distance movers. What you see is what you pay, so don't worry about any additional charges on a moving day.

Moving Services 

American National Movers, moving services go beyond just moving furniture. Our Ohio moving company will tailor your moving experience to your specific needs.

Corridor of self storage unit with red doors. Rental Storage Units.jpg

Moving And Storage 

American National Movers can hold your furniture in our storage facility for up to 45 days free of cost. Let us know when you're ready for delivery. Our movers will bring your furniture from storage. Your moving cost includes this service.

Mover Packing

Packing Services 

Some ask, "What is a packing and moving service?" - This is when packers and movers bring packing supplies and do everything.

In other words, a full-service moving company like American National Movers packs your boxes, fragile items, and furniture.

Truck and Warehouse

Cross Country Moving

The average cost to move across the country is $5,000.00 to $7,000.00. - Some cross-country movers charge more, but American National Movers is the best option for moving on a budget.


Hiring movers in Ohio does not go without questions, especially if this is your first time looking to work with a professional moving company. 


Before discussing questions people ask before hiring long distance movers in Ohio, I want to stress the advantages of hiring full service movers.


 As long as your movers are reputable, hiring them to help you move your household goods is worth hiring. 


Here are the most asked questions people ask before hiring a long distance moving company:

How Much Do Movers Cost In Ohio

We contacted three moving companies in Ohio and found that hiring long distance movers costs between $3,000.00 to $6,000.00 on average.


These numbers are just averages. - If you're moving on a budget, I guarantee you can find cheaper movers by researching online. - Make sure to type keywords like "affordable movers."

Will Movers Pick Up in Two Locations

Movers can pick up in two locations or more. - The sky is the limit when you hire professional movers. Full service movers can do anything you want, but remember that additional moving services come at an additional cost.

Can You Haggle With Movers

Yes, you can negotiate moving services. Movers set their rates, and many will lower the cost of their services to earn your business.

What does a moving company consider as long distance?

Moving companies consider a move crossing state lines as interstate or long distance. Generally, a move upwards of 400 Miles is a long distance move, but some moving companies have different policies.

Contact three moving companies to get moving quotes and see what they say.

How much should I save for a long distance move?

Ohio long distance movers charge at least $3,500.00 for small moves and $5,000.00 for larger moves. You Should have at least $7,000.00 saved if you're interested in long distance moving services in Ohio.


Areas Our Long Distance Movers Serve in Ohio

National Moving companies are based in every state including Ohio. This gives consumers a chance to work with reliable long distance movers in Ohio while still saving money. 

Long distance movers in


American National Movers, moving services go beyond just moving furniture. Our Ohio moving company will tailor your moving experience to your specific needs.


Cleveland, Ohio

Our Cleveland long distance movers are here to help anyone willing to invest in professional movers with reasonable moving costs.

Columbus Long Distance Movers

American National Movers is also based in Columbus so you can work with a reasonable moving company. 


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