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Long Distance Movers Buyers Remorse or Real Damage?

 After moving a long distance, you finally unpacked and were ready to relax. But then you discovered your antique chair had a big rip and your fine china was broken. Ouch. That sinking feeling sets in, along with a thought: 'Can I get the movers to pay for my damaged furniture?"

An example of minor damage a customer sent to American National Movers

We get it. You paid professional movers to pack and move your items carefully without damaging them. Damaged

furniture after hiring movers for a long distance move is extremely disheartening.

There must be some compensation, right? For movers to pay for the full value of your damaged furniture, you must have full insurance coverage. Otherwise, compensation of 60 cents per pound is likely your reality. 

95% Of Our Long Distance Moves Are Damage Free 

American National Movers does about 30 to 50 long distance moves a month, and we have a 95% damage-free rate. But, even with a respectable satisfactory rating, damage may still occur.

For transparency, the picture you see above was caused by American National Movers. Things happen, and we're not pretending to be perfect. Just know that if we mess up, we accept accountability—that's what reliable long distance movers do. 

We take every damage claim and are committed to improving our process. 

I have worked in the moving industry for six years. I have seen the impact that damage claims can have on both customers and reputable movers. Yep, even the best long distance movers might damage your furniture.  

Things happen sometimes, but there are ways to reduce the risk of damage when movers move your furniture.

American National Movers: Damage Prevention

American National Movers is committed to damage prevention. If a customer is filing a claim, we take it extremely seriously. We don't give our long distance movers second chances; they break anything they are fired. 

Sometimes, we might warn a team member if they have completed several moves without damage. At American National Movers, we know your belongings are important to you. Our team packs your furniture, artwork, and delicate items with great care and precision. 

Legitimate Damage Claim Or Buyer's Remorse?

After paying for a long distance moving service, some people experience buyer's remorse. Sometimes, customers contact American National Movers about damages from a long-distance move that happened 3-4 weeks ago. 

At American National Movers, we want ALL our customers satisfied with our moving services. But at what point do you raise an eyebrow and wonder if some of these claims are legitimate? 

That's why it's important to contact your movers immediately once you notice damage to your furniture. If you wait longer, the likelihood of your claim being denied increases. 

Long Distance Moves: Higher Risk Of Damage

American National Movers: Professional packing services

Items packed by customers or long distance moves without premium packing services are at a higher risk of damage. While reputable movers will have fewer damage complaints than a fly-by-night moving company, damage still may occur. 

What To Do When Movers Damage Your Furniture

Some ask: "what to do if movers damaged my furniture?" Do this:

  1. If you notice damage upon delivery of your long-distance move, immediately note the damage on your bill of lading. 

  2. If you did not notice the damage to your delivery, act quickly and submit an email with your damage claims (the sooner, the better.)

  3. Then email your long distance moving company with proof of damage, and start the claim process. 

Movers Damaged Furniture: Conclusion

-Hopefully, you purchased full insurance coverage for your household goods for full compensation.

-Otherwise, all long distance movers must provide basic coverage of 60 cents per pound. So, even without full coverage for your furniture, you are still due some compensation. 

-Even with a base coverage of 60 cents per pound, you can attempt to negotiate for additional compensation. However, your movers do not have to agree. 

-Reputable long distance movers typically handle damage claims quickly to avoid complaints. However, as a customer, please be respectful and reasonable—no matter how upset you are. 

-It is normal to expect a seamless move after investing in long distance moving services. But things happen—even if you hire the best moving company in the United States. 

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