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Why Your Long Distance Movers Costs May Increase

avoid hidden fees when hiring movers

You hire a long distance moving company, they give you a price, and come move day, they change the cost for you at the last minute. Why? Is this legal, or are you being scammed by your movers?

Budgeting for a long distance move and being quoted a higher rate at the last minute can make anyone feel like they've been scammed. This stressful situation is more common than you think.

Suppose you've found yourself in this situation or are simply looking to avoid unexpected charges. In that case, this article is here to equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate the world of long distance moving costs.

Non-Binding Long distance Mover Estimates

It is not uncommon for a moving estimate to increase, especially if you hire long distance movers for an out of state move. To avoid what people like to call "hidden costs" on move-day, read below:

Flat Rate Long Distance Moving

  • If your order for moving service does not indicate a "flat rate" on your long distance move, you should expect a potential cost increase on move day.

  • When relocating long distances and hiring out-of-state movers, know that moving companies calculate your costs by cubic feet or weight. If your volume of items is higher than estimated— your mover can attempt to re-negotiate your costs.

  • To avoid being charged extra at the last minute, ask your long distance movers for a flat rate. This guarantees your costs even if your estimated volume increases.

FMCSA 110% Rule

  • A non-binding quote cannot increase more than 110% of your original estimate for long distance moves. This means if you were quoted $6,000 to move from Utah to Florida, your long distance movers cannot more than double your costs.

  • If a long distance moving company is attempting to increase your costs by more than double, you are likely being scammed and should contact the FMCSA immediately for assistance.

  • Remember that long distance moving companies must notify you before loading your goods if there will be any cost increase. Otherwise, your move will be considered a "hostage move," you should contact the FMCSA immediately for assistance.

Your Household Goods

  • Contacting several moving companies for a quote on an out of state move is time-consuming and can be annoying. However, it's important to be thorough when discussing furniture with long distance movers to avoid any surprises that can cost you money.

  • The more items you have, the more your long distance moving costs will be. Be sure to tell your movers everything that needs to be packed and moved for an accurate price.

  • Remember, not all relocation costs are final, and if you fail to be transparent about the volume of your items, you can be potentially charged double from your previous long distance moving estimate.

A Moving Cost Increase Doesn't Always Indicate A Scam

  • While it's true that some long distance moving companies may take advantage of hidden fees, not all movers operate this way.

  • Moving estimates often increase because the customer does not provide a detailed itemized inventory. Moving companies and the consumer need to work together to reduce the chances of unreasonable quote increases on move day.

  • Long distance moving estimates are required to be reasonably accurate. However, if a mover increases your costs for a good reason, the cost increase is likely legitimate.

Scam Like Moving Companies Are Easy to Spot

Here is how to avoid deceptive moving businesses:

  1. Reviews: The worst moving companies can be weeded out quickly. Do a quick Google search, and you'll find several negative reviews of customers complaining about overcharges.

  2. FMCSA: Protect your move and search a mover database to check for any complaints your log distance movers may have here.

  3. Costs: If a movers long distance moving estimate is much cheaper than its competitors, be weary. This can indicate a potential problem with moving service quality or a scam.

  4. Website: does the long distance mover in question have a professional website, or does it look generic? Reputable moving companies have a clean website that displays a sense of authenticity and legitimacy.

American National Movers: Your Trusted Long Distance Moving Partner

Hiring movers to relocate your furniture between states is overwhelming. All the reputable long distance movers are unreasonably priced, ranging from $10,000 to $25,000. Then we have the cheaper companies that are shady and unsettling.

There are several long distance moving companies in the United States. However, there is a need for an affordable and trustworthy mover. At American National Movers, we can meet your needs and budget expectations without you worrying about moving scams.

We specialize in long distance moves and have an A+ rating with the BBB and good reviews online. Call American National Movers today for affordable rates and a professional moving service: 1-800-245-7967.

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