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Better Business Bureau Moving Scam

The Better Business Bureau is not a legitimate source to check a moving company's reliability rating; a moving company, or any company in general, can have several negative reviews and still maintain an A+ Rating. The Better Business Bureau is free for the consumer to verify the mover's rating. The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization for the website viewer, not the business owner. This is why you can see some listings with several negative ratings and still display an accreditation badge; a Better Business Bureau accreditation badge is not earned. The moving company buys it; if you search for a moving company near you, and stumble across their Better Business Bureau rating with an accreditation badge, make sure you check for reviews and complaints, as the Better Business Bureau does not inform the viewer of this business practice. This is no different from paying a website to list favorable reviews on their platform; ultimately, this drives more sales as it builds credibility; paying a monthly subscription to the Better Business Bureau may be worth it to a moving company as you can use this tactic to blind site a customer.

Better Business Bureau Pay Pal Scam

When I first started my moving business, I did not have much experience with accepting credit card payments, so I decided to accept payment using a pay pal account; at first, business was slow; I was generating anywhere between $3,000.00-$5,000.00 per month, eventually, my profit margins increased, and I had a $12,000.00 week. The following week I received an email from Pay Pal stating that my account was on hold and to contact a representative at Pay Pal for more details. Why would my account be on hold? I have done nothing wrong I did not receive any chargebacks, and all of my orders were being fulfilled. I called Pay Pal and was told that my account was under investigation due to an unusual increase in sales; I was asked to verify my business, and I sent over contracts, Receipts, certificates, and my website. Altho I am a legitimate moving company, Pay Pal decided to close my account and freeze my funds for 180 days; all of my orders were fulfilled. However, I could not access my funds for 180 days, that's 6 Months. This is not ethical, other credit card merchants have been sued for this practice, so I filled a complaint against Pay Pal and wrote a negative review on their Better Business Bureau profile and found several consumers who have done business with Pay Pal complaining about the same thing,

Heres a example of a consumer claiming to file a complaint with Pay Pal on The Better Business Bureau below

Pay Pal holds funds from small businesses for a very long period and uses those funds to invest, Pay Pal operates as a fraudulent banking institution. How could PayPal have all these complaints of fund holds and still have an A+ Rating? Because Pay Pal is paying The Better Business Bureau a substantial amount of money to maintain an account in good standing.

Here's a complaint on Reddit with a consumer complaining about a similar encounter - Reddit - Dive into anything Pay Pal had thousands of complaints online with The Better Business Bureau; fast forward to today, and conveniently Pay Pal no longer has complaints, a rating or a review. Not a positive rating or a negative rating; however, Pay Pal still has an accreditation badge, this is because Pay Pal has paid The Better Business Bureau a large sum of money to delete the data.

The Better Business Bureau is an outright scam to both the viewer and the business; if you are a business owner, do not open up an account with The Better Business Bureau; if you do, prepare for your business to get extorted. If you are a consumer shopping around for a moving company, do not trust The Better Business Bureau, you can find a moving company with a positive BBB Rating and still get scammed.

Morgan Manhattan BBB Review

Take Morgan Manhattan Moving as an example. On their BBB profile, they are listed as NR (Not Rated); however, Morgan Manhattan Moving has been in business for 172 years with zero complaints on their database at here-- Company Detail ( how can Morgan Manhattan Moving not display at least an A Rating with BBB? because Morgan Manhattan Moving does not pay The Better Business Bureau a monthly subscription, this leaves Morgan Manhattan with a dormant listing. Other movers have been in business for just a year with an A+ Rating. The answer is simple here The Better Business Bureau is not about credibility; ironically, this non-profit organization is all about its money; you must pay to play with The Better Business Bureau.

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