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Why Full-Service Movers Are Worth it.

Purchasing or selling a house is challenging, with several financial transactions and seemingly endless paperwork. Such a task is emotionally draining. When you think it's over and you can finally unwind in your new home, reality hits: it's time to move.


Let's admit it, moving is no small feat. The logistical challenges, coupled with the cost, make it challenging. You might pay approximately $1,250.00 for a local move, whereas a long-distance move spanning 1,000 miles could cost around $5,000.00. Unsurprisingly, many turn to long-distance movers to alleviate some of the burden. But are they the best choice, or should you do it yourself? Let's find out.


Horror stories abound when it comes to long-distance movers. Tales of scams of movers changing the price upon arrival, movers not showing up, damaged or lost belongings, and even cases of belongings being held for ransom can be enough to give anyone second thoughts.


While these stories can be alarming, it's essential to remember that they represent the worst-case scenarios, not the norm. Often, the picture is skewed by a handful of unprofessional movers who do not reflect the industry's integrity. Hiring a reputable long-distance moving company can not only save you money but also save you considerable stress. Let's consider why.

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Don't Rent a Truck and DIY

With renting a truck, you could find yourself paying upwards of $3,000.00, comparable to if not more, the cost of hiring long-distance movers.


The bottom line is if you have a lot of stuff and you're moving between states hiring movers is your best bet. One common misconception is that renting a truck is always cheaper than long-distance movers. This isn't always true, especially for long-distance moves. Truck rental, gas, tolls, mileage, moving equipment (like dollies or moving blankets), and moving labor can all add up quickly. 


The do-it-yourself approach seems like a no-brainer for those who don't want to hire long-distance movers. DIY might work for a small move, particularly if you're young with minimal belongings. But trust me when I say that renting a U-haul and doing it yourself diminishes with the distance of the move and the scale of your possessions.

Is Renting a Truck Cheaper Than Movers?

Some long-distance movers cost about the same if not a little bit more than a U-Haul. Imagine renting a truck and paying between $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 is that worth it over hiring movers? No. Instead, work with a national moving company that has affordable long-distance movers so that you get the best value for your money for a little more cash and it's worth it. 

The Risk of Damage

Long-distance movers are trained in the best practices for safely packing, loading, and unloading items of from delicate glassware to large pieces of furniture. Plus long-distance movers come with insurance. When you choose to move yourself, you take on all the risk of damaging your belongings. Even with the help of hired labor, the risk of damage tends to be higher.

Rental Trucks are Not Worth it 

What's the purpose of paying upwards of $3,000.00 on a truck rental to have to do all the work yourself? Not to mention the mileage costs, packing materials, and time spent on the road. Is it worth the minimal savings? It's not like renting a truck is free.  

Why Long-Distance Movers Are Your Best Choice

Contrary to popular belief, long-distance movers can be more affordable than you think. Especially if you're moving far away. Ask yourself: Am I willing to spend upwards of $4,000.00 for a rental and do the work myself" Truck rentals are not necessarily cheap. Especially if you have a lot of stuff. Frankly, you're better off hiring long-distance movers who can work with your budget. This way you have the opportunity to work with professionals.

Long-Distance Movers Do all The Work For You

Overall, long-distance movers are worth the investment. This is reflected in the multi-billion-dollar value of the moving industry. Moving services will always be in high demand, especially for people with limited time and energy. We live in a fast-paced world where time is money. Moving between states is time-consuming, and without the help of long-distance movers, you would likely need to take time off work. To put it simply, hiring long-distance movers saves you time and money while sparing you from heavy lifting.

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Are long-distance movers worth it? Hiring long-distance movers is like the air that you breathe, of course, it's worth it and you better hire them unless you're a professional mover with friends and family that are pros too. 

Do You Own A Truck?

If you don't own a truck or have access to an affordable truck rental hiring movers is the only thing that makes sense. If you can afford it you're better off employing long-distance movers than DIY, if you care about the safety of your furniture. 

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Hiring Long-distance movers is especially worth it if you work with a national moving company because they are much cheaper and more professional than a long-distance moving company based in one location. 

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It's been said by consumers, reporters, and moving enthusiasts: American National Movers is the most affordable long-distance moving company in the nation. People are trying to figure out how this national moving company can be cheap and atill provide professional moving services 

National Moving Services 

People are in awe of the moving services a national moving company like American National Movers can provide. Just think about it, affordable state to state moving services for all of your location needs and the best part about it is their movers are nationwide. So, no one gets left behind, sounds like hiring these movers is worth it to me.

if you need movers you might need storage and experts suggest asking the long-distance movers you hire about storage options because it's more affordable and makes more sense for the consumer. 

Packing is an art and you should hire some professionals. You're probably not going to have the time or energy to invest in packing these things yourself. Yet alone the experience. Work with one of our American National Movers and ask about our affordable packing options it's worth it.

Hiring long-distance movers is especially worth it for senior citizens. If you're 50 years old or older, you're a senior and you deserve a 35% discount. Move with ease with one of our American National Movers today.

American National Movers 

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State-to-state movers or "long-distance movers" provide the same moving services which are moving your stuff between states. The question is are they expensive? Well, American National Movers is inexpensive and highly rated, it's definitely worth hiring them. 


Full-service movers are well worth the costs because they do everything, you don't have to lift a finger. If you work with a national moving company like American National Movers, hiring long-distance movers will feel like a steal. 


If you find low-cost long-distance movers to move your stuff between states affordably, you don't even have to ask if it's worth it. Imagine moving miles away for as little as $3,000.00

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Are Movers Worth it?

Not everyone has the time and energy to move furniture by themselves. So, of course, movers are worth it, it just depends on whos asking. The truth Is many people need long-distance movers. Alltho their may be complaints online against a handful of movers. Long-distance movers keep moving our world in a positive direction. Not only do movers help haul furniture but they keep our economy going.


You can benefit from hiring long-distance movers if you have a lot of things to pack and move. Moving heavy furniture yourself is tough, especially if you don't have help. The bottom line is that if you find budget-friendly movers, it's worth hiring them.


Moving experts indicate: "One of the key benefits is the expertise these national movers bring to the table. They have the skills and experience needed to pack, load, and transport your items." 


Some people might hesitate to hire a moving company due to concerns about finding a trustworthy long-distance movers. However, you can find affordable movers with good reviews if you do thorough research.


Many long-distance movers understand the demand for affordable moving services in today's dying economy. If your long-distance moving company refuses to negotiate lower costs, you don't need to hire them. 



Benefits of Hiring Long-Distance Movers

The peace of mind and convenience provided by professional long-distance movers are invaluable. Experts recommend working with a long-distance moving company and benefiting from insurance to protect your furniture from damage. Long-distance movers that provide full coverage are worth it due to the high risks of moving fragile items. This makes hiring a long-distance moving company like American National Movers a wise decision.


Long-distance moving services are a practical solution for seniors, large families, and busy professionals with heavy furniture. Ideally, a long-distance moving company is a reliable option if you need to move your things to another state. - Unless you have a spare truck and helpers with experience, hiring a long-distance moving company is convenient and less stressful. Long-distance moving analysts reported: "30 percent of people who hired a long-distance moving company felt that the moving costs were too expensive." Some people may feel that long-distance moving services can be expensive, but affordable options are available. For instance, American National Movers offers budget-friendly moving services nationwide.




Should I Hire Movers or Do it Myself | U-Haul or Movers 

Experts do not recommend doing it yourself if moving to another state without the help of a professional mover. Working with rental companies like and is not recommended for moving high-value items or a large house to another state. There is no question that some long-distance movers are more expensive, but not all movers are. - Consumers who used American National Movers reported: "It's worth it. The long-distance movers were a little more expensive than renting a U-Haul" Some consumers who used U-Haul regretted renting a truck rather than hiring long-distance movers like American National Movers for slightly more money. 


Why spend thousands on a U-Haul to do it yourself when you can spend a little more money and hire a long-distance moving company? Studies have shown that 35 percent of people who moved without a long-distance moving company expressed regrets because renting a truck is still expensive. For example, rental companies such as do not provide insurance for damage. Hiring professional movers is the better choice if you're looking for a more convenient, less physically demanding, and time-saving moving experience. U-Haul is not necessarily cheap if you're moving to another state. Many hidden costs involve renting a truck rather than hiring movers, such as fees for mileage, gas, toll, materials, and valuable time spent. Consumers reported regrets working with U-Haul instead of movers due to U-Haul's lack of resources and insurance. 

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