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Why is Long Distance Moving So Expensive

Moving household goods far away in a moving truck is much work and requires skill and attention to detail. When requesting quotes from long distance movers, understand that your moving costs will vary. 

After getting quotes from multiple long distance moving companies, some people ask: 

long distance moving truck

Why is Moving So Expensive? 

Reliable long distance moving companies will require a reasonable amount of money, often exceeding $5,000. Some people find the abovementioned moving costs expensive, and others may find it reasonable. 

Investing in a good consumer experience is important if you need long distance moving services. This means you'll have to pay the industry average of $5,000 for a professional long distance move. 

However, some movers cost more than $5,000 to relocate your household goods between states, and here is why: 

Brand: Major Van lines like Allied, All My Sons, Two Men And A Truck, and Mayflower will naturally cost more than smaller businesses. If you are moving on a budget, I recommend requesting quotes from small/mid-sized carriers for a lower price. 

Mileage: Moving across the country or between states, far away, will have higher moving expenses because of fuel and labor costs. With the high fuel and labor costs, you can count on paying hefty fees for long-distance movers. 

Packing Materials: Ask your movers to pack and move your furniture to reduce the risk of damage. However, packing materials is expensive, and packing delicate items will increase the cost of your move. 

Professionals: Hiring skilled and reliable professional movers costs more than hiring three men and a truck for moving. In other words, you get what you pay for, so be prepared to pay for professionals if you desire their services. 

Moving Companies Pricing: As mentioned before, each long distance moving company has its pricing structure. We found that movers with more experience will be 25% more expensive than cheaper options. 

Insurance Cost: Professional long distance moving companies have insurance, which also adds to the expense of your move. Although insurance adds to the overall cost of your move, it is worth it because moving furniture far away comes with the risk of damage.

How Do You Save Money on Your Long Distance Move? 

packers and movers long distance

Although moving furniture to another state can be expensive, there are ways you can save money: 

Minimize: Long distance moving companies calculate your costs based on the size/weight of your items. By selling or disposing of the items you don't need, you can reduce the cost of your long distance relocation. 

Smaller Carriers: Small movers can provide the same level of service you need while moving you cheaply. A small moving company in the U.S. is about 30% cheaper than Major Van Lines. 

Book Your Move: Reserve your move quickly because your long distance moving costs depend on availability. I know moving is stressful, but try to avoid booking your move at the last minute, or you will pay extra fees. 

Three Men And A Truck: Movers like American National Movers can get you in contact with a 3 guys and a truck moving option. We will send you three men who own a truck, and you will save up to 30% on your long distance move. 

Shared Load Moving: For small loads moving long distances, shared load movers can reserve truck space for you so that you can save money. Shared load moving allows you to work with professional movers and have insurance at a lower price. 

U-Pack: DIY moving option U-Pack is when the company brings you a storage container, and you pack and load your household goods. Then, U-Pack will hire a contractor to haul your items to your new state. 

U-Haul: When you have exhausted all your moving options, consider renting a moving truck from U-Haul. U-Haul is a complete DIY moving option with an average cost of $4,000 to relocate items between states. 

Invest In A Good Long Distance Moving Experience

We understand that long distance moving costs more than people are hoping for, but it is worth it. If you attempt to do the move yourself, you risk breakage and may pay more money in the long run. 

American National Movers offers affordable long-distance moves in 50 states as a solution. At American National Movers, we offer cheaper rates while still providing reliable moving services. 

Invest in reliable long distance movers, and don't just focus on the cheapest option. The company's reputation and quality of service should be your top priorities. At American National Movers, we are proving that you can be budget-friendly and reliable. Call us today for a free moving estimate, and let's get moving. 

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