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Art Movers | Fine Art Moving Services

American National Movers has the best packers and movers for fine art. We have professional packers with moving trucks and provide full service packing at an affordable cost.

Hiring a moving company that has fine art movers for valuable items is important. Our moving services include packing supplies, professional movers, and packing and unpacking services.

American National Movers can guarantee you a great customer service experience and we will make your moving process Stress free on moving day.

Hiring cheap art movers may seem tempting, but professional packers are not always cheap. To pack your fine art, a moving company needs special materials like newsprint paper, brown paper, peanuts, bubble wrap, and crates.

Our Art movers recommend shipping artwork with crates to avoid damage, especially for interstate and long-distance moves.

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How To Pack Fine Art For Moving

Relocating art pieces, especially those of high value requires careful attention and experience. At American National Movers, we've mastered the art of fine art moving, ensuring that your valuable items remain pristine during the relocation process.

Here's how to pack fine art for moving:

Essential Packing Materials:

  • Dust Sheet

  • Professional-grade Bubble or Plastic Wrap

  • Sturdy Cardboard Corners

  • Artist’s Tape

  • Specialized Artwork Boxes


Our Step-by-Step Packing Process:

Minimize Direct Handling:

  • Always handle the art in a clear, flat space. Use a dust sheet to keep the area clean, and only touch the artwork with gloves. This ensures no direct contact and minimal risk of stains or damage.

Protective Wrapping:

  • Use gloves and carefully wrap the artwork in professional-grade bubble or plastic wrap. For securing, use the artist’s tape and make sure the tape doesn’t contact the artwork directly. For an extra layer of protection use brown paper.

Reinforce Corners:

  • Every art piece, whether framed or not, can benefit from reinforced corners. Use sturdy cardboard corners, which are available in most art stores, to add that additional layer of safety.

Specialized Artwork Boxes:

For valuable, antique, or especially fragile art, we recommend specialized artwork boxes. These designs securely hold the artwork during transit.

Professional Advice:

  • Instead of moving fine art by yourself, consult with our art movers. American National Movers brings professional handling and precision to ensure the safety of every art piece.

Are Packers And Movers Worth it

When moving items of high value, hiring a moving company is always the better option. Otherwise, you run the risk of damage and broken art will cost more than what packing costs in the long run. Therefore, if you can afford it, you should use packing services. Professional movers have the experience and insurance to ensure a smooth transition.

Areas We Serve

When it comes to moving art pieces, the location can be as vital as the craftsmanship of the art itself. That's why American National Movers offer specialized art moving services in major art cities across the US. Our team is ready to take care of your art, whether it's Art movers in NY, Chicago, or Houston. - We will ship your valuable items with experience and care.

New York City

Art Movers NYC 

American National movers operates in NYC. We have skilled packers who can ship your valuable items at a fair price.


Art Movers Chicago

Customers rush to use our art moving services in Chicago as we promise to keep your valuable items safe. - We'll get it done right or American National Movers pays you.

Image by Kevin Hernandez

Art Movers Houston

Not too many art shippers to choose from in Houston? Don't worry, American National Movers specializes in moving high value items in Texas. 

If you need moving and storage our movers can pack, move, and store your items for free for 45 days. - There is no charge to redeliver your items.

Movers Insurance

Reputable movers can provide you with insurance for your fragile items. The way it works is, you discuss the dollar value of your artwork. Then your movers will go through insurance and charge you a deductible based on that.

For example, American National Movers charges $450.00 as a deductible for every $15,000.00 in coverage. - So if your fine art is worth $30,000.00, you need to pay $900.00 to be fully insured.

Affordable Packing Services

American National Movers provides fine art movers with affordable moving costs. You can expect professional packing services with a binding not to exceed moving quote for your full-service move.

American National Movers is a nationwide moving company that provides affordable packing services in the United States. It is highly recommended to pay for packing services if you are moving anything of high value. Call us and get a quote today.

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