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Top 6 Affordable National Movers Reviews & Ratings

Updated: Apr 3

Fleet of long distance moving trucks ready for state to state moves

When it comes to large moves that demand a level of expertise other companies may lack, national movers are the go-to choice. Nationwide movers specialize in long distance and state to state moves, which sets them apart.

One key reason national moving companies are more trusted than their smaller long distance movers is their robust online reputation, which is a testament to their reliability. 

This guide will assist you in finding the best national mover for your needs and budget. We will also provide a brief overview of the mover's overall reputation. 

1. Allied Van Lines 

-Allied is our number one pick. They are one of the most affordable movers offering nationwide relocation services in the United States. 

-There are some cheaper national movers than Allied, but this moving company is trusted and provides good value. 

-The reviews we found on Allied have a 2.3-star rating on TrustPilot and a 3.9 rating on consumer affairs

2. United Van Lines

-United Van Lines is one of the best national moving companies in the United States. They have been in business for over 90 years and claim to provide accurate moving costs. 

-Although United is proven trustworthy, it is expensive, with an average cost of $8,000 for long distance moves. United Van Lines is for customers who want a reliable national mover without a budget in mind. 

-Because United Van Lines has long been in business, their reviews are poor. Their average Yelp rating is 2 Stars, which indicates that this national moving company is overwhelmed with long-distance moving jobs. 

3. Two Men And A Truck

Due to its brand awareness, Two Men And A Truck is among the best national moving companies. This company provides a reasonable price and an even better moving service. 

-Two Men And A Truck is cost-effective for simple short-distance moves nationwide. They also do long distance moves, with an average cost of $7,000. 

-Although Two Men And A Truck provides national long-distance moves, they sometimes quote costs exceeding $10,000. 

Truck ready to embark on any long distance move—nationwide.

4. American National Movers 

-Founded in 2015, we are one of the most affordable national moving companies – even more cost-effective than Allied Van Lines! 

-Our company was designed for those seeking a budget-friendly moving solution without sacrificing quality. We may not be the biggest name in the industry, but we guarantee on-time deliveries and excellent customer service. 

Our 4.8-star TrustPilot rating and 4.9-star Google reviews speak for themselves—we're a smaller national mover committed to your satisfaction.

5. American Van Lines 

American Van Lines offers nationwide relocation services at a moderate rate, so they weren't too cheap or expensive. 

-American Van Lines is not the best national mover in the United States. However, they are not terrible either. Many large long distance moving companies tend to get bad reviews because they take on a high volume of moves. 

-American Van Lines has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau but a poor 1.8-star review rating on Yelp. We noticed that reviews don't always tell the full story of a moving company. 

6. Colonial Van Lines 

-According to the Better Business Bureau, Colonial has been in business for 14 Years. Colonial Van Lines is more affordable than national moving companies like United. 

-We are not saying Colonial is a top national mover, but they are legitimate. We have found a 1.1-star review rating on Yelp for Colonial Van Lines, but they do have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

What To Know About Cheap National Movers 

We get it. Many of you want a fair deal or even the cheapest price for your long distance move. But at the expense of what? There are some cheaper national movers we did not mention in this guide, but for good reason. 

The company's willingness to be the cheapest is often worth investigating, and we did. Upon due diligence, we have found that national movers that were cheaper than most, could not provide a track record of legitimacy. 

This guide noted legitimate national moving companies with fair pricing and reviews. No mover is perfect, so please take this into consideration when making your decision. 

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