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A+ Rated BBB Accredited Long Distance Movers 

Do you think all long distance movers are shady? Work with an A+ BBB moving company and move with confidence. Especially for an out-of-town move, hiring an A+-rated moving company is a no-brainer.


When moving a full house of belongings, interstate long distance, or cross-country, BBB-rated movers give the consumer assurance. 


Without trust, you have nothing: American National Movers understands that. That's why we worked hard to earn an accreditation badge from the Better Business Bureau. Our A+ rating with the BBB indicates that our long distance movers are trustworthy.

Better Business Bureau Long Distance Movers 

American National Movers strives to earn your trust one move at a time. We have been doing long distance moves for six years. Since American National Movers has no history of unresolved complaints, we're BBB-accredited long distance movers. 

See What We Charge 

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Move With The BBB And Your Long Distance Movers 

Almost everyone is concerned about hidden costs and fees when hiring a long distance moving company. But if you work with a mover listed on the BBB with an A rating, you can avoid hidden fees and dishonest movers. 


To be accredited by the Better Business Bureau, long distance movers must meet these strict standards:

  • Build Trust: BBB movers have a proven track record of providing reliable long-distance transportation and customer satisfaction.

  • Operate Legally: BBB movers are fully licensed and adhere to all regulations.

  • No Shady Tactics: BBB long-distance movers won't charge hidden fees or mislead you about their services.

  • Ethical Advertising: BBB movers are honest about their pricing and what they offer.

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Affordable Long Distance Movers But No BBB Rating?

Affordable interstate and long distance movers not listed on the BBB can indicate a business is trying to hide its identity. Hiring an accredited long distance moving company is a must. The BBB protects you from the worst moving companies and experiences.


Say No To Fly By Night Movers 

Almost everyone is terrified of hiring a long distance moving company because of hidden costs. Horror stories online have surfaced of holding consumers' items hostage in exchange for more money. 


Online, all you see is "Scam, scam, damaged furniture, hidden fees."


Do all long distance movers have horrific reviews of these common bad experiences?


"Are all long distance movers shady?"


 "Does every moving company suck?"


The Better Business Bureau is your solution to avoid hiring shady long distance moving companies. There are trustworthy movers; you just need to look in the right places. 


Say No To Bait And Switch 

Choosing a BBB-accredited mover with a high rating, like American National Movers, means you don't have to worry about hostage moves or bait-and-switch moving scams. 

A+ Rated Movers Get A Quote 

American National Movers is a trustworthy moving solution without the high costs. Whether you're seeking A-rated movers in N.J., Miami, FL, Houston, TX, or anywhere within the U.S., we've got you covered. 

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