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  • Christopher Heart

What We Learned From the Worst Moving Companies

The worst moving companies all have one thing in common. Their prices are too good to be true. The people scammed by these nightmare moving companies all share one thing: they're moving on a tight budget. If you're going to trust a moving company with your furniture, it's best to go with movers who aren't too cheap because you get what you pay for.

The Worst Movers Are Pushy.

Disreputable long distance movers are in a rush to get you to sign on the dotted line. They will quote you one price and dramatically reduce your costs if you "book it right now." Reputable movers do the opposite, break down the costs for you, and give you time to decide. After reviewing several reviews, we found that the worst movers will communicate with you until you pay a deposit to reserve your move. (less responsive) Reviewers will tell you about these experiences, so check for negative reviews online. Check what people say about the worst moving companies and learn from their experiences. People are very vocal when they have a bad or pleasant experience with a moving company.

Beware of Unrealistically Low Prices

The worst moving companies have a common strategy; they lure customers with too-good-to-be-true prices. People often fall for these traps when they're on a tight budget. Remember, you usually get what you pay for, and if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Reliable movers aren't necessarily cheap. Anything of quality will cost more. If you're looking for the cheapest moving company and you found one. You're potentially dealing with one of the "worst moving companies." Based on several negative reviews we found online from one of the worst movers to ever do it: "Bulls Moving," shady movers advertise as cheap, then hold your belongings "hostage" for more money.

The Worst Moving Companies Have a Ton of Negative Reviews

One of the hallmarks of a terrible moving company is a barrage of negative reviews. Accidents can happen during a move, but the best companies have professional movers who know how to prevent damage. They also have insurance to cover costs if something goes wrong. But the worst moving companies don't even have insurance, and when you check for reviews, they'll have many complaints about damages and last-minute price changes. Given the nature of the moving industry, things can happen. Especially if you're moving long distance, but if your movers are averaging a 2-star rating or less (2.5 to 1 stars), you can consider them one of the worst moving companies.

The Hostage Situation

Protect your move. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has tools that you can use to check for movers' tendencies. The worst moving companies will have complaints of holding someone's furniture hostage. This scenario is called a "hostage move." Movers loading your furniture onto a truck, driving away, and calling you for more money after agreeing to a price is a "hostage move." If you are a victim of this moving scam, file a police report and file a complaint with the Department of Transportation to start getting your things back. The worst movers have a record of this online- if you come across this complaint, you're in contact with a shady moving company.

The Worst Movers Will Take So Long to Deliver Your Things.

Some ask, "Why do long distance movers take so long." They aren't supposed to, especially if they're reputable. The worst moving companies will tell you your items can take 7-21 days for delivery. This is an unethical practice by a shady moving company. Reputable movers deliver furniture within a week, sometimes a little longer if you're moving from coast to coast.

Over the Phone Estimate

Getting a quote over the phone from a moving company without letting them see your furniture is a mistake many people make. The worst moving companies take advantage of this because they change your price at the last minute. That's why it's important not to look for the "cheapest price" because the cheapest price is not always guaranteed. Movers calculate your costs by volume, and they're bait-and-switch tactics rogue movers use to add more money to their pockets. Your costs are always based on volume (cubic feet.) Your cheap price means nothing if your estimate is inaccurate and the worst moving companies bank on you not knowing this.

Unprofessional Website

The worst moving companies either have a shady website or no website. Your website is, essentially, a portfolio. Rogue movers have no intention of having a reputation; they'll be hard to find online, and when you go to their website, they lack a sense of authority. Remember, a company's website is often the first impression a potential customer gets in today's digital age. If that impression is negative or raises questions, it's best to proceed cautiously. The quality of a moving company's website can indicate their professionalism and the level of service you can expect to receive.

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