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Small Long Distance Moves

Are you struggling to find a reasonable price to relocate a small move long distance or across the country? Moving companies with a small number of trucks can only provide limited services. Thus making it more expensive for small moves going between states or long distances. If a long distance moving company only has a few trucks, how can they compete without losing money?

Why would a long distance moving company haul a load that's small for costs similar to a local move within the same state? They can, but it will be at a moving cost beyond reason. Regarding long distance movers for small moves, the company's costs must align with the value of the customer's furniture. Otherwise, people usually go another route and forget about hiring movers altogether. 

small move long distance movers packing boxes

Long Distance Small Move Solutions 

One of the best long distance small load moving companies is American National Movers. Our nationwide network of national movers and packers allows us to accommodate your relocation needs:

Cross Country Moves: Our average moving cost for a small move across the country is $4,000. Your small moving services include Packing, loading, unloading, disassembly, and reassembly. Most people find our costs affordable. Others might find the above price too high for what they need help moving. 

Long Distance Moves: Our average long distance moving cost for a small load is $3,000. Prices include three men and a truck, packers, movers, disassembly, and reassembly. 

Long Distance Movers Have Minimum Costs

Regardless of the weight and volume of your household goods long distance moving companies have minimum costs. So, even a small move requires you to pay a minimum of $3,500 to relocate your items to a new state.

A moving company must hire labor and pay for fuel. The company has no other option. They need to cover these expenses to operate. Consumers should have realistic expectations to avoid hiring unreliable businesses and putting themselves at risk.

Remember, you get what you pay for—even for small long distance moves, so invest wisely.

Avoid Major Van Lines

Working with a long distance moving company with a fleet of trucks can save money. However, Major Van Lines tends to be nonchalant about relocating a few pieces of furniture between states. Certain moving companies feel their moving trucks can be better served for hauls with a higher balance to the carrier. 

Moving companies prefer big moves over small ones because customers usually have smaller budgets for smaller moves. If you can't find a cheap national moving company for small moves, try hiring an independent carrier instead. Small to mid-sized carriers may be more likely to negotiate with you with your little move. 

Reliable Small load Movers

How do you know who to hire with so many moving companies claiming to specialize in small moves? Most people want peace of mind during their relocation and want to make sure they are making the right decision:

Reviews: Checking online feedback is a good starting point for gauging a long distance mover's reliability. However, don't let reviews cloud your judgment. Even the best long distance moving companies get some bad reviews, and some of the worst businesses to work with get some good reviews. Always take customer reviews with a grain of salt.

DOT number: Legitimate moving companies for small moves will obtain a DOT number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. A DOT number shows that your mover has the license and insurance to move across state lines legally with household goods.

Years in Business: Ensure that the movers have been in business long enough to provide you with the desired reliable service. Experienced long distance and interstate moving companies have been in business for at least five years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

FAQ'S For Small Moves

What Do Movers Consider a Small Load?

A small move is typically a studio to 1-bedroom worth of furniture, about 400 Cubic feet. If your load is small, you would only need two men and a truck for your service. 

How Do You Move a Small Amount of Furniture Long Distance? 

Here are some of the best affordable moving companies for small moves long distance: 

American National Movers: As mentioned, American National Movers is the cheapest full-service moving company for small moves. Our services include packers, movers, insurance, disassembly, and reassembly. With American National Movers, you can relocate a small load between states for as low as $3,500.00.

U-PACKPack your items and load them on a pod with U-PACKThis company reduces your long distance moving costs by having you do some of the labor. U-PACK is an affordable moving option for small, long distance moves, but they don't have movers insurance. 

Shared Load: A shared load moving company can provide an affordable price for your small long distance move. A shared load moving process involves sharing a truck space with other people's household goods. 

How Long Does it Take To Move a Small Move to a New State?

Estimated wait times for delivery vary based on traffic and weather: 

Interstate Moves: Small loads relocating upwards of 1000 miles have a wait time of five to seven days for delivery. 

Cross Country Moves: Moving a small load across the country has an average wait time of ten days for delivery. 

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