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What Defines A Long Distance Move In Seatle

Are you contacting a moving company to haul your household goods far away? Moving between multiple states or cities in Seattle is a long distance move when transporting household goods. 

Long Distance Movers Seattle

long distance mivubg truck in Seattle

  •  Most moving companies in Seattle specializing in long hauls consider relocations exceeding 400 as a long distance move. 

  • Seattle long distance movers must have a license and insurance from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This is necessary to transport household goods across state lines. 

  • Most long distance moving companies in Seattle pack, load, unload, disassemble, and reassemble. However, other moving options, like U-PACK, require you to pack and load yourself. 

Is 100- Miles A Long Distance Move in Seattle 

  • Companies in Seattle may even consider a 100-mile haul a long distance move. This might be because they have a limited number of trucks and movers, making their policies for long-distance moves strict.

  • Moving companies like All My Sons and American National Movers do not consider a 100-mile haul a long distance move. This is because several trucks and movers make 100-mile relocations a short distance move. 

  • American National Movers charges $2,500 on average for a 100-mile move, making us a more affordable option for short moves. 

When to Hire a Long Distance Moving Company 

High Volume: If you have a lot of furniture, it is best to consider hiring a long distance moving company in Seattle. Packing, loading, moving, and unloading is a lot of work. Don't underestimate the convenience Seattle long distance movers provide. 

High Mileage: Consider investing in moving services if your move exceeds 800 miles. Driving a large moving truck long distances can be dangerous for someone without experience operating a truck. 

Limited Time: Long distance moving takes at least seven days if your haul is within the 1000-mile range. At that point, you are trading time for money. Your time could be better served by handling other aspects of your relocation.

Are You Moving 51 to 399 Miles Away?

While some movers in Seattle consider a haul within 51 miles a long distance move, this is not always true: 

  • If your relocation exceeds 50 miles but does not cross state lines, the correct term for your relocation is an intrastate move. 

  • If you are relocating across state lines, moving companies consider your haul an interstate move, regardless of the distance. 

What to Know Before Hiring Seattle Long Distance Movers 

Delivery Window: 

  • Some long distance moving companies in Seattle take between 14 and 21 business days for delivery. 

  • To Avoid long wait times, request an expedited delivery or a dedicated truck. This way, we will reduce your delivery time for long-distance moves to three to five days. 


Understand how to calculate moving estimates to prevent additional charges on moving day. This can help reduce risks and save money. 

Non-Binding Estimate: Moving estimates not listed as a "flat rate" or as "binding" can change from now up until loading day. Many customers unaware of this feel misled or even scammed by a long distance moving company in Seattle. Before agreeing to a non-binding estimate, ensure that your volume/weight is accurate. 

Binding Estimate: A binding estimate is considered a flat rate on your relocation. Although a flat rate comes with a guarantee in cost, it's generally more expensive than a nonbinding estimate. Make sure your inventory is correct with a binding estimate, or your Seattle movers may adjust your moving expenses. 

Reliability Over Price 

Many people in Seattle are looking for cheaper moving services in Seattle. However, a cheap price means nothing if you're not hiring a reliable moving company:

No Show: Some people who hired "affordable movers in Seattle" have reported that the company never showed. 

Bait And Switch: Some cheap Seattle moving companies appear cheaper on paper. However, when the long distance moving company arrives, they attempt to double charge you. 

Shady Movers: Often, the movers willing to be the cheapest in Seattle are one of the most long-distance moving companies to deal with. 

You Get What You Pay For: For a reliable moving experience in Seattle, you must invest. Paying the extra money can be the difference between a good experience and a horrible moving experience. 

Choose American National Movers in Seattle 

You are likely here because your move is a shorter haul, but movers in Seattle are classifying it as a long distance move. Whenever a company considers your relocation as "moving long distance," naturally, your costs will be higher. 

But at American National Movers, we consider a move that does not exceed 400 miles to be a short distance move. Our nationwide network of trucks and movers allows us to be affordable for intrastate, short-haul, and long-distance relocations. 

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