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Empire Movers & Storage Review

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Empire Movers has steadily built a solid online presence in the moving industry; in reviewing Empire Movers & Storage reviews, I have found that overall customer satisfaction is usually an A rating; the reason I would not give Empire Movers an A+ is due to the common hurdles that come with operating a moving company such as; Estimates, travel delays, and damages. When running a dynamic moving company, at times, you can only please the majority of your customers due to certain things beyond your control, such as; weather conditions, traffic delays, an estimate going up, and so on. Due to my prior statement, moving companies have a bad reputation for being "shady" and, or "scammers," this is because moving is very stressful as is. The last thing a customer wants is their price going up, a damaged item, or a delay in shipment. The consumer wants a seamless experience, so if that experience is not achieved, the consumer is more likely to complain; in fact, a consumer is more likely to write a negative review of a B Rating moving experience rather than they are to write a positive review of an A+ moving experience.

My Empire Movers Review/Moving Experience.

Idecided to test out this theory and hired Empire Movers & Storage for a local storage move; their customer service and the sales team were professional and pleasant; I was happy to deal with Christopher Knight. He was very upfront, honest, and knowledgeable. Their foreman and helpers were hard-working and polite, they arrived on time and did not increase the price, however, this was a local move, local moves are a lot more easy-going than a long distance move, if you are reading this article to find out the legitimacy of Empire Movers then I am here to tell you that they are legit, based on previous reviews I have found online I would advise you to be extremely detailed when going over expectations and inventory, in doing so you will have a pleasant experience. If you had a not-so-pleasant experience with Empire Movers and would like to share your experience with us, feel free to contact us.

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Feb 22, 2023
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

I've used them before too!

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