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The Problem With Many Long Distance Movers

Moving sucks, this is why the long distance moving industry is in high demand, but there is one problem. Reputable movers are expensive, and cheaper movers have bad reviews.


Some movers are expensive because they earned a reputation after years of hard work and charge more for their moving services.

Cheaper long distance moving companies lack resources, or they bait and switch your moving costs on your move date.


With the high long distance moving costs, people are asking friends and family for help and paying for PODS or U-Haul.


Some people who hired long distance movers say the movers tried to charge them too much for their moving services. As a business owner, I can confirm that people are overpaying for out of state moves, and they don't have to.


If you do research, you can find reputable long distance movers that are equally as affordable as a moving truck rental.


American National Movers pledges to be affordable while giving you a high quality moving experience. With us, you can now say that you saved money on your long distance move by hiring a moving company.


This article will discuss and solve the problem with long-distance moving companies.

Moving Costs are Estimates.

Not all moving quotes are guaranteed. - This can be a big problem for someone moving on a budget.


When you contact a moving company for a quote, ask if your moving costs are binding or estimated.

If your movers estimate your move, there is a big chance you will incur additional costs on moving day.


Ask your long distance movers to give you a flat rate on your move to avoid additional fees.


You can save money on your move with our flat rate long distance movers.

Major Van Lines Are Expensive.

Major van lines are easy to find because they have the most money for marketing, but they are the most expensive.


Another reason long distance moving is expensive is movers like Allied Van Lines are overcharging you for labor and moving supplies. But you can find movers with the best prices on long distance moving if you do enough research.


At American National Movers, you don't have to rent a truck and do a DIY move. Our moving services are equally as affordable. With us, you can expect to pay 35% less than what expensive movers charge. Hire us and experience a move of high quality without overpaying for it.


Long Distance Movers Dont Like Small loads

Some long distance movers don't want to long haul anything for less than $4,500.00, even if your move is small. If this isn't in your budget, you will have a problem hiring a legitimate moving company for small moves.

A mover's reputation is as important as their long-distance moving prices, so focus on value rather than the total cost.

American National Movers costs between 2,000.00 to $4,000.00 for long distance moves with small loads.


If you have a small move and want professional help from movers, contact American National Movers. Our small moves are affordable.

Negative Customer Service Reviews

When moving to a new state, things can happen, even if you hire movers or perform a DIY move.


Given the nature of the moving industry long distance moving companies receive many complaints online.


Moving companies have a knack for getting negative reviews. But, people are more likely to express a negative experience rather than a good one. 


Just because a moving company has negative reviews online doesn't mean they are not legitimate (things happen.)


Movers can prevent bad online reviews by changing their quoting process, improving delivery speed, and handling damaged claims properly.


The main complaints about the moving industry are overcharges, broken items, and delayed delivery.


Moving to another state comes with risks, but there's things long distance movers can do to have a better reputation online.

Movers team seal boxes pack client belongings take care of relocation. Deliverymen or carr

What Long Distance Moving Companies Need To Change

When you get an affordable quote from a moving company, check their reviews, and find complaints, it can be discouraging.


Moving companies are getting complaints mainly because they are not upfront about costs and delivery times.


Imagine budgeting for a move, and the moving company you hired changed your price on move day. Long distance movers can provide people with a better experience if they give fixed rates instead of moving estimates.


If the moving industry changes how they calculate costs, movers will have a better reputation and more success.


Here are three things a long distance moving company should change to improve the consumers moving experience:


1. Give Full Coverage

Given the nature of moving between states, its evident that damages can happen when moving between states. Moving companies should inform customers of the risks and provide them with insurance options.

Having a conversation about potential damage to a customer is hard. However, people will appreciate your honesty and communication and feel more confident hiring you when you are transparent.


2. Expedite Your Delivery

Moving companies hire salespeople to sugarcoat things and hide the truth. 


Some long distance movers will charge you upwards of $8,000.00 and still have you wait a long time for delivery.


Hiring a moving company should be a convenience, not a disadvantage. Movers must have faster delivery times or be honest about the delivery window to avoid disappointment.

3. Give Binding Estimates

Get a flat rate on your move so you don't have to worry about additional costs on move day.

If the main problem with movers is price changes, get a binding moving estimate. Flat-rate long distance movers will solve the main problem with hiring movers.

Mover Packing

Why Choose American National Movers

American National Movers is a reliable moving option regardless of the time of year. We guarantee our long distance moving price, so you don't have to worry about common moving scams

American National Movers has reasonable prices, whether you're moving interstate or cross-country moving. With American National Movers, you can work with professional movers without overpaying.

Give us a call and work with one of the best nationwide long distance moving companies in America.

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