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Why Long Distance Movers Get Bad Reviews (And How to Avoid Them)

News headlines and online reviews are full of moving horror stories—hidden fees and damaged furniture. It's enough to make anyone assume all long distance movers are bad. But is this bad reputation deserved? 

Many people advise hiring a national moving company (a larger brand) to avoid working with disreputable movers. But even the best national long distance movers can get a bad review on a bad day. 

Although long distance moving companies are considered professional movers—we must work together to ensure a good moving experience:

Customer shocked after getting final costs on move day

The Hidden Costs Of Cheap Long Distance Movers 

If your priority is ensuring that you hire a reliable long distance moving company, know the difference between a reasonable rate and a quote that's too good to be true:

1. Small Moves

Everyone wants a cheaper price for their small long-distance move, but how much is too cheap? This all depends on the size and distance of your long move. However, American National Movers charges at least $2,800 for a small move to another state. Anything lower than that can indicate a potential bait-and-switch scam. 

2. Large Moves 

Large moves going longer distances requiring a full truck have an average cost of $5,800. However, some shady movers might offer an unbeatable price that is likely too good to be true. 

The Reality Of Long Distance Moving 

It is not that all moving companies are bad; the nature of long distance moving can lead to dissatisfaction if not managed properly by the mover and the customer. 

1. Understanding Long Distance Moving Costs

Many people don't understand that moving estimates are just that—estimates. If the final price is higher than the initial quote, customers feel scammed, even if the cost increase is justified. This misunderstanding is a primary reason why long distance movers have negative reviews. 

2. Delivery: Unforeseen Circumstances 

Based on consumer feedback, it is clear that many long distance moving companies fail to deliver household goods quickly. On average, long distance movers take up to 14 days to deliver furniture.


To reduce the cost of your long distance move and to maximize profit, movers share your load. This makes it hard for a moving company to provide you with a guaranteed delivery date. 

3. Damage

From time to time, damage to furniture is inevitable, especially if you're moving from state to state or across the country. That's why insurance and investing in reliable long distance movers and packers is important. 

4. Additional Volume Or Bait & Switch?

Shady moving companies deliberately lowball estimates to get the job, then later hit the customer with fees. As a customer, it also falls on you to ensure the volume of your estimate is accurate. 

Without an in-home estimate, you are the eyes and ears of the operation. This means you must invest time with your long distance movers for an accurate quote. 

5. Long Distance Movers: Get A Flat Rate 

Moving companies often get bad reviews due to unexpected fees on loading day. Did you know you can avoid being charged extra on your moving date by asking your movers for a flat rate on your long distance move? Look into it. 

moving company reviews

Avoiding Bad Reviews: The Movers Responsibility

Long distance movers are responsible for being transparent and explaining the estimated process. They must walk the customer through the long distance moving process to gain their trust and business. 

Moving companies can maintain a good reputation by explaining to customers how they calculate costs and their delivery process. 

Hiring Reliable Movers: The Customer's Responsibility 

We need your cooperation to ensure you have the best possible chance of having a good experience. This means allowing our movers to provide an in-home estimate or thoroughly review your inventory. 

A Common Scenario: Joshua's Story 

Joshua calls American National Movers for a quote and says; "I need a 26-foot truck for a move from Florida to California, but I don't have a lot of stuff." 

Chris, a representative of American National Movers, says; " Okay, let's go over the inventory so that I can give you an accurate price."

Joshua says; "I don't have that much time to go over an inventory list. Can you provide me with an estimate? I just want a price." 

Chris agrees to provide Joshua with an estimate to earn his business. Joshua agrees to the cost, signs the estimate, and pays the deposit.

On move day, the long distance movers arrived, and Joshua had more volume than initially estimated. The new price quote was $2,000 more than what he expected. 

Joshua was furious and accused American National Movers of misleading him into getting the sale. He threatened to cancel and said he would leave a negative review online.

Joshua Left The Negative Review

Picture of a 1-star rating

We provided Joshua with reliable service: fast delivery, no damage, and efficient packing. However, he still decided to write a negative review. 

He said; "American National Movers bait and switch my costs, and I will never use them again." 

Was this review fair? 

Generally, we honor our estimates but may have to re-negotiate costs when your estimated volume increases significantly. At American National Movers, we care about providing you with the reliable moving services you deserve. Sadly, at times, things may happen. But rest assured that in the event of dissatisfaction, we will always attempt to make things right.  

We Called Joshua to Resolve The Complaint 

American National Movers strives to maintain good reviews online, so we called Joshua. Although Joshua could have been more cooperative during the initial estimate process, we offered this customer a $500.00 refund as a courtesy. In exchange for our kind gesture, Joshua removed the review and apologized to American National Movers.

So why do movers get bad reviews? It can partly be due to an increased estimate, delayed delivery, and damaged furniture. However, how the moving company handles the complaint is what truly matters. 

American National Movers: Get A Quote 

American National Movers is among the best affordable long distance movers with good reviews, fair prices, and fast and reliable services. 

Several moving companies are known for hidden fees, damaged furniture, and unresolved complaints. At American National Movers, we strive for your customer satisfaction and vow to be the best we can be. Get a quote today at 1-800-245-7967. 

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