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How To Hire A Reliable Moving Company


Much stress comes with a move of any distance. However, if you do some research and planning, it is possible to eliminate the possibility of running into scams and stress. If you need tips on avoiding the stress of a move, then look below and find out how to choose a reliable mover.

Ask Friends & Family

Talk to Friends Most companies have a website with a section for customers for help on how to choose a reliable mover. People are not afraid to tell it the way it happened. In addition, you can look at social media and your friends. See what they say about the company and its services, specifically Pack And Ship Movers.

Find Someone That You Can Talk to, such as real estate agents and home improvement contractors, who work with movers daily. They will offer a professional's perspective on choosing a reliable mover.

Look Up Yellow Pages

Check the Yellow Pages. It is imperative that you realize that not all websites are for legitimate companies that specialize in moving. To be established moving companies, such as, that have physical addresses and offices in your area.

Business Credentials are Important Once you pick your list of possible movers, such as Pack And Ship Movers, you will want to contact each business to gather information about them. You want their full legal business name and DBA (doing business as) names. You will want to know how many years they have been doing business, their MC license numbers, and their Department of Transportation license. For this information, you can reference FMCSA resources to determine if the mover is federally licensed.

Price Estimates

If the movers comply with federal regulations, they are a reputable moving company. To receive an accurate moving quote, a representative of that can provide an estimate of the moving cost. You may want to get several estimates to find the best price. If you get a price estimate online or over the phone, keep in mind that the price can change if there is no binding contract for that price. If you want an accurate quote from the start, you will want a visual assessment of the items, whether in person or virtually. You will want to make sure that you show the representative everything that you want to be moved so that they can give you an accurate price for packing & more. You will want to ensure you check the basement, attic, garage, and storage.

To be able to give you an accurate price for their moving services and to be able to prepare adequately for packing & more for the move by asking you thorough questions about everything involved. Feel free to ask questions that assure you and bring confidence to the company. You will want to ask about the "valuation" option. The valuation option that you choose will allow you to decide the amount of maximum liability for damage or loss that is caused by the mover's handling and the transportation of your items. The amount of liability the movers are responsible for depends on the mover's tariffs, plus the federal regulations and laws, and they have some exclusions and limitations.

Moving Scams Are Easy To Fall For

Around 3,000 Americans have been affected by moving scams every year. Usually, these pretend movers offer a low initial quote, then keep your possessions until they get additional money from you so that they will release your items. Here are some warning signs that you should look for to prevent yourself from falling for a scam.

Don't Offer a legitimate Deposit Movers should not ask for a deposit before moving your items. This information should help with choosing reliable movers.

Check the Physical Address You should check the company's website and their physical address to ensure that they have a location near you. If the address is residential, there is no address listed, or if the address is a P.O. Box, this can be a warning sign that the business is not real.

Verify an Active License Check their U.S. DOT (Unites States Department of Transportation) number on the company's website. Each moving company should have an active operating authority and sufficient insurance to cover costs.

Check Service Records Each moving company's qualifications and reputation with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). This information will help in choosing the right moving company.

How To Resolve Moving Scams

Some consumers will continue to fall victim to sketchy operators each year. Luckily, we're available to help. If someone feels that they might have been scammed, they should call us. Customers that call will speak with a representative who will appraise the situation and guide the customer through all of the appropriate steps. In addition, consumers that need anti-fraud information or moving assistance will be served by our central source.

If you need help choosing reliable movers, do some major checking of credentials. This is very important in finding a legitimate moving company. You want to ensure that they have their U.S. DOT number and credentials with the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). has the necessary credentials to be considered liable. They can help you with all of your packing and moving needs. This will help to relieve any stress that you may have about the moving experience. Just remember to you some research and check the credentials of all the companies so that it will be easier to pick a legitimate company versus a scam. Follow these tips on how to choose a reliable mover.

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