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Morgan Manhattan Reviews

Morgan Manhattan is a professional moving service that offers exceptional quality work, professionalism, courtesy, and ethics. One aspect that sets them apart from other long-distance and local moving companies is their meticulous approach to shipping and receiving inventory. When interior designer sends multiple items to Morgan Manhattan, they go through an extensive process of unpacking, inspecting, and photographing each item.

Morgan Manhattan then creates a label with the customer's name and a storage number, and each item that goes into storage receives a bar code to ensure accuracy. This attention to detail extends beyond the receiving process. Morgan Manhattan's policy requires every employee to keep a record of every item with a photograph attached, ensuring a positive customer experience and reducing the risk of lost items. With 172 years of experience in the moving industry, it's no surprise that Morgan Manhattan's approach to inventory management has stood the test of time.

Morgan Manhattan takes pride in its superior packing methods to ensure the safe transportation of its clients' belongings. In contrast to many of its competitors, Morgan Manhattan uses custom crates to protect fine art, antiques, and high-end electronics. As a result, the company takes great care to properly crate these items. In comparison to other professional moving companies, Morgan Manhattan's crating process ensures that items are protected during transportation. Morgan Manhattan's attention to detail makes it a trusted choice for out-of-state and long-distance moves.

Salespeople at Morgan Manhattan undergo extensive training that involves working alongside foremen, helpers, management, dispatch, interior department, and sales managers. Before being considered for a sales position, they must experience every aspect of the establishment. While this may frustrate salespeople eager to market, it's necessary to demonstrate the necessary experience to cater to the consumer's needs. This ensures that the salesperson has the experience and knowledge of how Morgan Manhattan operates in the moving industry, making them better equipped to provide top rated moving services to customers.

Are you looking for a professional long-distance moving company that provides quality work and exceptional service? Morgan Manhattan is the answer. They specialize in out-of-state moving and are experts in the field of long-distance moving. Whether you're moving across the country or just down the street, Morgan Manhattan is the reliable and trustworthy moving company you can count on. With their extensive experience and attention to detail, they are the perfect choice for your next move.

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