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Affordable Reliable Movers | Moving Services

Are you looking for reliable movers? American National Movers stands as a testament to high-quality moving services in America. Our impressive online reputation echoes our commitment to excellence in every move.

American National Movers: A reliable moving company with a happy customer

Reliable Moving Services

Hiring movers you can trust is crucial for a successful local or long-distance move. There are so many companies to choose from, but how do you know if they are reliable movers? 

Company Reviews 

You would be surprised how many people hire a company without checking for reviews online. You can gauge the reliability of your movers by seeing what their previous customers are saying. 

Are most people satisfied with the purchase, or do they say they have had a horrible experience? 

Even the best moving companies like ours make mistakes and receive negative reviews. But do they take responsibility and fix their errors? 

American National Movers Reviews 

Take American National Movers, for example; we average a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot and Google. Not everyone we relocated to had the best experience, but we have a 98% success rate. 


Moving a short distance or far away comes with risks, whether you hire professional movers or do the move yourself. However, as a licensed and insured moving company, we strive to provide you with a good experience. 

A picture of one of the most reliable movers in the u.s.

What Makes Our Movers Reliable?

1. Flat Rate Quotes 

If you are known for changing the price at the last minute, you cannot call yourself a reliable moving company. That's why we offer a guaranteed price to ease your mind while moving your things. 

2. Expedited Shipment 

Our fast and efficient movers will deliver your furniture for out-of-state relocations within 3 to 4 days. Compared to the industry average, this is fast. Most companies are vague about their delivery dates, but we aren't. 

3. Full Service Movers 

Despite being considered one of the most affordable movers around, we offer nothing less than a full-service move. We tailor our services to work with your needs and budget, but our movers do not lack in quality.  

4. Long Term Storage 

Since we are a national moving company, we can provide you with moving and a free month of storage. Whether moving in a state or somewhere far away, our national movers and storage can help you. 

5. Tailored Moves 

American National Movers will customize your move and provide a project manager for regular updates on your shipment. We limit our hauls to give each customer a tailored moving experience.

Average Cost For A Reliable Moving Company 

American National Movers charges a minimum of $1,000 for local moves and $3,500 for long-distance relocations. Most people consider us affordable, but sometimes people do say that we are expensive.

Here Is Why 

Reliable moving companies cost more than those with a lot of bad reviews. You are hiring professionals, not fly-by-night movers with limited resources. As cliche as this sounds, you truly do get what you pay for, especially in the moving industry. 

Moving Cheaply 

Everyone wants to save money, but it's important to remember that reliable movers may not be the cheapest choice.

Particularly if you are moving out of state and want to hire long-distance movers to ship your furniture. The person you hire will move all your belongings, so choose carefully and take it seriously. 

We always tell our customers that the cost of your move matters more than you think. 

Reliable Packers And Movers

Our reliable movers can safely pack and move delicate items like fine art, pianos, fragile objects, and large inventory. Additionally, Our insurance policy covers any rare event that damages your furniture.

We've been in business for over ten years; honestly, we have broken furniture before, and every moving company has. However, if you let my movers pack your items, we will be liable for the damage. 

Licensed And Insured 

Hiring licensed and insured movers is another key factor to the overall success of your move. In the business of relocating, things do happen, and this includes damage to your household goods. 

Imagine paying a moving company to break your furniture. Thousands of Americans have filed complaints against movers who damaged their belongings and provided no compensation. 

Get A Free Quote 

American National Movers can assist with local and long-distance moves, ensuring reliable relocation services for your furniture. No distance is too short or load too small or large for us to handle; call our reliable moving company today. 

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