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Movers From California to Florida | Costs & Tips

American National Movers has movers in California and Florida, offering professional long distance moving services at reasonable prices. As a national moving company, we have trucks in every major state, allowing us to offer discounted rates. 

Moving From California to Florida Cost

Your moving costs vary based on your move date, volume of items, required services, and several other factors.

However, here are the average costs of a cross country move to Florida: 

  • A relocation from CA to FL is a cross country move with an average cost of $6,500 to move 800 cubic feet of furniture. 

  • Large moves exceeding 1200 cubic feet have an average cost of $8,000 from California to Florida.

  • If you require help packing fragile items and boxes, we will add additional fees to your total cost.

UHaul, PODS, or California Long Distance Movers?

Hiring a long distance moving company in Florida is convenient. However, people moving on a tight budget might benefit from POD and Uhaul:


  • Uhaul: A 20-foot Uhaul truck from California to Florida costs $2,854, and a 26-foot truck costs $ 3,342. 

  • The Uhaul costs mentioned do not include gas, tax, tolls, fuel, and packing materials. 

  • Moving from California to Florida with a rented truck costs approximately $4,500 to $5,000. This amount covers the truck fee as well as other misc expenses.


  • As stated on the PODS website, moving from California to Florida can cost between $2,000 and $10,000.

  • With PODS, you pack and load your furniture, and the PODS will hire an independent contractor to haul it. 

  • With PODS, if your household goods sustain damage while in transit, they do not qualify for compensation because you packed them. 

Long Distance Movers California 

Is it Good To Move From California to Florida?

Moving from California to Florida can be a culture shock for some, but it is worth it for people who want to save money:

  • Florida is about 18% cheaper than living in California, but remember that Florida's wages are relatively low. 

  • Florida has lower day-to-day spending for food, taxes, recreational activities, and more. 

  • Moving from California to Florida is attractive because of Florida's lack of income tax and cheaper housing costs. 

How Much Does It Cost to Move Furniture From California to Florida? 

The average cost to move furniture to Florida from California is $5,000 for small moves and $7,500 for large moves. The more furniture you have, the more you can expect to pay. Remember that the time of the year you choose to relocate also impacts your moving costs. 

The cheapest way to move from California to Florida?

Uhaul: Renting a truck costs around $5,000, including fees, gas, materials, tolls, and mileage. 

Shared Load Movers: If you don't want to rent a truck and do a long drive, look for movers who can provide shared load moving services. 

Sell Your Furniture: Don't be afraid to start over, especially if your moving costs exceed the value of your furniture. Once you arrive at your new home in Florida, you can always buy new furniture slowly. 

How Much is A POD from California to Florida? 

The average cost to use PODS for a cross country move from California to Florida is $5,700. Your moving costs with PODS do not include packing materials. Also, remember that using PODS is not too far off hiring professional long distance movers. Consider requesting quotes from multiple moving companies to weigh your options. 

Choose American National Movers 

American National Movers offers coast-to-coast moving services for those who prefer professional movers over DIY moving options. We have long distance movers in California and Florida, positioning us as a convenient and affordable choice. At American National Movers, we promise a smooth transition, ensuring your belongings arrive quickly and in good condition. With trucks and professional movers in 50 states, we're one of the best long distance movers in California and across the U.S.

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