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California Movers To Texas | Long Distance Moves

American National Movers can move you from California to Texas at a reasonable rate and deliver your items quickly. Our wait times for long distance moves is two to four days.

Moving from California to Texas Movers

American National Movers Reviews

Getting quotes from California moving companies is not just about costs; it's about trusting someone with your furniture. 

  • Even top moving companies in California get negative reviews. However, American National Movers stands out with an impressive rating of 4.7 stars on Trustpilot.

  • Trust is our main priority, so we verified our listing on Google to give you peace of mind when hiring us. 

  • Find us on Facebook and YouTube. Our national long distance movers are always hauling furniture across the United States. 

Long Distance Movers California

  • Moving companies in California consider a haul that exceeds 400 miles a long distance relocation. 

  • Some movers in California will classify an interstate move as "moving long distance." However, the FMCSA defines moving between states as an interstate relocation. 

  • We calculate your long distance moving costs based on your shipment's size/volume and distance. 

Who We Are

Here is what makes our moving company in California stand out:

  • Our nationwide presence allows us to offer you a cheaper, better, and faster moving experience from California to Texas. 

  • Finding a company you can trust with your furniture is crucial, so we made sure to have good reviews online. 

  • As a national moving company in California, we have several trucks to meet your needs and budget. 

professional moving company in California

Packing And Unpacking

  • As a full-service moving company, we offer packing services that involve packing your furniture and boxes. 

  • Customers who pack their boxes can save from $1,000 to $3,000 because we don't have to provide the materials or labor. 

  • Should you choose to pack your items, we will not be liable for any damage to your furniture. 

One Way Moving

  • One way moving involves picking up your furniture and ending the route at delivery. This means we won't charge you for the cost of relocating back to your previous state.


  • American National Movers has branches in California and Texas, allowing us to provide one-way moving services.

  • Our one-way moving service ensures a faster relocation experience. We focus solely on a direct and seamless delivery of your belongings from California to Texas.

Average Cost Of Professional Movers

average cost of movers in California

  • Some California movers are more professional than others, so don't dismiss a company because they cost more. 

  • The cheapest moving option does not mean the company is a better choice. You often get what you pay for, especially in the moving industry. 

  • Moving services from a reputable brand will cost no less than $1,000 for in-state moves and $3,500 for out of state relocations. 

Hiring the Cheapest Moving Company 

  • Long distance moving companies with low prices can indicate that the company is unreliable. 

  • American National Movers recommends spending no less than $3,500 for a small move and $5,000 for larger moves.

A good moving option would be a reasonably priced California moving company with a reputation for being reliable. 

Before Hiring Movers in California

Keep these things in mind before hiring short distance or out of state movers:

  • Interstate movers in California must have a DOT number to cross state lines with household goods. 

  • Moving companies calculate your moving costs by inventory and the distance of your relocation. 

  • Moving estimates can change on a moving day if you don't ask your movers for a flat rate. 

Flat Rate Long Distance Movers 

  • We made our California movers promise a fixed price for your interstate and long distance movers in California. 

  • A flat rate quote is a binding agreement that guarantees your moving costs will not change.

  •  Contact American National Movers, give us your shipment details, and we'll give you a fixed price for moving. 

Moving From California To Texas 

moving to texas

The Lone Star State has been a popular destination for many, and here is why:

  • California is one of the most expensive states in the United States, and Texas is way more affordable. 

  • Texas has no income tax and has many affordable housing options for people looking to keep their living costs down. 

  • The bottom line is the main reason people are hiring movers from California to Texas is to save money. 

Choose Our National Expert Movers

American National Movers offers a seamless, reliable, cost-effective solution for moving from California to Texas. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and our national expert movers ensures a good experience. 

  • We value our reputation so much that should anything go wrong during your relocation, we refund you your deposit. 


  • Join happy customers who chose American National Movers for moving to Texas and save 20% on your interstate move.

  •  We promise to handle your move professionally, with care from a California moving company you can trust. 

California Moving Company Quote

Ready to start your move? Contact us today for a free quote, and let us make your relocation from California to Texas successful. At American National Movers, we're not just moving your belongings; we're moving your life. That's why we work tirelessly to make ourselves professional and available.

  • We have national movers from any location in California, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the Bay Area. 

  • We are licensed and insured, so we will pay you for the damages if anything happens to your furniture. 

  • Our California Movers receive training to pack and move effectively and always to be respectful to the customer.  

-Contact American National Movers now to discover why we're among California's best long-distance moving companies: 1-800-245-7967.

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