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PODS Vs Movers: A Cheaper, Yet Risky Option

Updated: Apr 23

Proof PODS has history of damage

Is moving with PODS always the cheaper, more convenient option when moving furniture long distances? Many people think so, but a deeper look will show that long distance moving with PODS has proven to be a burden.

PODS long distance moving costs may be cheaper at times, but did you know that PODS operates as a broker? Their home page website states:

"PODS arranges for independent third-party motor carriers to transport containers long distance between PODS' service locations." This means they are not the actual movers, which can change things. 

Best Cheap Long Distance Moving Option?

Is PODS the best, cheapest long-distance moving option? Not always. Online reviews on platforms such as Reddit, the Better Business Bureau, and Yelp reveal that PODS is far from perfect. Consumers often face unexpected fees and extreme delays with their pickup and delivery process. 

The Cons Of Using PODS 

Imagine the stress of having to pay extra POD fees due to delivery delays beyond your control. Or worse, Imagine your POD being delivered to the wrong state and having to wait several weeks for your POD to arrive. 

Think that's it? Nope, Here is More Cons With Going With PODS:

1. Unexpected Fees

Consumers report their furniture being "held hostage" due to unexpected hidden fees. A Reddit user said:

"POD will give you a low quote and then jack up the price once the POD is picked up."

2. Service Delays

A customer from Yelp says: "Don't use PODS they are terrible."

Several customers left reviews on moving review websites and said: 

"They didn't pick up the POD when they said they would. Then I got a text that they were coming, and they didn't show up," shares another frustrated customer. This resulted in additional rental fees because the POD was kept longer than expected."

3. Communication Issues

Many customers have their POD delivered to the wrong location or experience extreme delays, which are inconvenient and costly.

4. Furniture Damage

Customers on Yelp have reported excessive damage to their items after hiring PODS for their long distance move.

5. PODS Losing Your POD

A frustrated customer says PODS delivered the wrong container and took over a week to find his household goods( See more on this story here )

The Pros Of Using PODS 

Here are 5 Pros you can benefit from by working with PODS Moving And Storage:

1. Cost Effective For Small Moves 

Compared to national moving companies, renting a POD is a much cheaper long distance moving alternative. Their affordable moving options appeal to those with fewer belongings or relocating from small apartments.

2. Storage & Flexibility

You can pack and load your POD at your own pace and even use it as storage. This flexibility is advantageous for someone who needs more time before accepting delivery. 

3. Industry Known

PODS has proven legitimate, so people are generally less concerned about potential moving scams and more trustworthy than smaller moving companies. 

4. National Coverage

PODS Moving offers its moving services nationwide. This means major states like Florida and California and rural areas like Idaho and Montanna can benefit from this service.  

5. Small Cross Country Moves 

For small cross country moves, long-distance moving companies have an average cost of $6,000. Depending on your move date, PODS might offer this service for about $4,000. That's a significant price difference.

How Do I find a reliable, and legitimate moving company photo

Hire PODS "Forget Movers They're Shady" They Say 

Then you have the skeptical crowd that once hired a long-distance moving company and had a horrible experience. They will go on forums and say, "Don't ever hire a mover; they are all shady. Do the move yourself and go with U-Haul or PODS." 

While it's true that people have had bad experiences that stemmed from hiring a moving company, is the claim that all movers are bad fair? 

No Long Distance Moving Company is Perfect

Some movers indeed have terrible reputations. But that doesn't mean you have to choose between a DIY disaster and getting scammed. Legitimate movers DO exist, and they offer solutions to the problems PODS can't avoid.

Sure, some long-distance movers are not worth hiring. However, American National Movers has an article here on how to ensure that your movers are legit

WHY Long Distance Movers Get Bad Reviews

When moving long distances at times, traffic, weather, delays, and damage can be unpredictable. Relocating your furniture to a new home is overwhelming, and people want it done right. 

National moving companies and DIY moving options have proven flawed to a degree. But that's okay; you can still hire a legitimate moving company that can handle the challenges of long-distance moving. 

PODS Vs Traditional Movers: Considering reviews and moving costs

PODS Vs. Movers Cost Comparison  

While PODS might market as one of the best cheap long distance movers, their costs can add up.

You Won't See Significant Savings With PODS 

Based on the above-mentioned prices, is $5,000 much cheaper than hiring a long-distance moving company for an out-of-state move? While PODS may be cheaper for small local and short distance moves, their moving costs can be comparable to some long distance moving companies:

Indeed, SOME movers are expensive

Major Van Lines like Mayflower and Atlas may quote costs exceeding $10,000 for long distance moves. However, not every national moving company is this expensive.

But Not All Long Distance Movers Are Expensive 

While PODS may be cheaper than big-name national moving companies, their costs vs. hiring some movers are not too far off. 

For example, moving companies providing national services such as Allied and American National Movers cost about $3,800 for small long distance moves. Not bad, right?

picture of two of our long distance movers smiling while coming into work

American National Movers just completed a $4,000 long distance move from New York to California for a 2-bedroom apartment. The price includes tax, tolls, fuel, packing services, and labor. 

At times, American National Movers can be as cost-effective as PODS, and we pack and long-move your furniture the required distance. 

Cheapest Long Distance Movers? You Get What You Pay For. 

Want to know what most people have in common when they have had a bad long distance moving experience? They all were looking for the cheapest price. 

Things would be so different if people would just stop prioritizing a cheaper mover over the quality a long distance moving company can provide.

You don't have to spend $10,000 on long-distance movers for a reliable experience. But do not expect a seamless relocation experience with a budget of $2,000. 

Finding an Affordable And Reliable Mover

PODS is cheaper for long-distance moves, especially with small hauls going a shorter distance. However, national moving companies like American National Movers offer affordable long-distance moving options that cater to your budget. 

While there is an agenda, PODS is the safest, cheapest state to state moving option. Moving companies like Allied and American National Movers deserve a mention.

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