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What Is The Best Way To Pack A TV, For Moving?

When preparing for a move, it is essential to know that the risk of damage can be moderate to high-risk at times. To mitigate the risk of damaging your flatscreen tv in a local or long-distance move, you must use bubble wrap; bubble wrap or any padding is your best friend when moving fragile high-risk items. Wrap your TV generously, and be careful about this, as you will pay more in the long run. Additionally, upon padding your TV, be sure to box your TV in a high-quality box. Surprisingly, many consumers throw their TV in a box without any padding, without realizing that placing it in a box without any padding is not enough to protect your TV from damage.


Try to insure your fragile items, including your TV, and ask your moving company about your insurance options; if you are not satisfied with the option the moving company can provide, you can use third-party moving insurance, tell the insurance provider the moving company you are working with and they will insure your items based on a deductible, you do not have to insure every item you are moving, you can just pay a deductible based on items you choose to insure

Full-Service Movers

If all else fails and you feel that you are not well equipped to pack your TV efficiently, hire a full-service moving company; many moving companies provide packing options; whether it be packing your linen, fragile items, or just your TV. on average, you can expect to pay a moving company $75.00 to pack a TV efficiently.

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