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Long Distance Movers Chicago | Costs Tips And Delivery

long distance movers who loaded boxes on a truck

Planning a long distance move from Chicago raises several questions, especially about costs and tipping. This guide will cover everything you need to know about hiring long distance movers and how to choose the best moving company.

People moving between states may continue on Google and search for a Chicago long-distance moving company. However, moving long distances does not always involve crossing state lines. Essentially long distance movers in Chicago specialize in moving furniture that is upwards of 200 miles. 

How Do Long Distance Movers in Chicago Work? 

Long distance moving companies calculate your costs by the size and distance of your shipment. Every company in Chicago works differently and charges rates according to their pricing structure. There is no one-size-fits-all in the long distance moving industry, so it's important to get a few quotes before hiring movers. 

What To Ask Your Chicago Long Distance Movers 

what to ask long distance movers

For a successful moving experience, here is what to ask your long-distance movers: 

How much do you charge per cubic foot? 

As mentioned before, Chicago movers calculate your long distance moving costs by a set rate per cubic foot—the rate per cubic foot matters. If your goal is to save money, you want to know if their rates are competitive. 

How Long Do Your Long Distance Movers Take?

Long-distance moving companies in Chicago can deliver your furniture in as little as two to three days. Others can take a whopping 21 business days, it all depends on the company you hire and what you're paying for. Remember that shared load moving companies typically have the longest delivery wait times. 

Is My Quote A Flat Rate Or A Estimate?

Prepare yourself; some long distance movers in Chicago may not provide you with a guaranteed price for every quote. The FMCSA allows long distance and interstate moving companies in Chicago to provide a binding not to exceed estimate. This means that your moving costs can potentially increase substantially without a flat rate. 

Can Someone Come to View My Furniture?

What better way to avoid unexpected charges than by asking your long distance movers for an in-home estimate? Having movers see your furniture in person is better than giving a quote on the phone. This allows for an accurate estimate and avoids any mishaps with your long-distance moving company. 

What is Your DOT Number?

Long-distance movers in Chicago need a DOT number from the Department of Transportation to move household items across state lines. Without a DOT number, your movers operate illegally and cannot perform interstate moves. 

Do You Own Your Trucks? 

Should you come across a long-distance moving company in Chicago that doesn't own their vehicles, that is a red flag. Some movers rent their trucks instead of owning them, which can add more to the total cost of your move. Not to mention, it's a much better look to work with long distance movers who are professional enough to own their moving trucks. 

Do Your Chicago Movers Have Good Reviews Online?

Ask about your movers' reputation and give them a chance to sell their company to you. See what makes them stand out from other long distance movers and make sure that their reviews are trending in a positive direction. 


frequently asked questions about long distance movers

Besides questions to ask movers, here are common queries people search on Google when they need long distance moving services:

How Much Does It Cost For Long Distance Movers?

Long distance moving costs vary from business to business. Some movers are cheap, and others can be expensive. On average, expect to pay a minimum of $3,500 to hire long-distance movers for a small load and $7,000 for large moves. 

So, what's the difference? Sometimes, there's not much difference, but other times, it can determine your overall moving experience. Always verify if your movers are legitimate, and remember that a lower price doesn't always indicate a better option. 

When Do You Tip Long Distance Movers? 

Ideally, you should tip your long-distance movers at your delivery address. This way, you can assess the overall quality of your long-distance moving experience. 

How Do You Tip Movers Long Distance? 

Use your discretion on how you would like to tip your long-distance movers. You can tip each crew member separately or coordinate another way through customer service. You should tip your movers because moving furniture is hard work, but you are not obligated to do so. 

Will Long Distance Movers Disassemble Furniture? 

PODS and U-PACK do not provide this service. However, if you hire a full-service, long distance moving company, they will disassemble your furniture. Professional long distance movers disassemble and reassemble your furniture as part of your basic moving costs.

Why Is Long Distance Moving So Expensive?

Indeed, certain Chicago long distance moving companies are expensive, but that doesn't mean you have to hire them. Moving options like American National Movers, which are not as expensive and provide the same value, exist. Don't get discouraged; avoid Major Vanlines if your goal is to get the cheapest price. 

How Long Can Long Distance Movers Take For Delivery?

By law, a long distance moving company has up to 21 business days to deliver your furniture for out-of-state moves. However, the FMCSA still requires movers to provide a reasonable dispatch service. Therefore, they are expected to deliver your household goods within a reasonable time frame. 

How Do I Know If My Moving Company is Reputable? 

Online reviews will give you a sense of your moving company's overall work ethic, morale, and reputation. Reputable movers in Chicago do not have a reputation for hidden fees and unresolved damaged claims with customers. It's difficult to please everyone in the moving industry, so don't judge a company solely on a few bad reviews. 

Among The Best Long Distance Movers 

We hope this long distance moving guide helps you and serves as a testament to our transparency in the industry. Based in 50 states, we are one of the best long-distance movers in Chicago.

Call American National Movers and see why we are one of the best long distance movers in your area. 

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