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American National Movers  Terms And Conditions 

At times the moving industry can lack transparency. Bad moving experiences can stem from a lack of communication with your long distance movers or a rushed estimate process. This hurts both the consumer and the business because of disappointments resulting in negative reviews. To give you the best possible chance of having a good experience with American National Movers, here are our terms and conditions: 

How We Calculate Your Costs

At American National Movers, we ensure our pricing is transparent and fair. We calculate your costs based on:


  • The weight and volume of your household goods

  • The distance of your move

  • The moving services you select (e.g., packing, expedited delivery)


Please note that additional charges for services not included in your original written proposal may apply.

Our Long Distance Moving Services Include

Here are our national moving and packing options: 

Basic Packing and Moving: 

This basic package includes American National Movers, providing packing, loading, and unloading services to your furniture. Packing linens, glassware, artwork, and fragile items will incur additional costs.


Premium Packing Services:

American National Movers will provide packing of linens, glassware, fine art, fragile items, or a piano. Additional costs will apply for packing materials and labor.


Items packed by the customer and not American National Movers do not qualify for compensation in the rare event that damage occurs to your furniture.

American National Movers and Storage 

We are pleased to announce that all our long distance moves now come with 30 days of free storage. After the first month, you can continue with our storage services at a reasonable rate or have your household goods delivered at no extra charge. 

Booking Your Long Distance Move

The date and time you decide to reserve your move will influence the total cost. For example, last-minute long distance moves (less than 30 days in advance)are generally 25% higher.

You And Your Moving Coordinator

Once you book your move, the salesperson assigned to your account will become your move coordinator. This coordinator will be your dedicated point of contact, ensuring clear communication and a smooth long-distance move experience.

Long Distance Moving Delivery Expectations

When comparing long distance moving costs, it's important to be clear about your delivery expectations. We can expedite your shipment for an additional surcharge. However, if you combine shipments to save costs, the average delivery time is between ten and fourteen days.

Reserve Your Move With A Deposit

A deposit is required to secure your long distance moving truck, date, and movers. This deposit is fully refundable up to 72 hours before your scheduled move date.

Credit And Debit Card Disputes:

After services are rendered, the credit card holder must adhere to the terms of this contract. We are committed to resolving issues amicably; however, we do not offer full refunds once services are completed. Chargebacks or disputes for payments made to American National Movers for completed services are prohibited and will be considered fraudulent.

Legal Process Notice for All Claims

Compensation for any damages to your household goods will be based on the insurance coverage you select. Upon delivery, inspect your inventory and note any damages on the bill of lading immediately. Claims must be reported within seven calendar days of delivery; claims submitted after this period will not be accepted.


By placing a deposit with American National Movers, you agree to the Terms & Conditions stated above. Your electronic or handwritten signature confirms approval of the estimated cost for services.

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