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Need moving companies from NY to Florida? Don't overpay long distance moves in NYC. American National Movers has costs similar to renting a moving truck. Yep. Our NY to FL movers are as Cost-effective as a DIY move.

Affordable And Reliable NY To FL Movers

Many people seek ways to relocate to Florida without being too expensive. Fortunately, there are affordable options like American National Movers, with an average cost of $3,500 for a New York to FL move.

Whether you're moving from NYC or moving from Long Island to Florida. American National Movers has the cheapest options to do it professionally without you renting a U-Haul.

Cost Of Moving From New York To Florida

The cost of relocating to the Sunshine State depends on whether you rent a truck and DIY or hire professional movers:

Here is the average cost if you were to hire movers:

Hiring a moving company from NY to Florida has an average cost of $5,000.00, some businesses like ours charge even less to earn your business. So, don't sell yourselves short; research and get at least three moving estimates before deciding.

Here is the Average Cost of renting a U-Haul to Florida:

On average, renting a U-Haul From NY to Florida typically costs between $2,500 and $3,000. However, for larger moves, the cost can exceed $4,000. These costs do not include gas, travel time, and packing materials.

In Summary:

There are several long-distance moving companies in New York, but some are much more expensive than others. American National Movers recommends finding a company that balances quality and affordability.

Overall, if you're relocating to Florida and don't have at least $4,000.00 saved, hiring movers or renting a moving truck may not be ideal. Moving between states requires a reasonable investment, even if you rent a U-Haul.

Cheapest Way To Move From NY to FL

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American National Movers offers an affordable option to share furniture transportation with another customer going to Florida. ​Shared load moves can help save a lot of money on moving services. Additionally, we insure your furniture and deliver your belongings within 3 to 5 days with a shared load moving option.​

Bottom Line:

American National Movers, offers the cheapest cost of moving from New York to Florida by optimizing your route and sharing your move with someone else's. 

Our Best Advice To You.


You don't necessarily have to rent a moving truck to get the best value for your money. - Many people consider renting a U-Haul after getting a quote from an overpriced moving company. But not every hauler has high prices, and some movers are just as cost-effective as the do-it-yourself option.

If you have a lot of stuff, the best way to move from NYC to Florida is by hiring a professional NY moving company with affordable rates. Consider reaching out to smaller brands for affordable prices, especially if you have a small move.

Pro Tip:

Aside from the cost of a moving company from NY to Florida how about their reputation? Remember, Cheap isn't always good when you're moving long distance.

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Top 5 Benefits Of Moving From New York To Florida

1. Affordability:

Living in Florida is much cheaper than living in NYC. Even expensive cities like Miami Beach are cheaper than Manhattan.

2. Lifestyle:

The quality of life in the Sunshine State is also much better than in the Big Apple. You get a better value for your money. The homes are larger at a lower real estate cost.

3. Weather:

With remote work being common, many prefer sunny states to avoid winter and enjoy the flexibility of working from home.

4. No State Income Tax:

Unlike New York, Florida has no state income tax.

5. Economy:

As of 2023, Florida's economy is strong and a good place for job seekers, unlike many other states in the U.S.


7 Reasons to Choose American National Movers

​1. National Moving Expertise

National movers have the best movers from N.Y. to Florida as they have many warehouses. This lets them offer a reasonable price without compromising on quality.

If your Long distance moving costs are too expensive, it's likely because the company that quoted you has limited resources. Some moving companies only have one location. If your home is far from their main office, your moving expenses will increase.

For example: 

American National Movers only does state to state moves, It is our specialty. To do this cost effectively for our business and the consumer, we stationed our company in every major state. Now, we can optimize your routes and service the majority without being too expensive.

2. Nationwide State to State Movers

National moving companies can move you from New York to Florida in 3-4 days for less money. This is Why American National Movers is the best moving company from NY to Florida.

3. Affordable Long-Distance Movers

If you think moving to Florida is too expensive and you are considering renting a U-Haul, wait. American National Movers offers a substantial 35% discount on all moves from New York to Florida.

4. Moving and Storage 

Our movers can store your belongings if you need time to find a home or a place for your furniture. - We have storage facilities in New York and Florida. We'll even store your furniture for 30 days free.

5. Binding Not To Exceed Estimate

Don't let your moving costs change on moving day! American National Movers guarantees your moving costs to FL, by giving you a flat rate on your moves from NYC.

6. Expedited Delivery

Even with us being the cheapest moving option, we have the fastest delivery times. Our average cost is $3,500 and average wait times are as little as 4 days.

7. Good Reviews

American National Movers maintains a 4.6-star rating on trust pilot making us a budget friendly moving option that you can trust.


Florida's appeal stretches far beyond its beautiful beaches and sunlit skies. It promises a better quality of life with cleaner surroundings at a fair price. More people moving from NY and CA raised housing prices in FL, but it's still cheaper than living in NY.

With the state's welcoming weather and laid-back lifestyle, Florida is the top choice for professionals and seniors settling into retirement. Regardless of age or career stage, Florida seems to cater to all.

A common concern among consumers is the varying rates offered by moving companies. Although certain movers might seem expensive, they do not paint the whole moving industry with the same brush.

Beyond the allure of sandy shores and radiant warmth, Florida's robust economy and temperate climate are significant drawcards for New Yorkers. The staggering cost of living in New York renders a move to Florida not just attractive but cost-effective.

To sum it up:

For those contemplating a long-distance move to Florida, American National Movers stands as a reliable and cost-effective option. We prioritize trust and affordability, ensuring a smooth transition for our clients.

Florida could be your next haven for a new career, lifestyle change, or peaceful retirement.

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