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Packing Fragile items | Long distance moving tips

Moving fragile items during a long-distance, cross-country, or national move can be stressful. During a long distance move, especially, fragile items are more likely to get damaged, but you can minimize the risk with proper handling techniques. Label fragile boxes "fragile" and keep them separate from heavy or less delicate boxes. Knowing about the delicate nature of the items will help your long distance moving company handle them with extra care. It's also a good idea to disassemble fragile items, like lamps or vases. As a result, they'll be easier to pack and transport, and they'll be less likely to get damaged, remember cross country moves have a high risk of damage, especially if

You did not pack your furniture professionally

Applying Bubble wrap, and packing paper generously, sturdy boxes are essential. You don't have to worry about your stuff moving around. Don't be afraid to use extra padding. Make sure fragile items are loaded last in the moving truck, so they don't get crushed. Make sure they don't move during transit by padding them with blankets, towels, etc. Make sure fragile items aren't stacked too high or too close together, as they might fall. When moving fragile items, be careful. If you're moving fragile items yourself, be extra careful. Make sure you lift them properly and don't make sudden movements. If you've hired a moving company, ask them to take extra care of fragile items.

Ensure fragile items aren't damaged when you get to your new house. Make sure you note any damage before signing off. Fragile items need to be checked upon delivery because even with proper handling and packing, there's a chance they'll get damaged. You can catch any damage upon delivery and tell the moving company immediately. By doing this, you'll get the compensation or repairs you need. Also, inspecting the items makes it easier to prove their condition before and after the move. If there are any damages, document them and put them on the delivery receipt, so you can file an insurance claim if necessary. It's also good to make sure you got everything that was shipped by inspecting things when they're delivered. You never know what will get lost or misplaced during a move, so inspect everything upon delivery.

American National Movers knows how important it is to handle fragile items carefully. We pack fragile items carefully and use top-quality packing materials to protect them during the move. Whether you're moving locally or long distance, we're committed to making your move stress-free. Please find out more about our moving services by contacting us today

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