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Affordable austin texas movers packed truckload of furniture

Affordable Austin Movers | Cheap Movers in Austin

Are you looking for cheap movers in Austin, Texas? Finding a mover that balances affordable moving with professionalism can be challenging. However, we dedicated ourselves to offering reliable moving services at prices that don't break the bank. We are a top choice for local and Austin long distance moves because we are efficient and affordable.

Better Cheaper Austin Movers

It's common to assume that lower prices lead to lower-quality services. However, at American National Movers, we challenge this notion. We've worked hard to ensure our affordable rates do not mean a bad relocation experience. Our transparent pricing strategy is designed to provide peace of mind so that you don't have to worry about hidden fees. 


Life would be easy if you could find a cheaper company and trust that you can get the same value as you would from movers who cost more. Sadly, not everyone selling you something will disclose that "cheaper" can sometimes come with less. Also, a lower moving estimate means nothing if it's not a guaranteed price. 


People search online, on Reddit and Google, for cheap movers they can rely on. After many years,  We can confidently say that our movers are better, cheaper, and stronger. 


It would not have been fair to call ourselves the best, cheapest moving option a few years ago, but now we can prove it. 

Moving Estimate: What To Know

Ever heard of bait and switch movers? Some cheap movers trick many Americans, unaware they can double if the rate is not guaranteed. 


Short distance movers and out of state moving companies calculate your costs by cubic feet or weight. Should your moving company offer a lower price, check to see if your estimate is accurate. Better yet, ask your movers for a binding not-to-exceed estimate so you don't have to worry about hidden fees. 

Flat Rate Long Distance Movers Texas 

Many moving scams stem from businesses that do not offer flat-rate pricing on their moves. How can you protect yourself from hidden fees without a guaranteed price on a contract? You can expect additional costs if you come across movers with a cheaper cost without a flat rate mentioned in writing. 


American National Movers does not want to take part in bait-and-switch tactics. Once we earn your business, we provide a professional moving experience without mishaps. We offer transparent, flat-rate pricing to avoid the hassle. We are here for the long run, and we understand that your satisfaction is the only way we will succeed as a mover. 

American National Movers Reviews

We have built a solid reputation online with a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot and a 4.8-star rating on Google. We are not the largest moving company in the U.S. and don't plan to be.


The problem with many short-haul and long distance movers in Texas is that they do too much work. A high sales volume can indeed lead to a lower satisfaction rating. 


We want to offer you a tailored moving experience but can't do that by booking 100 monthly loads. We would rather book 40 to 50 moving jobs and carefully analyze each load from start to finish. 


To avoid negative reviews, we chose to be a smaller moving company and maintain communication with all customers. You can't do that by being the biggest moving company in the world, so we decided to keep things simple.

Our Quality Moving Guarantee 

No company is perfect in the moving industry, but we guarantee a positive moving experience from professional movers. Yes, we offer affordable moving in Austin but still provide the right resources to make your move successful.


Our cheaper costs do not indicate a lack of quality as you can expect a full-service move. Our services include loading, unloading, packers, movers, moving supplies, and moving blankets.


Local and long distance moving companies often are not clear about costs, but we aim to be transparent and upfront. Several customers have registered complaints against movers who have found a way to finesse them out of extra cash. In a situation like this, how do you know who to trust? or should you accept that movers are shady? 


To put your mind at ease, we provide customers with flat rates for local and Austin long distance movers. We promise to provide you with a guaranteed price. Your costs can only increase if you forget to add an Item. If you are dissatisfied with our service level, call us, and we'll offer you a refund. 

What's The Best Cheapest Moving Option?

Cheap movers in austin texas

Moving to a new home, whether it be within the same state or in another state far away, is exciting. But What is the best and cheapest way to move? Many people ask this question before deciding which option to choose.


Many moving companies noticed the need for affordable moving services and tried capitalizing on it. Unfortunately, not every moving company has it in them to be cheaper and reliable. That's why, after finding Austin movers you can afford, more often than not, they have a ton of negative reviews.


A testament to why we're confident that we have the best cheap local and long distance movers in the United States. No mover is exempt from getting negative reviews, whether cheap or expensive, but our complaints are minimal.

Why Some Cheap Austin Movers Get Bad Reviews

Some moving companies don't get much business and are willing to be cheaper to get a sale. However, not every mover in Texas has the best intentions when presenting you with a lower cost. 


Local and long distance movers receive numerous complaints about deceptive business practices yearly. This is because, many times, your initial cost can increase on move-day. 


Sure, a mover can offer you a better price on your relocation, but are there any hidden fees?


Some movers offer you a cheap estimate but raise the price at the last minute and blame it on the volume of your furniture. Often, the volume of your furniture is accurate; they just want to charge you more. 

For the record, you can check a database from the Department of Transportation to see if the mover has any complaints on their DOT.

Best Cheap Movers Austin 

In the moving industry, there are cheap movers, and there are the best cheap movers. The best affordable moving option will provide a balance — reasonably priced, professional movers.

Finding the cheapest moving option is not about which moving company offers the lowest quote. The focus is on which company can offer a fair price without disappointing the consumer.

You might find a cheap mover in Austin, but choosing a reliable option for peace of mind is better. This is why American National Movers is one of the best cheapest long distance moving options in the U.S.


 Our customers say we are reliable, and our costs say that we're fair. We're the top movers for those seeking affordable, high-quality moving services. 


Several moving companies say they are cheap but get bad reviews for charging customers an extra $2,000 on a moving day. We don't partake in this practice and will honor our rates to prove that hiring cheap Austin moves is not always bad.

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