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Affordable Long Distance Movers Raleigh, Charlotte & Greensboro, NC

Need reliable Raleigh, Greensboro, or Charlotte movers at a fair price? Many people seeking long distance movers in these cities worry about costs and reputation.


We see the same questions on Reddit: How do I find a good moving company in North Carolina? Or: How do I find a reputable long distance movers in North Carolina without spending too much money?


You can find reliable and affordable long distance movers in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro. But you must plan ahead, or you may end up with hidden fees and damaged furniture.


This guide provides recommendations for moving companies in North Carolina. It also includes helpful tips for a successful move:

Long Distance Moving Expenses North Carolina

Many Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro movers lack transparency about costs and the reliability of their long distance moving services. They don't give customers enough information to make good decisions.


Let's discuss how long distance moving companies calculate costs:

  1. Mileage: California to North Carolina movers are more expensive because of labor, travel time, and fuel costs. The longer the distance, the higher the expense of your move.

  2. Volume: Do you have a lot of stuff? Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro long distance movers calculate costs based on the volume of your furniture. Heavy shipments require several movers and several days of labor.

  3. Packing: North Carolina long distance movers can pack your furniture as part of your costs. However, expect additional expenses if you need boxes and fragile items packed.

  4. Date: North Carolina long distance moves planned at the last minute are 25% more expensive than those booked in advance.

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How To Choose The Right Long Distance Movers in North Carolina

Don't assume only the biggest movers are reliable—moving companies in Raleigh, Charolette, and Greensboro come in different sizes.

Here is what you can do to give yourself the best chance at having a good moving experience in North Carolina:

  1. Costs: Reliable long distance movers in Raleigh, Charolette, and Greensboro charge at least $4,000 for small and $5,900 for large moves.

  2. Estimate: Moving out of state from North Carolina? Professional moving companies will do an in-home estimate for accurate pricing.

  3. Reputation: Legitimate long distance moving companies in North Carolina have good reviews and are easy to fine online. 

  4. DOT Number: Before crossing state lines with household goods, a long distance moving company must have an active DOT number. Check your Charolette mover's DOT information here.

Hiring North Carolina Movers For A Out Of State Move? Here Is what to know

  1. Price: To find the best long distance moving company in North Carolina, prioritize quality over the cheapest price.

  2. Errors happen: Moving is hard, so even top long distance movers in NC can mess up and receive complaints.

  3. Reviews: Reputable North Carolina long distance moving companies, such as United, Allied, and American National Movers, have good and bad reviews. Reviews don't always tell the full story.

  4. Damage: Invest in packers and movers in North Carolina to protect items such as pianos, glass, and artwork.

  5. Delivery: Long-distance movers in North Carolina take 5 to 21 days to deliver your furniture. Every mover has a different delivery timeline, so ask questions.

Cheapest Long Distance Movers North Carolina

We avoided mentioning the cheapest movers near Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro to ensure quality. However, here is a list of affordable, trusted moving companies:

  1. Allied: A reliable long distance moving company in Raleigh, North Carolina, with reasonable rates. Allied may not be the cheapest mover, but we consider them affordable.

  2. Bellhop: A Fairly priced North Carolina long distance movers that provide same-day moving services, dedicated trucks, and expedited delivery.

  3. American National Movers: Consumers in Raleigh, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC, reported that our long distance movers were the most affordable

  4. Colonial Van Lines: This North Carolina long distance moving company is cheap, but proceed cautiously. Colonial does not have the best reviews on Yelp.

About Our North Carolina Movers

American National Movers is for consumers who want a professional moving experience without breaking the bank.


Many Movers near Raleigh, Greensboro, and Charlotte are Major Van Lines. They are generally more expensive than a smaller brand like ours with a lower overhead.

You don't have to work with the largest moving company in North Carolina for a good experience. You can save money if the cheaper, smaller company is legitimate.

American National Movers is a medium-sized company that offers cheaper long-distance moving services in North Carolina. Contact us at 1-800-245-7967 and get a free quote now.

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