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Short Distance Moves | Affordable Short Hauls

American National Movers, is a nationwide moving company, that excels in short haul moves. Our network of movers allows us to offer cost-effective movers for short distances.

Furniture Moving Short Distance

Short distance moving companies with a fleet of trucks can optimize your route to give you a better deal. 


The shorter the haul, the more likely the customer wants to save money, but the cheapest option is not always a better choice. Especially if you need help shipping fragile items. 


You can save money and move furniture a shorter distance if your budget is reasonable. Legitimate movers usually have a minimum cost of $2,500 for 200-mile shipments. 

Short Haul Movers

Despite the expectation that short distance relocations should cost less than long distance moves, this isn't always true. For instance, some businesses quote over $5,000 for a move from Illinois to Indiana, which is expensive. 


Ideally, hauling a load between 100 to 500 miles should be cheaper than long distance relocations, but the costs are not too far off.


The distance of your move is not the main factor determining your overall costs. Most companies primarily charge you based on the volume of your furniture.  

What To Know About Moving Short Distances 

  • People tend to overlook the importance of hiring reliable movers when relocating their things a shorter distance. Sadly, people do not realize this until they hire shady movers or have gone through the chaos of a DIY move.

  • Regardless of where you are moving from or to, hiring movers is essential for a stress-free moving process. Packing and unpacking, loading and unloading is not as easy as you think. 

  • Especially if you have large furniture, moving bulky or oddly shaped furniture is never easy. Items like artwork, pianos, glass top items, and Flat Screen TVs need professional handling. 

  • Unless you can't afford to hire a moving company, you should avoid attempting this move yourself. You can't always count on your friends and family; if anything breaks while they're helping, the costs fall on you. 

  •  Some movers will compete for your load but try to have realistic expectations. A budget of around $3,000 for a short 2 to 3-bedroom move is reasonable, but any less may compromise quality.

  • Distance definitions vary among companies. American National Movers considers 50 to 500 miles as short distance, offering specialized services for these moves.

  • Moving companies that specialize in short distance moves have an average cost of $2,500 to $3,500. Small moves are less expensive because the distance is not the only factor determining your costs.

picture of what it looks like to have the best short distance moving company pack your boxes and furniture

Small Moving Companies

When planning a move, the size of the moving company is crucial in terms of cost and efficiency.


A demand for moving furniture short distances exists, as large moving companies charge excessive fees or avoid these jobs.


If you can't hire a national moving company, consider hiring smaller businesses. Small moving companies focus on short distance moves, which can mean cheaper costs and a tailored service.


Larger moving companies charge a minimum for their services regardless of the size and distance of your shipment. However, smaller movers charge you a reasonable price to earn your business.


In fact, small movers provide a professional experience and often have better reviews because of their personalized approach. 

Small Moves

As a business owner, I'm being honest when I say that most moving companies prefer larger moves. This is because we will use men and resources regardless of the size of your shipment. 


You can't cut moving prices dramatically just because the drive is shorter, as the cost of fuel is just one aspect of your cost. You need to account for other factors, such as packing materials and labor.

Two Men And A Truck

Two Men and A Truck started their business to provide cheap services for small loads.


Eventually, Two Men And A Truck became a Major Van Line, and now they are not as affordable as they used to be.


Price, reputation, and trust are the three main focuses when hiring movers. When a company establishes its brand, it charges more for its services.


Two men and a truck was a cheaper alternative for quite some time, but now they don't have to be.  


As a result, the demand for two to three men and a truck service remains high. People want to work with reliable movers and don't mind smaller brands if they can prove they're legitimate. 

young man getting ready for a short haul move

Three Men And A Truck

Even a market exists for three men and a truck service. Essentially, many people don't care about hiring the biggest moving company in the U.S.; they just want reliable movers. 


Good moving companies don't need to be large-scale operations; they just need an online presence with positive reviews. 


That's why American National Movers offers a three-man and a truck service; we have enough trucks and movers to do it. 


Perhaps you are just moving a few pieces of furniture and need short distance movers in Texas to do the task. Surely, you can save money with a three-men and a truck option, but not every mover has this service. 


We have short-distance movers in Chicago and NYC and can provide two to three men and a truck to get the job done at a cheaper rate. 

Professional Movers 

Hiring professional movers is essential for a good experience with short distance moves. The same holds even for smaller loads.

Hiring cheap movers is tempting, but try to consider the overall quality of your movers before hiring them. 


For instance, if you're moving a few pieces of furniture 200 miles away, ensure the movers are experienced. Low prices can lead to poor handling, resulting in more expenses because of damages.


Remember, hiring movers is not just about transporting your belongings; it's about ensuring the safety of your furniture. 


Investing in quality moving services might cost more, but it pays off in terms of peace of mind. Reliable movers bring experience, efficiency, and the right equipment, reducing the likelihood of unforeseen problems.

Best Short Distance Moving Company 

Choosing the right moving company is key, whether you're moving nearby or far away. American National Movers understands that every move, regardless of distance, requires attention to detail. 


We're willing to negotiate your short-haul moving costs to a fair deal as long as the costs don't compromise quality. 


At American National Movers, we promise to deliver reliable, cost-effective, and professional moving services.


Whether you're considering a 'Three Guys and A Truck' service for a smaller move or have something else in mind. Trust us to make your moving experience successful. 


Your peace of mind is our top priority, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Call today for a free quote and see why we are one of the best short distance moving companies in the United States.

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