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Better Cheaper Movers California To Florida

Updated: Feb 20

Americans are moving to Florida from California leading to a demand for long distance moves. At American National Movers, you can hire movers to Florida for an average cost of $6,000.

This price reflects our commitment to quality and reliability at a reasonable price. Some competitors might advertise rates as low as $3,000. But Remember, in the moving industry, as in many others, you get what you pay for.

affordable California to Florida movers packing boxes

Moving Companies From California To Florida Cost

As mentioned, American National Movers can relocate you to Florida at an average cost of $6,000. While other cheaper moving companies from California range from $3,000 to $15,000.

Balance is key when you need long distance moving services. Movers that are too cheap are rarely reliable, and companies with expensive costs are rarely reasonable.

Why Moving From California To Florida is Expensive

Moving from CA and relocating household goods to FL is considered a cross country move so this haul can be expensive. But, if you work with a national moving company based in California and Florida, your costs will be affordable

Cheapest California To Florida Movers 

American National Movers is one of the best options for cross country moves to Florida. We have trucks, movers, and warehouses in every major state, allowing us to offer convenience and a lower price. 

What to Know Before Hiring California to Florida Movers 

At American National Movers, we understand that people want to save money and find the best deal. However, knowing that the cheapest price from California to Florida can indicate a problem.

Moving across the country is a lot of work, and it's best to let professional movers handle your furniture. However, skilled moving companies are not the cheapest option, especially for cross country moves. 

What Is the Cheapest Way to Move California To Florida 

truck driving from California to Florida

U-Pack:  For those with a small load, U-Pack might be a cheap moving option. U-Pack will bring a storage container, and you will be responsible for packing and loading your items. After you pack your things, U-Pack will send a driver to move your furniture from California to Florida. 

PODS: Request a quote from PODS as another DIY moving option to save money. PODS is similar to U-Pack, but they are slightly more expensive. However, they offer larger containers and additional moving services. 

Small Moving CompaniesYou don't need to hire the biggest company in the U.S. for a successful move. Smaller brands like ours offer the same high-quality moving services while still being cheaper. Pending positive reviews, a small mover offers low prices from California to Florida. 

Shared Load Moving: Call a California to Florida moving company to pair your load with someone else's household goods. People find shared load movers a good option because we still pack and move your furniture and have insurance. 

U-HaulRenting a moving truck is one of the cheapest options to relocate from California to Texas. However, be sure you can drive a moving truck across the country. Although U-Haul is cheaper, please exercise this option with caution. Driving a truck rental yourself comes with a risk to your safety and your valuable items. 

Free Quote 

Everyone wants to hire the best movers from California to Florida to relocate their items at a fair price. However, when they request quotes online, companies quote them unreasonable prices. At American National Movers, we understand your wants, needs, and budget and can relocate your items safely. 

American National Movers offers professional moving services at a lower cost without worrying about unreliable movers. We are one of the better, cheaper moving options from California to Florida: our prices are just right. Contact our moving coordinators today, and let us make your cross country relocation a smooth transition. 


Frequently asked questions for California to Florida Moves

Is Florida Becoming Unaffordable? 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Florida has been the fastest-growing state in the United States. Florida's cost of living will continue to increase because of the number of people moving yearly. 

Cost To Move From California to Florida 

Professional Movers: Hiring long distance movers in California has an average cost of $6,000 to move to Florida. 

DIY Option: Rent a truck and spend an average of $4,500 to move from California to Florida. 

Why is Texas Cheaper Than California? 

Florida has no state income tax, while California's taxes are unbearable for most people. What a shame because California state tax is one of the highest in the U.S. and is still falling apart.

How Much Does it Cost to Move From The East Coast To The West Coast?

A coast-to-coast move cost will vary depending on the size/weight of your shipment. However, the average cost for a cross country move from California to Florida ranges from $6,000 to $15,000. 

How Much Should I Save For A Cross Country Move? 

Having $10,000 saved for a cross country move from California to Florida is ideal in a perfect scenario. You'll have enough money to hire professional long distance movers and money left over for MISC expenses. 

Is Hiring California Movers For A Long Distance Move Worth it?

If done right, hiring a long distance moving company in Florida is convenient and worth every penny. A California moving company is fast, efficient, and sometimes it can even be affordable. 

What is the cheapest month to move cross country?

The cheapest month to move across the country would be during the holiday season: November through January. If you're moving on a tight budget, avoid moving during peak moving season: May through August. 

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