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Problem With U-Haul For Long Distance Moves

car crash after someone choosing Uhaul over movers

When considering a long-distance move, the choice between U-Haul Vs. Moving companies is a common debate.

While U-Haul has long been a cheaper option, the price difference has narrowed, especially in 2023.

DIY moves are usually cheaper but savings are not always substantial, and data shows that the price of truck rentals has increased.

Before getting into a comparison of U-Haul Vs. Movers, I want to warn you that there are reports of individuals who crashed, some have even died after driving a truck rental. Please be sure that you are capable of driving a truckload of furniture because your safety is more important than savings.

Is it Cheaper To Rent a Uhaul Or Hire Movers?

Movers that do everything would cost more than a truck rental but many would say the convenience makes it worth it.

Uhaul gained popularity for its affordable costs compared to expensive long distance movers but as of 2023, things have changed. The costs between truck rentals and movers are not too far off, especially if you're relocating far away.

Hiring professionals will always cost a little more, but it's important to understand all the costs of renting a Uhaul truck.

Most people agree that the labor that comes with relocating is a lot, and if you can afford it, hiring movers is a better choice.

long distance movers driving between states

U-Haul's Competition

The moving industry is changing, with options like American National Movers and Two Men and a Truck competing with UHaul.

For example:

Our Fair Assessment

Professional movers are recommended for convenience, but sometimes U-Haul might be better. For instance, those relocating a shorter distance or with minimal belongings might find U-Haul cheaper.

professional packers and movers

So, movers or Uhaul?

Go with Uhaul for small, local moves, but If you're moving to a new state, there are better options.

Uhaul is perfect for simple moves, which can be a practical choice. Its affordability and flexibility in scheduling can appeal to those with a tight budget.

Hidden Costs

Some people think that the pandemic of unexpected costs stems from hiring movers. Nope: When relocating, you can expect unexpected fees in truck rentals, real estate, and moving companies.

Overall, no matter which moving option you choose, you should always budget for extra charges or what people call "hidden fees."

DIY Move Regrets

Consider this: is it worth paying $3,000 for a Uhaul move when a professional could do all the work for a little more? If you have the money, hire professionals because Studies reveal that 1 in 5 Americans regret not hiring movers.

moving furniture up a flight of stairs

Are Movers Worth it?

To decide between U-Haul and professional movers, ask yourself:

  • How much do I value my time?

  • How valuable is my furniture?

  • Do I have a lot of stuff?

  • Can I drive a large truck?

  • Would it be better to sell my items?

If time and item safety are priorities, hiring professional movers is advisable.

Is U-Haul Cheaper?

While U-Haul might seem cheaper, especially for local moves, the savings might not justify the labor. We're talking $600 cheaper for a local move and $1,000 to $2,000 cheaper for an interstate move.

Vanessa, a consumer who chose movers over UHaul, said: "Truck rentals are good for a local move but not for moving long distance."

Uhaul And Friends

Some people think borrowing a truck and having their friends help in exchange for some pizza and drinks is ideal. But is it?

A consumer on Reddit reported: "I hired professional two times, and I can tell you that hiring movers is way more efficient."

Even if you DIY and have friends help you, it's not worth the stress of packing and moving furniture. Plus asking for friends to help you is not always a reliable option.

happy movers providing a professional moving service

U-Haul vs. Moving Companies

When comparing U-Haul Vs. Moving companies for long-distance moves, consumers have reported prices are "pretty much the same."

At first glance, renting a U-Haul is the cheaper option. The rental fee is often lower than the estimated cost of hiring a long distance moving company.

However, when you add fuel, packing materials, labor, and mileage costs, are you saving money?

Does Uhaul have Movers?

Yes, Uhaul has movers you can find their labor costs online. Before you do that, it's important to note that not all moving companies are expensive. Some long haulers offer lower costs to compete with U-Haul.

what are the cons of renting a UHaul?

Cons of Using Uhaul For Out Of State Moves

Fuel Costs

One of the most significant hidden costs of using U-Haul is fuel. When renting a truck, you are responsible for covering all the fuel costs, which can add quickly, especially for long distance moves.

Packing And Unloading

The irony is that the people who use the so-called cheaper Uhaul option still hire labor to help with packing and loading. Then what about unloading? Another unexpected expense you should account for.

Packing Materials

When you rent a U-Haul, the costs for boxes and any other packing materials are not included. This can add another $300.00 to $800.00 to your move.

No Insurance

U-Haul does not provide insurance for your furniture, which is a major risk, especially if you're moving far away. Consider another option than Uhaul if your furniture is of high value.


Packing and moving between states is a lot of labor, even for younger adults. Hiring professional movers is a better option if you have limited physical capabilities.

Driving A Truck

Driving a large truck, especially between states, is challenging. Experts advise against using a Uhaul to move long distances if you're not experienced in driving a truck.


We have all heard the phrase: "Time is money." If you choose to hire U-Haul over movers, be prepared to spend a lot of time; It takes 5 to 10 days to complete the task.

Might Still Hire Movers

Unless you have a lot of friends, you might still need to hire movers, which will cost more money when you go with Uhaul. At that point, why not choose an affordable company like American National Movers?

Stop. Here is who should not rent a Uhaul.

Who Should Not Rent a U-Haul

Senior Citizens

For a good reason, older adults should not rent a moving truck for any move. This is why state-to-state moving companies are in high demand.

Large Homes

Imagine packing and moving a lot of furniture without the help of professional movers. You could do Uhaul and then hire movers but at that point you're better off hiring a moving company

Busy Professionals

Moving furniture between states takes a lot of effort; if you are a busy professional, you'll have to call out of work. At that point, is it even worth it to do the move yourself? Are you even saving money?

Single Mom

As a single mother, you need help with your children, let alone packing and moving furniture without movers.

Happy couple moving from home to home

Why Hiring Professional Movers is Worth It

Full Service Movers

Hire a full-service moving company with good reviews, and you won't have to worry. You may end up paying an extra thousand dollars, but that's what money is for convenience.

Packing And Unpacking

Investing in moving services so movers can do all the packing and unpacking makes your moving process easy. You can focus on something else while the movers do all the heavy lifting.

Peace of Mind

Let's face it: moving isn't just about hauling boxes; it's about moving your life. Hiring movers might seem like a lot of money, but Uhaul has gotten expensive.

Saving Time

Packing and moving your furniture to another state can take five to ten days. Imagine a DIY. It's not exactly a day at the spa.

Professional movers do the heavy lifting (literally) so you can focus on more important stuff. Plus, you're saving your back – a chiropractor trip isn't cheap.


Professional moving companies offer fast, efficient services that are surprisingly quiet. They know how to pack a truck so that everything fits and nothing breaks, maximizing space like a game of Tetris. This efficiency saves time, and time is money.

Similar to the Costs Of Uhaul

Remember that $300 to $500 you thought you saved with U-Haul? Add fuel, tolls, and pizza for your friends (who might bail at the last minute); suddenly, the costs are neck-and-neck.

Cross-Country Movers

Cross country moves are a whole different ball game. Think about driving a huge truck through different states, weather conditions, and all the traffic. Now, picture sitting back and tracking your move on your phone, stress-free. Movers take the wheel, and you take a breather.

Last-Minute Changes? No Problem

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes, that means last-minute changes. Professional movers are like reliable friends, always up for a last-minute change.

this couple is happy after hiring professional movers over Uhaul

Best Moving Option

When making your decision based on which choice is better, think about convenience and efficiency. Anyone who has moved before will tell you that the best option is not only about savings.

Interstate, short-distance, and long-haul moving companies will be happy to work with your budget.

Don't settle for your first offer, and don't think that Uhaul is the only option you have to move at a reasonable cost.

Uhaul is reliable, but other companies like American National Movers offer savings similar to a DIY move.

If you are struggling with finding a business, you can trust with your furniture, then go with U-Haul. Otherwise, keep shopping. Affordable movers with good reviews exist, and we're one of them.


When deciding between U-Haul and movers, weigh your circumstances, budget, and the difficulty of your move.

While U-Haul can be a cost-effective option for simpler, local relocations, professional movers offer convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind for more extensive moves.

Remember, the best moving option isn't solely about cost; it's about what best meets your specific moving needs.

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