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Affordable Illinois Long-Distance Mover

The state of Illinois needs professional movers at reasonable prices. People lean on long distance moving companies in Chicago to move their furniture between states and they want it done cheaply.

Moving From Illinois To Any State 

American National Movers has the best long distance movers in Illinois at a price you can afford.  Whether you're moving from Illinois to Florida or Texas and California, We have you covered.

What Do Movers Consider Long Distance

Moving companies consider a 400-mile haul a long distance move. Relocating furniture to a new state is called an interstate move. All Chicago movers must have a DOT number for out of state moves.

Understanding Long distance Moving Costs

Long distance moving companies in Illinois charge by the weight or cubic feet of your furniture. The more stuff you have and the further the distance the higher your costs will be.

Expect to pay an average of $5,000 if you have a reasonable amount of items and $2,000 for small moves in Chicago.

Interstate Movers

As mentioned before an interstate move involves crossing state lines. However, some people use the term "Chicago long distance movers," when looking for a company for a state move.

Movers with limited resources still try to earn your business but won't long-haul your furniture properly. Try working with companies that focus on interstate moves, like a national moving company.

Here are some of the better long distance moving options in Illinois:

  1. Allied: longest time in business, but movers can be costly.

  2. All My Sons: Moderate pricing, fair reputation.

  3. American National Movers: Affordable rates, smaller company.

Interstate moving Companies in Chicago

How Much It Cost To Move Far Away

Not everyone relocating to a new state has a lot of stuff, many need help moving a few things. For small moves, American National Movers is a good option, we typically charge $2,000 for this.

Cheap Movers in Illinois

Moving companies like New City Movers and American National Movers, offer cheap moving options in Illinois. But, the cost of your movers matters more than you think, cheap isn't always a good thing.

Shared Load Moving Companies

Instead of a truck rental for a lower moving cost, why don't you consider a shared load moving company? Share a truck with another customer and save thousands on your long distance move.  

Chicago long distance movers

Movers From Chicago to Florida Cost

American National Movers has an average cost of $3,500 for a move from Chicago to the Sunshine State, Florida. Other companies average higher at around $5,000, sometimes more. 

Costs to Move From Chicago to DC 

Moving from Chicago to DC is a shorter distance so we typically charge $2,000 for this service, unless you have a lot of stuff. Other movers charge around $4,000 or more. 

packed furniture by a moving company

What To Know Before Hiring Movers

Before hiring a moving company here is what you should know to have a better moving experience:

Your Moving Estimate 

The price for moving can change from the estimate given during the first meeting. It might go up unless otherwise instructed on your order for moving service. 

Binding Estimate 

Binding estimates are a legal term for "flat rate movers," this means your moving costs cannot increase on move day

Non Binding Estimate 

With a non-binding estimate, expect your final costs to increase on move day. Non-binding estimates don't force the mover to stick to the estimated cost, but the costs should be fairly accurate. 

DOT Number

Professional and legitimate moving companies have a DOT number. According to UScompliance and the FMCSA: "All carrier vehicles that operate between state lines must have a DOT number. 

Delivery Window 

Chicago movers must provide a delivery window for your state to state move. This window is not always a guarantee but the company must deliver your goods within a reasonable time frame. 

Expedited Moves 

For faster delivery, you can opt to pay for expedited moving services in Illinois. To avoid disputes, get your expedited delivery date in writing on your order for service and bill of lading.

Bill Of Lading 

A bill of lading is a legal contract between you and the carrier, and it is important to get a copy. The bill of lading details the carrier's responsibilities to the parties involved.

Hostage Moves

Beware of long distance moving scams in Chicago. Some out of state movers provide you with a cheap estimate at first then hold your belongings ransom for more money.

Choose American National Movers in Illinois 

The cheapest moving option is not always the best and neither is the most expensive. That's why American National Movers in Chicago stands out: our company offers the perfect balance in the moving industry.

What makes us stand out? 

  • Reasonable Movers: Our moving costs in Chicago are within reason: not too expensive or cheap. We do this to ensure we don't break your bank or furniture.  

  • Legitimate Movers: Every interstate move is done right, with all the legal boxes checked.

  • Small Loads: Only moving a few items but still want to hire professionals? American National Movers has a little moves department so you don't have to spend a lot of money. 

  • Shared Load Movers: Share a truck with another customer's stuff and save up to 35% of your long distance movers in Chicago IL. 

  • Binding Estimate: No hidden fees on the day of your move. Our Illinois long distance movers give you a flat rate so that your moving process is stress free.

Free Quote

In short, American National Movers is all about making your long-distance move from Illinois smooth and affordable. Choose us, and let's get moving, get your free quote today at 1-800-245-7967.

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