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California to Florida Movers | Long Distance Moves

Welcome to American National Movers, a trusted brand in long-distance relocations. As one of the best moving companies in California and Florida, we specialize in state to state moves.

Movers California to Florida professionally packed furniture

Why Are People Moving From California To Florida?

California is the second most expensive state to live in, followed by the cost of living, (46% lower in Florida.)

However, relocating to the Sun Shine state is not just a budget decision—it's a lifestyle choice:

  • Tax Advantages: Florida boasts no state income tax, offering significant savings.

  • Real Estate Value: The average home value in Florida is $392,922, which is 47% lower than in California ($747,400.)

  • Growing Economy: Florida's booming economy is attracting new residents.

  • Political Issues: California's higher crime rate and COVID-19 restrictions are causing people to move to a more relaxed Florida.

High Cost Of Living

Simply put, Living in California is expensive. As a result, American National Movers experienced an up trend in California Long distance Moves.

Movers From California To Florida Cost

How Much To Move From California to Florida?

American National Movers can move your furniture to Florida at an average cost of $3,800. This is cheap compared to other long distance moving companies in California averaging $6,000.

Professional Movers Vs. DIY

When considering a out of state move some look into other options besides hiring movers. For example, Uhaul, U-Pack, and PODS but remember DIY moves take work and aren't that cheap.

For Instance

If you are comparing Uhaul or movers in California, remember that you are responsible for misc expenses like fuel. -- this will increase your DIY move to Florida.

Long Distance Moves

professionally packed furniture by American National Movers

In 2023, residents are now looking for long-distance movers from Florida to California. Not everyone is happy with their decision to relocate to the Sunshine State, that's why people call this an exodus.

Coast To Coast Moving

Relocating from the West Coast to the East Coast is called a cross-country move. This move is more expensive than a standard interstate move because of the distance.

How We Can Help You

American National Movers is in San Diego, Los Angeles, Cambria, Fort Lauredel, Orlando, and Sarasota. This means we can relocate you between these states at a cheaper cost.

Benefits Of Moving With American National Movers

packed furniture in a truck for a interstate relocation in California

Packing Services

Our expert team tackles the packing hassle, using high-quality materials to ensure your belongings arrive safe and sound. Say goodbye to packing anxiety and hello to a smooth move.

Small Load Moving

Perhaps you have a small move to Florida and you need to hire a moving company for under $4,000.00. American National Movers can help, we have a department that specializes in little loads.

Large Scale Moving

For large home relocations, our fleet includes spacious tractor-trailers. This is better than using many trucks and reduces the cost of your interstate move in California and Florida.

Flat Rate Moving

American National Movers will not change your moving costs: our rate is final. We give you a flat rate on your shipment so that you can hire us with confidence.

Cheaper Better Movers

At American National Movers, 'cheaper' means more value for your money. We're committed to providing you with a professional moving experience at a reasonable cost.

National Moving Expertise

Whether you need a national moving company in Hollywood Florida or Sacremento California. Our nationwide network allows us to manage state to state relocations with ease.

Expedited Delivery Services

For cross-country moves from CA TO FL, we deliver your furniture within 5 days. Once we pick up your shipment we won't make any additional stops or unload your furniture.

Reasonable Movers

A West to-East Coast move, such as from California to Florida, usually involves high costs. Many people see these cross-country movers as expensive but American National Movers is reasonable.

Free Quote

Ready to escape California's high costs and embrace the Florida sunshine? Get a free quote today and let American National Movers take the stress out of your long-distance move.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

frequently asked questions photo (long distance moves in California and Florida)

Is it A Good Idea to Move From California to Florida

Moving to the Sunshine State is a good idea if your goal is to save money on housing costs.

How Are Long Distance Moves Calculated

We calculate long distance relocations from Florida or California based on the size/weight and distance of your shipment.

What Does A Moving Company Consider As Long Distance?

Many moving companies consider a move exceeding the 200-mile range as a long distance. If your move is not within the local area, more often than not, it's a long distance move.

What Distance is Considered A Local Move

Every moving company has different guidelines, but mist movers consider a move between 1-50 miles a local move.

What Items Should You Not Move Long Distance

Don't ship bulky furniture that you need to keep your costs down and avoid hazardous materials such as alcohol.

What The Average Cost To Move From California To Florida

The average cost to relocate from the Golden State to Florida will range from $4,000 to $15,000. The average line haul From California to Florida with American National Movers is $3,800.

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