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Moving Complaints on the Rise

Complaints against moving companies are on the rise, so it is important to identify how to avoid these scams. The whole estimate spiel is the number one driving factor when moving long distance. If I were you, I'd shop for a moving company that can offer me a flat rate rather than a rate per cubic foot. This way, the moving company can't say, "your estimate went up" stay away from companies who do not offer flat rates. Pay more for your movers so that you can avoid these scams. Many complaints being filed against movers would be avoided if we just got rid of estimates and stood with flat rates. If paying more for a reliable, trustworthy mover is too much for you, consider doing the move yourself or selling your items and buying new furniture. Just keep in mind you are going to spend money regardless. Moving is expensive, and there are no cutting corners when moving. Moving will cost you, no matter what route you choose.

I'm considering contacting the department of transportation myself and proposing this so that movers could stop gaslighting customers with their advertised low costs. Most complaints would diminish if we eliminated the terminology "estimate" in the moving industry. This isn't fair to consumers. Consumers should be aware of all costs upfront. Read your contracts! When reviewing your moving contract, ensure your estimated volume aligns with the size of your furniture. For example, if you live in a 5-bedroom house, your cubic feet should be upwards of 1500 cubic feet. Sometimes you may even need 2 trucks. Which is over 2,000 cubic feet. Anything less than that is not an accurate "estimate," moving scams are rising because many of these moving companies are starving for work. Moving is an investment, do not go cheap, or you will be sorry.

Oh! How can I forget? If you are on Google searching for the "worst moving companies" or "Moving companies under investigation," you've come to the right place - As of December 28, 2022. Legal action has been taken against three individuals, two holding companies, and multiple fraudulent moving brokerage businesses, including Gold Standard Moving and Storage. To avoid negative reviews, these companies operated under various names, such as Executive Van Lines, Imperial Moving Group, and Razor Van Lines. They deceived over 400 Floridians by advertising top-quality moving services and promising refunds. Instead, they hired third-party contractors who provided subpar services and refused to give refunds. The Attorney General is taking action to shut down this moving scam and recover funds for affected consumers. The Attorney General, Ashley Moody, expressed her disappointment in the defendants who promised quality services but delivered shoddy work, higher-than-advertised prices, and caused numerous headaches for people trying to relocate. The legal action aims to end the deceptive practices of these fraudulent moving companies and ensure justice for the harmed consumers.

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