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Average Cost Of Moving Long Distance? Here is What To Know:

This page will provide insights into our average costs for 400—to 2900-mile state-to-state moves. If you are conscious of saving money, American National Movers is reasonably priced; we're here to help.


Before selling you a moving service and advertising our costs, we want to help ensure that you find the best long distance movers for your needs and budget. If you want to skip this part, go to the next section on our average costs for long distance moves at the bottom of this page. 


Is it true that you get what you pay for, and a lower price indicates a problem? Yes and no; 


Long distance movers offering affordable costs aren't always scams. However, long distance moving companies may under-quote your estimate. It is the movers' and your responsibility to ensure your quote is accurate. When hiring a long distance mover, it's important to understand the volume you're being charged for and communicate your delivery expectations. 

By understanding the process mentioned above, you'll be able to find the best long distance movers for your needs and budget.

Read This Now, Here is What To Know About Moving Quotes:

Here are the best practices you can take for a successful long distance move:


1. Estimates: 

When comparing prices and long distance movers, ensure that the estimated volume is reasonably accurate when comparing apples with apples. Avoid bait-and-switch moving practices. A cheaper long distance moving company means nothing if the estimate is way off. 


2. Flat Rate: 

Are you unsure if you want to hire movers because of hidden fees? You don't have to agree to an estimate. Instead, ask American National Movers for a flat rate on the long distance moves.

3. Delivery:

Many people want the best or most affordable price for their long distance move without realizing that this may come at the expense of longer wait times. Cheaper moving options may quote up to 21 days for delivery. American National Movers can guarantee your delivery date if you cannot wait that long


4. Cross Country moves:

Are you moving from a state like California to Florida? For such long distance moves, we charge a minimum of $4,500, even for small loads. This minimum charge covers the basic costs of the move. WHY? We also charge based on the mileage of your move. 


5. Small Long Distance Moves:

We understand many customers have small loads and still want to hire a long distance mover. For moves within the 400 to 1500-mile range, we offer a flexible minimum of $3,000. Sometimes, we charge less if you agree to share a truck with another customer.

How Much Our Long Distance Movers Cost 

Small Moves: Studio to—1-Bedroom Homes:

Small moves relocating long distances average $2,800.00 to $4,000.00. Although small moves are generally inexpensive, we must also factor in travel time and fuel. 


2-Bedroom Homes:

American National Movers is reasonably priced for 2-bedroom house moves. On average, we charge $3,800.00 for this move, assuming your mileage exceeds 400 miles. This price is competitive in the market and reflects the quality of our services. 


3-Bedroom Homes:

At American National Movers, we understand that most consumers moving from a 3-bedroom home choose to downsize their furniture to manage costs. If you have a moderate amount of furniture, the average long-distance moving cost is $5,000. However, if your home needs a full 26-foot truck, our long distance moving costs are $7,000.00. This additional charge covers the extra resources needed for larger moves.


4-Bedroom House And Up:

If you're moving from a 4-bedroom, more than likely, you will need more than one 26-foot truck. This can increase your costs to as high as $12,000. But, American National Movers has tractor-trailers to reduce that to an average cost of $7,500.00

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