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How Long Distance Movers Work | FAQ

Long distance movers operate as intrastate and state to state moving companies and relocate furniture far away. If done right, hiring a long distance moving company is cost-effective and convenient. 

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How Much Do Movers Cost For Long Distance Moves?

Each company has different rates per cubic feet/pound, and your move's cost varies based on many factors influencing your costs. Reputable moving companies such as Allied, Two Men, And A Truck & American National charge around $5,000 for long-distance moves. Please note that these numbers are just averages, and moves with furniture and fragile items can exceed $10,000. 

Who is The Most Affordable Long Distance Moving Company?

Many moving companies claim to be affordable on their websites, but are they truly? To determine the best option, calling and requesting a moving estimate is advisable. However, here are the three cheapest long distance movers in the US, according to Google's algorithm and online feedback: 

1. American National Movers 

American National Movers, established in 2008, is reliable and provides the most affordable quotes for long distance moves. As national movers, we have trucks, warehouses, and movers in each state to offer one-way moving services. 

2. Allied Van Lines 

Allied Van Ines claims to have an average cost of $3,500 for a distance of 1,000 miles. However, I don't know if the average cost mentioned above is true. We requested a price from Allied for movers from New York to Florida, and they quoted us $8,000 for a 2-bedroom apartment. Paying $8,000 to move 6,000 pounds of furniture from New York to Florida isn't cheap, but some people may find this reasonable. 

3. Two Men And A Truck 

The costs of Two Men And A Truck are fairly reasonable; they quoted us $11,500 to move a full 26-foot truck from PA to NC. Is Two Men And A Truck the cheapest moving company? No, but they are still worth mentioning because of their proven track record of being reliable. 

How Long Do Long Distance Movers Take?

If your long distance movers are sharing your load, the average wait time for delivery is 7 to 14 business days. Sometimes, a moving company can take 21 business days to deliver your furniture.  

Expedited Delivery 

For faster delivery on your long distance move, ask your movers to expedite your shipment and pay for a dedicated truck. An exclusive moving truck and straight delivery surcharge is between $1500 and $2,000. If you pay for faster shipping, ensure a written agreement and a guaranteed delivery date. 

When Do You Pay Long Distance Movers? 

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Deposit To Reserve Your Move 

Moving companies require a deposit ranging from 20 to 35% when reserving a truck for a long distance move. The purpose of a deposit is to ensure that you're a serious customer committed to your reservation. Be sure to pay your deposit with a credit card and to get a receipt or contract indicating that you made a payment. 

50% Of The Balance on Your Move Date

After paying your long distance movers a deposit, your next payment will be due on the day movers arrive to pack. Half of your remaining balance will be due once your movers disassemble, pack, and load your furniture. On move day, long distance movers accept cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards. 

Remaining Balance On Move Day 

Your remaining balance will be due when your long distance movers arrive to deliver your furniture. Please note that your moving company may or may not accept credit cards for the final payment at delivery. However, cash, certified checks, money orders, Venmo, and Zelle are acceptable forms of payment. 

Is it Normal For Movers to Ask For Cash? 

Yes, it's normal for long distance moving companies to ask for cash if they give you a bill showing that you paid. However, don't wire money or give cash to movers as a deposit payment. If a moving company asks for cash before performing labor, they're attempting to scam you. 

Will Long Distance Movers Disassemble Your Furniture? 

Long distance movers are professionals who offer full-service moving, including furniture disassembly. DIY options like PODS, UHAUL, and UPACK are the only moving options that do not provide disassembly. 

Should I Hire Long Distance Movers? 

Yes, you should hire long distance movers if you have a lot of furniture, especially if your furniture is of high value. Many people regret renting a moving truck and doing it themselves because moving long distances is hard work. Additionally, professional moving companies offer insurance to protect your furniture from damage. 

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