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Nationwide State to State Movers

Move between states with the best state-to-state moving company to ever do it, and that's not all. American National Movers has state-to-state movers who are nationwide.​If you don't live in a metropolitan area finding a reliable moving company is harder. The moving industry tends to focus on states with a higher population. This is why national movers exist. If you need a trustworthy moving company near you with reasonable prices, contact American National Movers.

Are Movers Worth it?

Moving between states is time-consuming and tiring but hiring state-to-state movers proves to be a cost-effective option. Years ago, I moved to a 1-bed room apartment 5 miles away without hiring a moving company and I regretted it. In the end, I wound up spending a lot more than I wanted to save (Broken Flat Screen TV.) State to state moving companies are worth the investment and can speed up the moving process. Do yourself a favor and get professional help. Especially if you live in a large home or you're a senior citizen.

Affordable State to State Moving Company

Moving between states is time-consuming and tiring but hiring state-to-state movers proves to be a cost-effective option. Years ago, I moved to a 1-bed room apartment 5 miles away without hiring a moving company and I regretted it. In the end, I wound up spending a lot more than I wanted to save (Broken Flat Screen TV.) State to state moving companies are worth the investment and can speed up the moving process. Do yourself a favor and get professional help. Especially if you live in a large home or you're a senior citizen.

Best State-to-State Moving Companies

 Allied,  United, and American National Movers are one of the better state-to-state moving companies. Each mover has unique benefits and provides an excellent customer service experience. But, American National Movers holds the crown for being the most affordable state to state moving company.  

Cheapest Out-of-State Moving Company 

Hiring the cheapest moving company is not always a good idea. The worst moving companies tricked people with low prices, but then charged them more for their services on moving day.


Often times when you're agreeing to a moving estimate, the price can change. Focusing on quality rather than cost increases your chances of having a positive moving experience.

Moving between states is a difficult task so never mind what's cheap. Focusing on cheap movers instead of good ones can lead to problems in the long run. You can find an affordable moving option, but be cautious to avoid scams.


They're so many state-to-state movers, it can be hard to choose, but checking reviews will make it easier. Remember hire movers who have a proven track record of being reliable. 

Professional Movers:

Aside from being affordable, are your state-to-state movers professional? Make sure you focus on other aspects of your movers, aside from price. Anyone can claim to be a state to state moving company but are they reputable?

National State to State Movers 

Have you ever heard of a moving company that had nationwide state-to-state movers? This means you get to work with one of the best state-to-state moving companies around and we're not expensive. 

Movers With Storage

Do you need packers, movers, and storage? Moving companies that travel between states have some of the most affordable storage options. Another added incentive of hiring a moving company. Moving companies give discounts on moves that involve storage to sweeten up the deal and earn your business. For example, American National Movers can place your belongings in our storage facility for 30 days free of charge. Call us when you're ready for delivery. We'll put your furniture on our truck and meet you at the destination.

Cheapest Way to Move Out of State 


The search for affordable moving services is in high demand in 2023. A common query on Google is, "What's the cheapest way to move out of state?" 

While affordable moving options exist, remember that 'cheap' shouldn't be your only consideration.


Balance is key when hiring movers, (not too cheap or expensive.)The cheapest way to move out of state should not be your only concern.


Many people have complained about low-cost long-distance movers undergoing deceptive business practices, so you get what you pay for.


Experts suggest using a trusted national moving company, such as American National Movers, for affordable and reliable state-to-state moves.


If you're moving on a tight budget, consider downsizing your furniture. less furniture means a cheaper cost on your out of state move.


Remember, moving out of state isn't always about hiring the cheapest moving company, Doing so can do more harm than good. Moving to a new state could be one of the most fulfilling decisions you make so invest wisely.

National Movers: Move Cheaply | State-to-State Movers


Moving out of state is stressful and overwhelming especially if you're moving on a tight budget. A lot of movers are not upfront about their costs, they're are many different types of moving companies so be cautious. Cheaper doesn't always mean better. The cheapest moving company may be the worst one to work with.



 National Movers, like American National Movers, have cheaper moving options without sacrificing quality. If you want to work with a cheaper mover, work with a national moving company. Our trucks are always on the road so we can afford to give you a lower price.


State to state moving companies with trucks in every state allows them to provide you with a cheaper price. Additionally, national movers have more experience in long distance and cross country moves. 

Shared Load Moving: State-to-State Moves


Moving between states can be expensive. However, there is a solution to reduce your moving expenses. State-to-state movers offer shared load moving services, also known as "piggyback route."

This option allows you to share a truck with another person. The purpose is to reduce the expenses of your move. Sharing a truck with another customer is one of the best and cheapest ways to move between states.

Why Are Professional Movers So Expensive?

Hiring movers can be costly, especially for long-distance moves with a large amount of furniture. This is because there are various expenses involved, such as packing services, fuel, labor, and tolls.

Moving furniture between states is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. If your move is far, you'll likely spend at least $5,000.00 on your movers.

Some moving companies like Allied are more expensive, while others like American National Movers are more budget-friendly. Every out-of-state moving company is different and some care more about earning your business than others.


Let's break down the expenses of state-to-state movers:


  • Fuel: The costs of fuel play a big factor in the cost of your state to state movers. long distance moves often involve hundreds, if not thousands, of miles, leading to substantial fuel consumption.


  • Labor: State-to-state movers calculate your costs based on manpower and labor. If your move requires much labor then you'll need more men, so your state movers will be more expensive. Consider downsizing your furniture to get a cheaper quote from a long-distance moving company.


  • Materials: Packing materials add to the overall expense of your movers. if you're moving on a budget, consider packing your own things.

  • State-to-State Moving Company: The movers you hire play a part in the cost of your move. Some moving companies are much more expensive than others so take your time when shopping.

  • Last minute Moves: Book your move early, if you contact movers at the last minute, you'll end up paying more money.


How Much Does it Cost to Move Out of the States?

​ Typically, hiring professional state-to-state movers might cost you anywhere from $3,000.00 to $7,000.00. If you choose to rent a truck and do the move yourself it can cost between $2,400.00 and $5,000.00


At first, renting a truck might appear to be more affordable than hiring a moving company. But, once you add other costs like fuel, tolls and travel time, it winds up being just as expensive.


The real benefit of hiring a moving company becomes evident when you consider the convenience and reduced stress. Sure, hiring national movers may seem more costly at the outset, but consider the extensive range of services they provide.


Movers help with packing, loading, and unloading your things when moving between states. They offer more than just transportation. In addition, the Department of Transportation registers state to state movers and mandates that they provide insurance.


While it might seem that hiring a state-to-state moving company is more expensive, in reality, it's a worthy investment. The cost is comparable to renting a U-Haul, yet the services you get are far more comprehensive. Therefore, when planning your next big move, consider hiring reliable and affordable long-distance movers - it's worth it.


State-to-State Movers For Seniors


American National Movers offer a cost-effective solution for seniors. They collaborate with state-to-state movers who offer discounted services for moving out of state.

American National Movers is the best choice for seniors in the US. You can save 35% on moving costs for senior moves. If you're 50 years old or older you should work with our senior friendly movers.



What is the Best Way to Move Out of State?


The best way to move out of state is by hiring a moving company but not everyone can afford it. Fortunately, we provide affordable moving services that fit almost any budget.

If you don't want to hire a moving company, you can choose to work with PODS. However, their average cost for state to state moves is $3,000.00. 

When moving to a new state, you must be ready to spend money whether you rent moving trucks or hire movers. No shortcuts are allowed.


How to Save Money When Moving Out of State?


People want to know: "How can I cut down on moving costs?" One way to reduce your moving costs is to only bring what's necessary.


- Bulky inexpensive, worn-out items are not worth moving long distance. To make moving affordable, pack your boxes and fragile items. Movers will only need to pack and move your furniture.

Some people don't have the time to negotiate or contact multiple long-distance moving companies. But there are other ways to save money:


Is Moving Out of State Expensive?


The average cost to move from State to State is $2,500.00 to $6,500.00. (sometimes more for full service moves.)

Some out-of-state moving companies charge more than others; ultimately, it depends on the brand you hire. For example, Allied Van Lines a well-established brand.

Most people don't want to hire a moving company that charges $10,000.00 to ship furniture. To solve this problem, you can use a good moving company like American National Movers.

Is $10,000.00 Enough to Move Out of State?


If you have $10,000.00 to cover moving expenses, you don't have to worry about relocating on a budget. They're affordable state-to-state movers that can move you out of state for less than $10,000.00.

Experts recommend setting aside between $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 for out-of-state moving expenses. Some movers, like American National Movers, accept credit cards for payment for flexibility and a more affordable moving solution.

The demand for affordable moves is noticed and we understand why. Still, it's important not to sacrifice quality during your efforts to find the cheapest way to move out of state.  Instead, work with movers like American National Movers, our costs are reasonable.

Are State-to-State Movers Worth it?


Some consumers ask: "Is it worth it to hire a long-distance mover?" This depends on your current situation, such as age, budget, and furniture. Moving to another state is a life-changing experience. Experts encourage you to hire a long-distance moving company to ensure your furniture's safety.

Hiring state-to-state movers is very worth it because it's a lot of work and time. American National Movers is a top nationwide moving company with great networks and resources to ensure your move is worthwhile.

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