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Movers From Chicago to California | Long Distance Movers 

American National Movers has movers from Chicago and California, making us the top choice for this interstate move. We provide flexible dates, long distance moving, storage options, and affordable rates.

Professional Movers

Working with a national moving company guarantees the utmost professional moving experience. At American National Movers, we specialize in long-distance and interstate moves. Rest assured, your furniture is in safe hands with us.

Affordable Moving Services

With American National Movers, you benefit from working with reliable movers at a reasonable price. We're one of the best movers from Chicago to California because we provide the same level of service at a cheaper rate

Reasonable Moving Option

Every day, we aim to provide reasonable costs while striving to provide a good relocation experience to the customer. We want to clarify that we are budget-friendly compared to reputable moving options. However, we might be expensive compared to movers with limited resources and bad reviews. 

Packing And Unpacking

When we reach California, Our Chicago movers will pack and unpack your furniture and boxes. Our packing services include TVs, fragile items, artwork, pianos, and more. If you choose to pack your boxes and fragile items yourself, we are not liable for any damage that may occur to your furniture.

Moving and A Free Month Of Storage 

Choose between Chicago and California for secure, monitored, climate-controlled storage facilities. Hire our movers and receive a free month of storage at no additional charge. Additionally, we will not charge you a fee to deliver your furniture from our storage facility. 

movers from chicago to california shipment

Cost To Move From Chicago to Los Angeles

A Chicago to California move is a cross-country relocation with an average cost of $5,000. The distance from Chicago to Los Angeles is around 2,000 miles, which will add to the expense of fuel and labor.

How Our Movers From Chicago Calculate Your Costs

We calculate the cost of your relocation based on the size and distance of your shipment. Some long distance moving companies calculate your volume by weight, but we go by cubic feet. Smaller moves have a lower average cost than a haul with a truckload of furniture.

 Know Your Estimate Costs 

Non-binding: A moving estimate that is not a guaranteed cost is considered non-binding. This means that your initial costs can increase dramatically at the last minute if not calculated correctly. 

Binding: A binding moving estimate is a flat rate for your long distance move. This means your interstate movers cannot change your price if you have more volume than expected.  

How Long Do Long Distance Movers Take to Deliver?

Although it is not good practice, long distance movers can take 21 days to deliver your furniture. However, American National Movers takes five days to deliver from Chicago to California.

Expedited Delivery 

Ask your movers to expedite your delivery for a faster delivery date from Chicago to California. They can do this by offering a dedicated truck or by prioritizing your route on their shared load. 

Guaranteed Delivery Date 

You can ask your movers to provide a guaranteed delivery date, too, but this will come at an extra cost. Guaranteeing a delivery date is complicated because of circumstances not under our control (traffic and weather).

Understanding Your Insurance Policy 

As a customer, you have the right to purchase full coverage or to stick with the basic liability insurance of 60 cents per pound. However, 60 cents per pound is not sufficient to pay for any damage that might happen to high-value items. 

Reputable Movers Chicago to California 

How do you know if a moving company is reputable and legitimate? Trustworthy movers have a DOT number and a good online reputation. Check your movers' websites, DOT credentials, and reviews to verify if the moving company is legit. 

Who's the Cheapest Movers?

People consider American National Movers one of the most affordable and professional long-distance movers in Chicago. Some options might be cheaper, but we do not compete with a history of price-guaranteed customers on move day. 

Why Are People Moving From Chicago to California 

Job Opportunities: Chicago's economy could improve, and some people are moving to California because of a job offer. 


Weather: People in Chicago are tired of the wind and want to experience California's warm weather. 


Migrant Crisis: More migrants are moving to Chicago, causing long-time residents to leave the state. 


Personal Matter: People move for personal reasons, such as to be closer to family or to deal with a personal matter. 

Why Are People Moving From Chicago to California 

California is more expensive to live in than Chicago. Not everyone is happy when they move from Chicago to California, as some people regret their decision. Some say California is too fast-paced or too career-oriented. Chicago is more relaxed compared to a busy state like California. 

Choose American National Movers 

We are a trusted national moving company for people from Chicago to California. No job is too large or small for us to haul; we have several trucks, movers, and warehouses to support your needs. We promise to ensure a smooth transition to your new home, and if you're not satisfied, we will refund you. 


Call us for a free quote, tell us about your furniture and needs, and we will accommodate you. We are excited to help you with your move from Chicago and want to join your journey. If you made it this far on the post, give promo code #247472 for 25% off our Chicago long-distance movers. 

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