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How Are Long Distance Moving Costs Calculated in California

Quick Answer: Long-distance movers calculate your costs by weight/volume and the distance of the state that you're moving to. 

long distance moving company in California calculating cost with customer

Weight Cost

Long distance moving companies in California that charge by weight first weigh the truck empty. Once your household goods are loaded on the truck, the movers weigh the truck and give you your final cost. 

When getting a weight estimate, remember that your costs are subject to change pending final results at the weight station. 

Cubic feet Cost

Long distance moving companies in California that calculate your costs by cubic feet are being estimated by the cubic feet inches of your furniture. Ask your movers for an in-home estimate for an accurate cubic feet estimate. 

You can choose to get an over-the-phone estimate, but remember that your moving costs may not be accurate without your movers viewing your items. 

Mileage Cost

Instead of cubic feet or weight, some long distance moving companies in California go by mileage. Mileage moving costs are based on how many trucks you need and the distance of your relocation. 

Flat Rate Long Distance Move

Instead of an estimate, a long distance moving company in California may give you a flat rate. For flat-rate moves, your costs are calculated by volume and mileage. A flat rate on your long distance move is a good choice to avoid unexpected costs or hidden fees.

Things to Consider Before Hiring Movers 

pros and cons: wat to consider before hiring long distance moving company in California

Aside from finding the cheapest price or figuring out the way long distance moving costs are calculated, consider this: 


Are the long distance movers in California you're going to hire reliable? Or are you choosing them solely based on price? 

In the moving industry, you will find many cheap and expensive quotes. However, finding a company with experience is key to a good moving experience. 


Don't make your decision based on your conversation with your long distance moving company in California. Instead, check for reviews and references and ensure they are licensed and insured. 

Many companies claim to be the best and most reliable, but it's better to check for yourself to see if their claims are true. 

Delivery Window

When choosing the best long distance movers for your needs in budget in California, ask about the wait time for delivery. Some companies have a 10 to 21-day waiting period for your items, which is a long time for some people. 

Shared Load  

Cheap long distance moving companies in California usually share your truckload with someone else's inventory. During a shared load move, your haul will be loaded and unloaded multiple times, increasing the chances of delays, breakage, and lost items. 

Non Binding Estimate 

If your long distance movers in California are giving you a non-binding-estimate, your costs can change anytime. Non-binding estimates have a high risk of hidden fees or unexpected charges. Consider a flat rate on your interstate move instead. 

You Get What You Pay For 

 Have you ever noticed that many cheap California long distance movers have horrible reviews and reputable companies are expensive? You get what you pay for. 

While trying to negotiate with a moving company is okay, wanting to save money is understandable. Professional movers will not bend over backward regarding the cost of servicing your haul. Remember that for a good moving experience, you have to be willing to invest a reasonable amount of money. 

Trust American National Movers For Your Long Distance Move 

Long distance moving companies in California are expensive we get it. While it is true that you get what you pay for, our moving company has reasonable prices, and we do the job well. 

You can trust that we will handle your household goods carefully. Our national movers and packers are background-checked, friendly, and kind. 

Move with American National Movers and get peace of mind in knowing that your valuable items are in good hands. 

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