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 Small Load Movers For Small Moves

American National Movers is the best small move company for movers for just a few items. Whether you're in the heart of NYCChicago, or anywhere in the U.S. we're perfect for small loads.

Little Load |American National Movers

Regardless of where you're moving from or to, we can handle it at a fair price. Many moving companies prefer not to haul a small load, but our company is designed for it.

Moving A Few Pieces Of Furniture

Indeed there is a need for moving companies for smaller moves. While some businesses will quote for the job, most are not a good fit because their prices are not reasonable.

Affordable Small Moves

The cost of moving a few furniture pieces varies depending on distance. On average, interstate moves cost about $2,500, while shorter moves are around $500.

Small Load Long Distance Movers

Downsizing a home usually involves shipping a few key pieces of furniture, a task many companies overcharge for. This is where American National Movers stands out. Our small-load long-distance movers are cheap like DIY moving, but with the added benefit of professional movers.

Man movers worker in blue uniform unloading cardboard boxes from truck.Professional delive

National Moving Companies For Small Moves

When you have a small load and need movers because you're moving a short distance. National moving companies are best: we have many trucks and movers to work with your needs and budget.

Moving Options for Smaller Shipments

Here are some relocation options for shipments with a few pieces of furniture:

Partial Load Movers | Shared Moving

Moving a small apartment or a few items out of state? No need for a full truck! Consider our shared-load moving truck services, an economical and efficient option for small-scale relocations.

Your Needs Your Budget

Even if you dont feel comfortable with sharing a truck with someone else, we tailor our moving services to match your needs and budget. Our exclusive trucks are reasonably priced too!

How Sharing A Truck Works

Contact a representative at American National Movers and tell us the items you need shipping. Then we will give you a quote based on the space that you take on the shared truck.

How Cheap Are Our Exclusive Trucks

Some say that sharing a route with another customer is not ideal for people with fragile items and a time budget. No worries, our dedicated truck has an average cost of $5,000 for out of state moves.

Two Men And A Truck.

Some say that sharing a route with another customer is not ideal for people with fragile items and a time budget. No worries, our dedicated truck has an average cost of $5,000 for out of state moves.

No job is too big or too little – we're here to make your moving process stress-free.

small moves moving company

Why Choose American National Movers

Choosing American National Movers is not about hiring movers for a little load. Finding someone who will handle your furniture with care is what it's about.

5 Reasons to Choose Us

Fast Movers

Despite our services being lower cost than the moving industry average, our company has fast delivery times. Ask about our expedited relocation services and avoid long wait times.

Flat Rate Moves

I'm sure you heard of the horror stories of long distance and interstate moving companies charging you more on move day. With American National Movers you get a flat rate on your load so don't worry.

Interstate Movers Small Loads

Interstate movers hate long distance moving loads with a few pieces of furniture and it's evident by their moving quote. They are too expensive, but with us, we prefer to do smaller hauls.

Licensed And Insured

Don't go with TaskRabbit or Craigslist to get the best price because that option is unreliable. With American National Movers you get the best value, and our company is licensed and insured.

Small Move Services

As mentioned many times, we have moving services tailored to haul small moves, efficiently at a fair price.

Best Company For Small Moves

Finding the best movers to haul your furniture is not only about the cheapest option, it's about finding someone you can trust. This is where American National Movers excels.

Our commitment to providing top-tier, specialized small load moving services sets us apart. Whether it be one item or a few things, we understand that each item has its significance.

Our skilled professionals handle your belongings with the utmost care and respect.

No Job Too Big or Too Little

At American National Movers, every moving task is important to us, no matter the size.

Need a helping hand for moving just a sofa or mattress? Consider it done, and if you need more muscle, our 'Two Men and a Truck' service is ideal for relocating a small load.

Our team is ready to assist with small tasks, ensuring that we handle your single-item move with care and efficiency.

Whatever your moving needs, large or small, American National Movers is here to help. Simply tell us what you need, and we'll tailor our services to meet your requirements. Contact us today and experience a stress-free move, tailored to your needs.

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