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What is A Long Distance Move | Affordable Movers

Long distance and interstate moves are similar, and both involve moving far away, but there are a few key differences. Long hauls are usually more expensive, while local and short-distance shipments are relatively more affordable.

Please Note:

No matter the type of your move, planning ahead and choosing a reputable moving company is important. This will help make your moving experience as smooth as possible on a moving day.

What Is Considered A Long Distance Move?

A long distance move is a move that is over 400 miles, regardless of whether or not it crosses state lines.

What is an interstate Move? 

An interstate move is any move that crosses state lines. Interstate moves can be considered a long or short haul, but they always involve moving from one state to another. 

What Is A Short Distance Move?

A short distance move is when you move less than 400 miles. This can be to a new city or even a new state, as long as it's below 400 miles.

What Is A Local Move?

A local move is when you move within the same city or town. It's a short trip, often less than 50 miles, and doesn't cross state lines.

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For Example

Interstate moves are moves that cross state lines, regardless of the distance. Long distance moves are over 400 miles, regardless of whether they cross state lines.

Professional moving companies may call a haul traveling upwards of 1,000 miles a long distance move, and others might call it interstate.


Pro Tip:

Make sure your moving company is licensed and insured before hiring them. You can verify a long distance movers license and insurance through the Department of Transportations website here

Why distance matters in moving companies

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In regards to relocation costs, the distance of your move matters. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Pricing: Longer distances typically mean higher costs, but weight, additional services, and travel fees also factor in.

  • Packing Strategy: Longer moves demand extra packing. Think about using robust packing materials or even crates for fragile items.

  • Time Management: Comprehensive moves require detailed planning. For instance, crossing the country could span a week.

  • Moving Insurance: Lengthy distances raise the risk of damages, so insurance is advisable.

Tips for a seamless move

Here are a few tips for a seamless long distance or interstate move:

  • Make an inventory list: This will help you stay organized and track your belongings. It's also useful for insurance purposes.

  • Start packing early: This will reduce last-minute stress. Pack non-essential items first and leave essential items for last.

  • Communicate with your moving company: Ensure you're on the same page about move dates, items, and locations.

  • Choose the right moving service: Different moves require different services. Consider your budget and needs when choosing a moving company.


Choosing the right moving service

There are three main types of moving services:

  1. Full Service: This option is all-inclusive, covering packing to unpacking.

  2. Self-Service: Here, you pack, and the company handles the heavy lifting.

  3. DIY Truck Rental: This is the hands-on approach where you manage every aspect.


Consider your budget and needs when choosing a moving service. If you're on a tight budget, consider renting a moving truck and packing and unpacking yourself. If you have a lot of belongings with limited time and energy. Choose a full-service moving company.

Why Choose American National Movers

Consumers have reported that American National Movers has one of the cheapest moving quotes for interstate and long distance moves. No matter the distance, size, or budget, American National Movers is one of the best moving companies in the U.S.

Although our moving services are affordable, we guarantee a seamless moving process, with faster delivery times and cheaper rates. Give us a call for a free quote today.

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