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How Much Are Movers in Chicago

trucks and movers in chicago

The cost of a moving company in Chicago depends on who you're talking to. Professional movers will cost more, and basic companies will be cheaper.

Residents are looking for ways to save money during these uncertain times, but knowing that you get what you pay for is important.

Professional Movers in Chicago Average Cost

Most people value their furniture, and if you do, I suggest you ensure your belongings are in reliable hands. 

  • Professional movers will cost no less than $1,000 if you are relocating within the state of Illinois. 

  • Legitimate long Distance Movers will cost no less than $3,500 for small moves and $5,000 for larger shipments. 

What To know 

why are movers so expensive in chicago? lets find out

Why Are Moving Companies So Expensive?

(This may sound cliche, but reputable businesses with a track record of being reliable are not cheap. However, Chicago moving companies like ours offer discounts for your budget.)

  • Owning a truck and creating a logo does not make you a professional mover. Relocation specialists have years of experience and charge more for their level of expertise. 

  • Should you relocate on a tight budget, consider packing yourself to lower your cost. Material and labor significantly affect your overall moving cost in Chicago. 

  • Some moving companies cost more than others, so get at least three free quotes and check reviews before signing a contract. 

Short Distance Relocation

  • Some companies can still consider shorter hauls a long distance relocation if the haul exceeds 400 miles. 

  • Even for a short distance, you still need a truck and workers. While you may save money, trustworthy movers in Chicago won't be extremely inexpensive.

  • For example, American National Movers will charge no less than $2,500 for shipments exceeding 250 Miles. 

Long Distance Moving 

  • Moving between states will be significantly more expensive than hiring movers for short distance moves. 

  • To lower your moving expenses, eliminate anything you don't need, as having less furniture will help. 

  • By law, Chicago long-distance movers can take 21 days to deliver our furniture. However, this is not the level of professional service you can expect. 

Expedited Delivery 

  • Should your delivery window be important, you must ask your moving company in for a guaranteed date. 

  • You may or may not have to pay a surcharge for a faster delivery on your long distance relocation. 

  • Your moving company must provide the delivery date or window in writing after agreeing on direct delivery. Otherwise, if any problems arise, you can't take legal action against the movers.

Local Moving Company 

  • I've seen moving companies charge customers in Chicago extra fees because they weren't local moving companies. 

(Try contacting national moving companies if you can't find the best movers for your needs).  

  • Yep. Even if the movers are not located in the state you're moving from, they can still offer their services at a higher cost. 

Packing Services Costs

Full-service movers offer packing services but are not free; additional services will cost more.

  • Should you ask your movers in Chicago to pack fragile items and provide materials, expect to pay between $500 and $2,000 more. 

  • Movers calculate your packing charges based on your needed materials and labor costs. 

  • Tight-budget residents in Chicago should consider the package and handling of their boxes and glassware. 

Choosing the Right Option

best movers in Chicago

What's The Cheapest Moving Option 

Some things may seem cheap to others, but they might not be cheap for you. Single mothers and tight-budget movers do the move yourself if it's a small move going a short distance. 

Best Movers in Chicago?

What's best for some may not be better for others- Besides, websites that claim movers which movers are best in Chicago are advertisers. 

How Much Should You Tip?

Tipping your Chicago moving company is up to you. However, Giving 10-15% of the total cost of your move is polite. 

Cheap Day To Hire Movers?

Moving is slowest from December to February, and the cheapest day to hire movers is between the 10th and the 16th of each month.

Best Moving Companies in Chicago?

As the business owner of American National Movers, I share this information without any payment or bias. In Illinois, you have several reputable options for moving services.

Finding the perfect movers is like going through a maze of companies claiming to be better. 

Trustworthy? Affordable? Efficient? You deserve the right choice for your budget and needs. Let's explore some top contenders:

  • Allied Van Lines: With a legacy since 1956, Allied delivers professionalism and reliability. While some find their prices steeper, others prioritize their proven track record.

  • Two Men And A Truck: Backed by 35 years of experience, Two Men And A Truck offers competitive rates and expert service. Some may still consider their pricing high depending on their needs.

  • Emerging Champions: Local Gems: Explore local movers for potentially better rates and personalized service: research reputation, reviews, and licensing to ensure a smooth experience.

  • Budget-Friendly Choices: Consider DIY or partial DIY options (packing your boxes) for significant cost savings, especially for smaller moves.

American National Movers 

Hi, my name is Chris, and I built this moving company from the ground up and worked in the moving industry for ten years.

Our movers in Chicago stand out as an alternative to hiring professionals at a better rate. Every day, my company will continue to strive to be the best movers we can be. 

At American National Movers, we consider ourselves a moving company that truly values the customer's experience. However, it would not be fair to say we are the best company to exist. 

We are real people looking to make an honest living with a desire to grow, and that starts with customer satisfaction.

To be completely transparent with you, no Chicago moving company is perfect. As a business that's been around for years, it's hard for movers not to make mistakes while moving toward greatness. 

Please take this article on tips and moving costs in Chicago as our testament to transparency. Let us move you the right way so that we can continue to relocate the world. 

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