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Affordable Moving to A New State Movers 

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Are you relocating to a new state? Hiring a moving company for an out of state move is a tough pill to swallow. Why? Because it's more expensive than many people could imagine. 

Fortunately, there are ways to keep long distance moving costs budget-friendly. Most people don't know the steps they can take to achieve an affordable and reliable moving experience. 

This guide will help you find professional state to state movers who won't break your bank or furniture. We will also discuss some things to know to avoid interstate moving scams and how to ensure your moving company is reliable for out of state moves. 

Average Cost For Moving From State to State Movers 

How much are movers for another state? When requesting a moving estimate, you will get a wide spread of quotes, ranging from $3,000 to $15,000


Why is there such a major difference in moving costs? This can leave anyone confused as to which moving option is best. 


Here is what to know: 


  1. Company Size: Some large moving companies that move furniture out of state are the most expensive. Why? Higher overhead and the want for more profit. 

  2. Shady Movers: Looking for the cheapest state to state movers? Be careful; some of the worst moving companies claim to be the cheapest and end up breaking all of your furniture. 

  3. Reasonable Rate: What's a reasonable rate to pay for an out of state move? It depends on the size and distance of your load. However, a fair rate is $3,500 for small moves and $6,000 for larger state moves. 

  4. Expensive Rates: Big moving companies to another state, like Mayflower, charge an average of $7,000, even for a small move. Ouch! 

  5. Small Movers: Some say to avoid small brands that move furniture out of state because they are likely scams. However, this is not always true. Pending reviews, small movers for state to state moves have the most affordable prices and are a good choice.

An Elevated View Of Male Professional State To State Movers Unloading The Furniture From Truck On Cobblestone Pavement.

Are Your Furniture Movers To Another State Too Cheap? 

Let's discuss some bait-and-switch moving tactics movers use for out of state moves: 


Bait-and-Switch Moving Scams: Movers quote you an unrealistically low price to get your business, then demand more money after your belongings are loaded.


So, did you get a good deal, or is it too good to be true? Red Flags To Watch Out For:


Volume: Movers for moving to a new state calculate your relocation costs by weight or cubic feet. If you have a cheaper price, ensure your volume is accurate. 


Small Moves: Due to operational expenses, the lowest a moving company can do for a small out of state move is $3,000. Found movers for cheaper? Check out their reviews; I bet you they are terrible! 


Large Moves: Moving a full truck between states or across the country? Expect to pay a minimum of $5,000 if you're lucky. Anything lower than that can be a red flag.  

Things To Know About Hiring Movers To Another State

Let's be honest—even the best out-of-state moving companies can't guarantee a stress-free experience. Here's what to be prepared for:


Estimate: If your state to state move is non-binding, your relocation costs can increase. Several consumers have reported higher costs after movers assess the final volume of their haul. To avoid this, ask for a binding estimate so you don't have to worry about "hidden fees." 


Damage: Whether you hire movers to move your furniture to another state or rent a truck and do the move yourself, there will always be a risk of damage. You can reduce the risk of damage by investing in state to state packing and moving services and opting for full coverage. 


Delivery: Why do state to state movers take so long? If you're moving far away, moving companies can take around 14 days to deliver. You can avoid this by requesting an expedited or guaranteed delivery date


High Costs: Hiring movers from one state to another is more than just hiring three men and a truck. When dealing with an actual moving company, you invest in a brand, not just labor. So, expect higher costs. 

Professional Movers From State to State  

We would love you to hire our movers to relocate your furniture to another state. However, for transparency, here are other reliable state to state moving options ranging from affordable to expensive: 


Two Men And A Truck: Two Men & A Truck used to be the cheapest state to state moving company. However, consumers have reported being quoted upwards of 15,000 for their out of state move. They're still worth calling, so they might offer you a better deal. After all, they are known for being reliable. 


Allied: Allied is an affordable national moving company with high ratings. Consumers have reported paying as little as $5,000 for a state to state move. 


American National Movers: We offer nationwide long distance moving companies and Allied competitors. Our affordable average state to state moving costs are $3,800.


PODS: Are you in the mood to do some packing and loading yourself for a cheaper deal? PODS is one of the cheapest state to state movers you pack they drive. 

Professional Movers From State to State  

Whether moving from California, New Jersey, Florida, or any state in between, hire our affordable long distance movers today. 

At American National Movers, we pride ourselves on offering reasonable rates and handling your items with care and expertise. 

We hope this guide helps you avoid shady moving companies and hire the best state to state movers for your needs and budget. 

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