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Long Distance Movers? Avoid "Cheap" Moving Companies Scams

Looking for the best price on your long distance move? Be careful! Some shady movers use low prices to trap you, jack up fees, or even hold your belongings hostage

We're not saying cheaper long distance moving companies don't exist. We recommend that you do some research to ensure a seamless relocation. 

American National Movers will help you avoid those nightmares. Here's how to find reliable long distance movers at a reasonable price and protect yourself.

American National Movers: No hidden fees.

Protect Your Long Distance Move

Don't let "cheap" long distance movers fool you! Hidden fees and shady tactics can ruin your move. Protect yourself before hiring a long distance moving company.

  • Visit Search your mover's DOT number to check their reputation and complaints.

  • We Can Help: American National Movers offers trustworthy long distance movers at a price you can afford. Get a quote and see the difference!

Hostage Moves Are A Thing 

Many online reviews show that hiring the cheapest long distance movers can result in dealing with criminals. We're talking about movers raising the bill AFTER loading the furniture on the moving truck. 

Sometimes, you may even receive a phone call from your "cheap movers" demanding thousands more while your items are in transit. 

Affordable Long Distance Move, Too Good To Be True?

There are cheaper movers for long distance moves, but tread lightly... Sometimes, hiring the cheapest long distance moving company is what NOT to do when hiring movers. 

Spot the red flags before you hire a long distance moving company:


Does the estimated cubic footage or weight seem reasonably accurate based on the size of your furniture? Shady long distance movers lowball your estimate to trick you and then charge you much more on move day.


Reliable long distance movers will be listed on several platforms. If a moving company is not listed on the BBB, and other review sites, run far away. This is an indication that the company is hiding its business information.

Flat Rate or Estimate?

Be cautious when hiring cheap long distance movers without a flat rate in the contract. If the moving estimate is not estimated correctly, it can increase to $2,000 or more.


A contract protects the customer and the business. To avoid disputes down the line, make sure the wording aligns with what you're looking for.

Years in Business

American National Movers has been in business for seven years and offers affordable long distance moving services. Some of the cheapest moving companies have not been operational for more than a year, so be careful!

What Do Moving Services Include?

long distance movers packing a chair

American National Movers is one of the most affordable long distance movers, yet some people think we're expensive. We try to explain to them that if they find a lower price, they won't be satisfied with the level of service.

We might lower our costs to earn your business and ensure our moving services align with your budget. Depending on the distance of your long move, this might result in slower delivery times and you packing your boxes. 

Understanding Your Delivery Window 

You may want to avoid choosing the cheapest option for long distance moves. Many times the long distance mover with the lowest price could take up to 21 days for your belongings to arrive. 

Do You Want Packing Services? 

Our basic moving package includes packing your furniture, loading, unloading, disassembly, and reassembly. However, if you require our long distance movers to pack your linens and fragile items, there will be additional costs. 

Customer Service Matters 

Some long distance moving companies might cost more because they have a larger customer service team or better movers. When hiring a mover, peace of mind is worth more than saving money. However, American National Movers offers professional movers at a lower price.

Mover Vs. Broker

There are moving brokers and companies that provide long distance moving services. Carriers are the actual movers, and brokers arrange to transport household goods, such as move coordinators. 

Are you curious about which option is best for you? Read our movers vs. brokers guide here

Need The Most Affordable Long Distance Movers?

American National Movers offers affordable nationwide long distance moving. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and good reviews online. We know people value trust and saving money, and we provide both. 

Why Choose American National Movers

Here are reasons why you should choose us for your long distance move:

Flat Rate: Not all moving companies are shady! American National Movers guarantees your long distance moving costs at a flat rate. 

National Moving Company: National Movers specializes in long distance moves because we have a fleet of trucks, warehouses, and movers. This allows us to be cheaper and more reliable. 

BBB Long Distance Movers: The best way to ensure your mover is legitimate is to check their Better Business Bureau profile. A BBB moving company with a high rating is a major green flag. As already mentioned, American National Movers is A+ rated and BBB accredited. 

Affordable Movers You Can Trust 

At American National Movers, consumers can now move long distances at a reasonable rate without worrying about moving scams. Our company was designed to offer convenience at a cost many can afford. This business plan has enabled us to move over 5,000 families to new homes long distances. Get a quote today at 1-800-245-7967

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