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OZ Moving Rip-off Review

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

In terms of legitimacy, OZ Moving has insurance and is authorized for hire; other than that, OZ Moving is a moving company that charges premium rates for a shady service; several consumers complain of damages, extortion, hidden fees, and unprofessionalism. OZ Moving's crew is trained to take advantage and exploit the elderly and females for additional charges; as of 2023, OZ Moving is experiencing a decline due to several reviews being posted on yelp with negative experiences; many customers complain that OZ Moving has damaged several items, resulting in thousands of dollars in loses OZ Moving would "rectify" the situation by paying the complainant 60 Cents Per Pound. For example, if a $5,000.00 TV that weighs 60 Pounds has been damaged while in transit OZ Moving, will credit you $36.00 for your claim. OZ Moving misleads the consumer into believing their belongings are fully insured; however, your household goods are only insured by 60 Cents Per Pound. OZ Moving has been in business for a while, they opened shop at the right time when the competition was not as high, so it was easy for OZ to generate fake reviews and inflate their online presence, however, the majority of OZ Moving 5-star Reviews are fake and/or paid for. There are several Moving companies that can offer you a much better rate for a much better service shopping with OZ is like buying an expensive white shirt, you don't need it!

You can find online reviews stating, "They are liars, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!! Six and a 1/2 years ago, OZ moved us out of our apartment in NYC & we put everything into storage. OZ billed us monthly for 6 1/2 years for 346.00 (that's 25k); We paid the invoice for 72 months. The invoices were generated by OZ MOVING. Last week we arranged to have everything moved to our house. Only a fraction showed up. I freaked out and called the office. After an hour, a customer service person called back and said they had misplaced the rest of our storage, but they had found it. She said, "merry Christmas" we have not been charging you for all of your stuff, but don't worry, it is our mistake. June Modeste, the storage manager, sent an apologetic email saying we were not liable and that they would ship out ASAP. Set a date for the following week. The next day Nancy (the same woman that responds to all complaints) called and said we had to pay them 50k in back storage for our stuff. 50k!!!!! She said that I had signed an agreement during the move that the storage was $600 and that it was not their fault they underbilled us. I Hired an attorney, and their attorney responded that we were lucky it was only 50k; that storage unit has the last 30 years of our life in it, our family pictures, my grandmother's furniture, and everything from my dead father's in-law's apartment—all of our children's artwork from when they were little. OZ robbed us of our memories. THESE ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE AT THIS COMPANY!!! We were repeat customers over the last 15 years; between moves and storage, we have paid them close to 45K. Now they want 50K for their "billing error" AVOID THIS COMPANY."

"Update: OZ's attorney contacted us and said that because of this review, they would charge interest and late fees and proceed with the auction. I stand by what I wrote. You shouldn't be bullied for standing up for yourself."

"UPDATE TO COMMENT BY NANCY!! They billed me every month for $346.00. The 210 was updated after adding the items to the storage unit. THEY BILLED ME FOR 6 1/2 YEARS, $346.00. When I arranged to have the items moved, they realized that they had misplaced my items and subsequently located them. Two people at OZ told me it was their error. Nancy called me after they had arranged to ship the following week to say I owed them the additional 50K." - Mary W

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10 feb 2023
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You really saved me from

going with this company they charge alot of money and I was going to Go with Oz because of their brand but after doing research they rip off alot of people

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American National Movers
American National Movers
25 feb 2023
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