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Can A Moving Company Keep My Furniture?

If you are reading this article, you are probably in a terrible mood; you likely hired a moving company, quoted you a price, then called you up to raise your costs again while the mover is already in possession of your belongings. How much more is the mover asking of you? a few hundred dollars, or maybe it's upwards of $1,000.00; in some cases, it can be worse; what do you do in this situation? If you say no, what will happen to the furniture that they have? they already collected a large sum of your money in the first place, I get it. Ask yourself first, how badly do I want my furniture? You have a couple of options; If you need your furniture immediately, then your best option would be to pay for the fees and cut your losses. Not the answer you are hoping for, right? I know you are already in this problem, but you cannot avoid it; the only way someone can avoid a moving company attempting to hold your furniture hostage is by doing ample research before hiring a moving company.

Another option would be negotiating with that moving company; the mover knows that legally he cannot hold your furniture hostage; you could file several complaints, and you can take him to court, but this process can take ages, and you will not have your furniture at the time frame you would like if you do decide to fight with the moving company you run the risk of excess damages, stolen items, extreme delays, and more wasted money. You can hire an attorney if your budget allows you to do so; however, the amount of money you have spent on legal fees may not be worth it; I know this is not the answer you may be looking for; put simply; can a moving company keep your belongings; Yes and No, a moving company cannot keep your stuff, however some will. Can you get the furniture back from that moving company? You will most likely, do either by negotiation, paying upfront costs, or going the legal route. Unfortunately, a lot of moving companies really do not care about their reputation enough to care about you leaving a negative review; this may even make matters worse; remember you are dealing with an unethical entity; proceed with caution.

I have been in the moving industry for almost a decade, and several moving companies have misled me into believing that they have upfront costs and do not price gauge the consumer; this is how I know all of this information. In addition, I've spent thousands of dollars on marketing only to disappoint the consumer I promised to satisfy; this was not intentional, as moving companies lie to even themselves to obtain business. I have created American National Movers to shut down these unethical business practices by informing the consumer. In summary, a moving company cannot keep your stuff just like a man cannot rob a bank; just because it cant happen does not mean it doesn't.

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