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U-Haul PODS or Movers Which Option is Better

Before hiring movers or renting a moving truck, get multiple quotes from different companies to compare rates.

Truck rental companies generally are more affordable but some businesses have costs similar to renting a U-Haul. So don't give up on hiring professional help, just yet.

Many people that find the costs to hire long distance movers unreasonable ask:

family happy after hiring professional long distance movers

Why is Long Distance Moving So Expensive?

Some long distance moving companies are expensive because of high fuel costs, and labor.

While some brands charge a premium, not every business operates this way. In some places, you can still relocate to a new state and hire movers for around $5,000.

Small Movers: A Cost-Effective Alternative

Many people who say moving is expensive may be getting quotes from large companies that tend to overcharge. Consider working with smaller moving companies, as they offer more reasonable rates for long-distance moves.

Pro tip:

The best, cheapest moving company usually has a fair reputation and reasonable pricing. Before hiring based on price, check reviews to make sure they’re worth hiring.

PODS: A Convenient, Yet Risky, Option

PODS, portable storage containers, represent another affordable moving option for long-distance relocations. The average cost of using PODS is around $5,700.

Please note:

American National Movers has a lower average cost for out of state moves than PODS does and you dont have to do any labor.

Home owner struggling after not hiring a moving company

Are PODS Good For Long Distance Moves?

American National Movers recommends PODS for local and small moves. You can use PODS for out-of-state moves, but it's risky if you have a lot of stuff.

Cons OF Moving With PODS

  • No insurance: You are responsible for any damage to your belongings.

  • Third-party drivers: PODS drivers are not liable for damage to your items.

  • Full labor responsibility: You are responsible for all loading and unloading.

  • Negative customer experiences: Some consumers have reported poor customer service with PODS.

  • Uncertain pick-up and delivery dates: PODS cannot guarantee specific pick-up or delivery dates.

  • Billing issues: Some customers have reported billing issues with PODS.

is PODS Worth it?

Renting a PODS container can be a worthwhile option for short-distance moves. For long-distance moves, it's usually better to hire professional movers for convenience and safety reasons.

Be Upfront About Your Budget

When seeking quotes from moving companies, be upfront about your budget. This will allow them to tailor their services to your financial constraints.

Negotiation is Key

Don't hesitate to negotiate with moving companies. Many companies are willing to work with your budget to secure your business.

Reputation Matters

When selecting a moving company, prioritize reputation. Cheaper options are often not worth the risk if the company has poor reviews.

Understanding Negative Reviews

Legitimate moving companies are not flawless. Even the most reputable long-distance movers have some online complaints. These complaints may stem from unrealistic expectations rather than actual service problems.

Focus on Complaint Resolution

When evaluating reviews, pay attention to how companies respond to customer concerns. A reputable brand will acknowledge issues and work to resolve them.

Best Cheap Option

The best cheap state to state moving option is an affordable moving company with good reviews. When hiring a moving company, reputation is key. Cheaper options are worthless if the movers are unreliable.

Keep in Mind:

Legitimate movers are not perfect. Even the most genuine long distance moving companies have some complaints online.

For example:

PODS is a trustworthy option yet has an average 1.6-star rating on consumer affairs. PODs are legitimate. Can their Ratings be higher? Yes, but that doesn’t mean they’re a scam.

Another Example:

All My Sons Moving Company has plenty of bad reviews online yet an option many people use successfully.

Why Long Distance Movers Have Bad Reviews.

Moving can be challenging and it's not always possible to avoid damage or delays. Some negative reviews of moving companies stem from unrealistic expectations rather than actual service problems.

is it Cheaper To Rent Uhaul or Hire Movers?

U-Haul is cheaper for short distance moves but if you're moving out of state your costs might not be too far off than hiring movers.

So which option is better, is it worth it to hire a full service moving company? Let's get into it:

Renting a truck vs. hiring a moving company.

Before deciding, think about factors that will affect your choice between renting a U-Haul or hiring movers.

Cost: Renting a U-Haul is typically cheaper for shorter distances, up to around 500 miles. However, for longer moves, the cost of renting a U-Haul can be close to the price of hiring movers. Especially when factoring in fuel, tolls, and materials.

Labor: If you have a lot of stuff or fragile items, hiring movers can save you a significant amount of time and effort. Movers will handle the packing, loading, unloading, and driving, allowing you to focus on something else.

Distance: when renting a Uhaul, you also get charged per mile. If your relocation exceeds 800 miles, your rental costs will be similar to hiring a professional moving company.

Fragile Items: Please keep in mind, that valuable items are at high risk of damage when shipping to another state. Consider hiring movers if your furniture is of high value. U-Haul rentals do not include insurance, so you may need to self-insure it and cover the damages yourself.

long distance movers shipping furniture to a new state

How Much To Rent A Uhaul To Move To Another State

The average cost to rent a Uhaul for a long distance move is $1500 for small moves and $2,800 for larger moves. These costs do not include tax, tolls, fuel, labor, and materials.

Average Cost Of Out Of State Movers

Hiring movers, on average, costs between $2,800 and $7,000 for long-distance moves. Your costs vary based on the company you hire and the services you ask for.

U-Haul vs. Movers for Long-Distance Moves

Truck rental companies like Uhaul are a good option if you have a small move traveling about 500 miles away. Otherwise, you face a common question: "Is it cheaper to use Uhaul or movers."

When moving valuable items longer distances the cheaper way out can wind up being more expensive in the long run. You get what you pay for. For examle, Uhaul doesn't have insurance. A move without insurance can quickly become more expensive and less convenient than hiring movers.

Here's a summary of the pros and cons of each option for long-distance moves:



  • Typically cheaper for shorter moves

  • Greater control over the packing and loading process

  • More flexibility in scheduling


  • Requires more physical labor

  • Time-consuming packing and loading

  • Responsible for driving and navigating the move

  • No insurance included



  • Saves time and effort

  • Professional packing and handling of belongings

  • Peace of mind with insurance coverage

  • Movers handle driving and navigation


  • Typically more expensive upfront

  • Less control over the packing and loading process

  • Less flexibility in scheduling

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